Elfuego Singapore Menu Updated Price List 2023

Do you want to eat tasty halal dishes in Singapore? If yes, then you must visit Elfuego Singapore as it offers a variety of halal foods ranging from juices to teas, appetizers to desserts, and main course to coffees. We have added the full Elfuego Menu along with images and up-to-date prices.

Elfuego Menu 2023

We can easily categorize the Elfuego Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Main Course 
  • Juice 
  • Soft Drink 
  • Elfuego Signature Dishes 
  • Aqua Fresca 
  • Twisted Tea 
  • Aerated Mix 
  • Appetiser (Hot/Cold)
  • Coffee
  • Tea 
  • Mineral Water Sharing 
  • Side Menu 
  • Desserts 

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Elfuego Main Course Menu Prices

Elfuego Menu 2023
Honey Glazed Duck Breast24.00 SGD
Sous Vide Chicken Supreme20.00 SGD
Charcoal-Grilled Argentinian Ribeye Steak29.00 SGD
Wagyu Flank Steak32.00 SGD
Australian Lamb Rack29.00 SGD
Slow Cooked U.S Short Rib30.00 SGD
Pan Roasted French Seabass23.00 SGD
Baked Tasmanian Ocean Trout29.00 SGD
Grilled Red Snapper24.00 SGD
Confit Of Atlantic Cod25.00 SGD

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Elfuego Singapore Juice Menu 

Elfuego Singapore Juice
Mango4.00 SGD
Cranberry4.00 SGD
Pineapple4.00 SGD
Lime4.00 SGD
Orange4.00 SGD
Apple4.00 SGD

Elfuego Menu – Soft Drink 

Elfuego Menu Drink 
Ginger Ale8.00 SGD
Sprite 4.00 SGD
Coke4.00 SGD

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Elfuego Signature Dishes 

Bartender’s Choice8.00 SGD
Litchi Fragola8.00 SGD
Ginger Nohito8.00 SGD
Mandarin Dough8.00 SGD
Symphony No. 28.00 SGD
Classic Botanist8.00 SGD

Elfuego Aqua Fresca Menu 

Elfuego Aqua Fresca
Pineapple Peach8.00 SGD
Mango Lychee8.00 SGD
Watermelon Lime8.00 SGD

Elfuego Singapore Menu – Twisted Tea 

Mango Tango Te’7.00 SGD
La Passion Te’7.00 SGD
Earl’s La Crema7.00 SGD
Cha’ Gelado7.00 SGD

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Aerated Mix 

Pineapple Soda5.00 SGD
Peach Soda5.00 SGD
Berries5.00 SGD
Apple Soda5.00 SGD
Lime Soda5.00 SGD
Lychee Soda5.00 SGD

Elfuego Appetiser Menu 

Elfuego Appetiser Menu 


Seared Hokkaido Scallop20.00 SGD
Charred Heart Of Cabbage9.00 SGD
Croquette Of Wagyu Beef12.00 SGD
Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté9.00 SGD


Migayi Oyster (3pcs)16.00 SGD
Garden Salad8.00 SGD
Tuna Tataki12.00 SGD
Texture Of Beetroot12.00 SGD
Poached Argentine Red Prawns18.00 SGD

Elfuego Coffee Prices 

Elfuego Coffee
White Mocha5.00 SGD
Cappuccino5.00 SGD
Latte 5.00 SGD
Flat White5.00 SGD
Americano 5.00 SGD
Espresso5.00 SGD

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Elfuego Tea Prices 

Ceylon Tea With Apple Pie & Vanilla8.00 SGD
Natural Lemon Verbena8.00 SGD
Spring Time Oolong With Ginger8.00 SGD
Rose With French Vanilla7.00 SGD
Chamomile7.00 SGD
Arabian Mint Tea With Honey7.00 SGD

Mineral Water 

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (750ml)8.00 SGD
Evian Natural Spring Water (750ml)6.00 SGD
Distilled Water Bottle (500ml)2.00 SGD

Elfuego Menu – Sharing 

Elfuego Menu 2023
Charcoal Grilled Australian Black Angus Tomahawk Steak139.00 SGD
Charcoal Grilled Argentine Black Angus Short Rib88.00 SGD
Charcoal Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder78.00 SGD
Chicken Casserole36.00 SGD
French Seabass36.00 SGD
Lobster Bouillabaisse60.00 SGD

Elfuego Singapore Side Menu 

Grilled Sour Dough8.00 SGD
Steak Fries8.00 SGD
Pan Roasted Zucchini & Pepper12.00 SGD
Grilled Padron Peppers12.00 SGD
Garlic Butter & Haricot Vert12.00 SGD
Grana Padono & Grilled Broccollini12.00 SGD


Elfuego Menu desserts
Cheese Cake Burnt Lava Cheese Cake12.00 SGD
Chocolate Royal Chocolate Chip & Dark Chocolate Mousse Cheese15.00 SGD
Tiramisu Cocoa Powder, Coffee Soil & Mascarpone Cheese15.00 SGD
Pandan Tart Gula Melaka Ice Cream & Coconut Chantilly Ice Cream13.00 SGD

Is Elfuego Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Yes, Elfuego Singapore is a halal certified restaurant as it does not serve its customers anything prohibited in Islam.

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Elfuego Singapore Location & Opening Hours 

Jewel Changi Airport 

78 Airport Boulevard,

#02-216, Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore 819666

Opening Hours:

Sunday To Thursday 11 A.M To 10 P.M,

Friday To Saturday 10 A.M To 10 P.M

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