Duckland Singapore Menu Latest Price List 2023

Have you been searching for cuisine offering duck dishes? If yes, your search is over now because Duckland Singapore has a wide range of classy and yummy duck dishes. We have uploaded a detailed Duckland Menu Singapore along with images and an updated price list.

Duckland Menu 2023 

We can categorize the Duckland Singapore menu as follows:

  • Signature 
  • Specialties 
  • Desserts
  • Soup 
  • Side 
  • Beverages 
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Salad & Greens 
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Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Duckland Signature Menu 

Duckland Signature Menu Pic
Irish Lamb Stew With Baguette23.90 SGD
Gold Ol’ Fish & Chips19.40 SGD
Charcoal-Grilled Babyback Ribs29.70 SGD
Duck Confit & Waffle21.50 SGD
Crispy Aromatic Duck33.80 SGD
Roast Irish DuckWhole @70.00 SGD Half @38.00 SGD Wrapped With Bread @48.00 SGD

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Duckland Singapore Menu – Specialties

Duckland Singapore Menu Specialties
Cheese Baked Shredded Irish Duck Confit With Kimchi19.80 SGD
Duck Liver Terrine With Bread16.80 SGD
Spaghetti Bolognese With Impossible Beef Meatball15.80 SGD
Irish Duck Ramen14.80 SGD
Duck Fried Rice14.80 SGD
Wagyu Duck Donburi18.80 SGD

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Duckland Singapore Desserts
Daily Ice Cream5.00 SGD
Apple Crumble With Ice Cream11.90 SGD
Whiskey Cake With Ice Cream11.00 SGD

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Duckland Singapore Soup Menu 

Duckland Singapore Soup
Shrimp Dumpling Soup11.80 SGD
Mushroom Soup7.70 SGD
Salted Vegetable Duck Soup7.70 SGD

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Duckland Menu – Side 

Duckland Side Menu
Cheese Baked Minced Pork & Cabbage Dumpling14.80 SGD
Long Long Long Spicy Ring Rolls10.80 SGD
Deep Fried Duck Tongue9.90 SGD
Duck Fat Fries7.70 SGD
Calamari Rings9.90 SGD
Black Pepper Duck Pie8.70 SGD
Tomato Pineapple Duck Pie8.70 SGD
Crisp Fried Duck Wing Sticks8.80 SGD
Crisp Fried Chicken Sticks8.80 SGD

Salad & Greens 

Duckland  Salad & Greens 
Seasonal Vegetables13.80 SGD
Ice Plant Salad With Calamari13.80 SGD

Duckland Singapore Beverages Prices 

Duckland Singapore Beverages

Homemade Special 

Pineapple Pandan Lemongrass4.50 SGD
Passion Fruit Spritzer4.50 SGD
Duckland Sling4.50 SGD
Strawberry Lemonade4.50 SGD
Lavender Lemonade4.50 SGD
Fizzy Lemonade4.50 SGD

Soft Drink 

San Pellegrino3.50 SGD
Oxygenated Water3.50 SGD
Ginger Ale3.50 SGD
Sprite3.50 SGD
Coke Zero3.50 SGD
Coke3.50 SGD

Duckland Menu – Juice & Tea

Earl Grey 4.00 SGD
Holy Bassil4.00 SGD
Iced Lemon Tea4.00 SGD
Yuzu Juice 4.00 SGD
Orange Juice4.00 SGD
Apple Juice4.00 SGD

Coffee & Milk

Organic Soy Milk3.00 SGD
Affogato6.50 SGD
Chocolate6.50 SGD
Mocha6.30 SGD
Vanilla Latte6.00 SGD
Latte5.00 SGD
Cappuccino 4.80 SGD
Single Espresso3.00 SGD


Lime Roselle6.00 SGD
Grapefruit Pomelo6.00 SGD
Oolong Milk Tea With Grass Jelly6.00 SGD
Rooibos Lychee Orange Ice Tea6.00 SGD
Iced Yuzunade6.00 SGD

Duckland Menu – Alcoholic Drinks 

Whiskey & Gin

Gin Del ProfessoreGlass @12.00 SGD Bottle @200.00 SGD
Tullamore DewGlass @11.00 SGD Bottle @150.00 SGD
JamesonGlass @10.00 SGD Bottle @140.00 SGD
TeelingGlass @13.00 SGD Bottle @210.00 SGD

Duckland Singapore Menu – Beer

Fucking Hell10.00 SGD
Guinness Draught15.00 SGD
Kilkenny10.00 SGD

Fruit Beer

Lindemans Peach Lambic10.00 SGD
Lindemans Apple Lambic10.00 SGD
Lindemans Cassis Lambic10.00 SGD


Whiskey Dry10.00 SGD
Gin And Tonic12.00 SGD

Is Duckland Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

No, Duckland Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant because it offers alcoholic drinks.

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Duckland Singapore Outlets Location & Opening Hours 

PLQ Mall

10 Paya Lebar Road #B2-33 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057

Opening Hours: 11.00 A.M To 3.00 P.M & 5.00 P.M To 10.00 P.M

Phone: +65 6909 8932

All the data, including images, have been taken from the below-given official sources of Duckland Singapore:

Duckland Singapore Menu
Duckland Singapore Menu locations

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