Yakiniku Go Menu Singapore Updated Price 2023

For Japanese food lovers, we are presenting Yakiniku Go Menu in this post. Yakiniku Go Singapore is the best Japanese restaurant which serves a lot of exquisite dishes to fulfill the desire of its guests. We have added Yakiniku Go Menu along with images and up-to-date prices. To know more about the menu details, keep scrolling.

Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu 2023

We can categorize the Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu into the following:

  • A La Carte
  • Takeaway Bento
  • Drinks
  • Side Dish
A La Carte

Takeaway Bento


Side Dish

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Yakiniku Go A La Carte Menu

Nakamichi Karubi 100 g8.90 SGD
Manzoku Platter19.80 SGD
Ribeye Slice5.90 SGD
Karubi 100 g6.90 SGD
Supreme Topside 100 g11.90 SGD
Seafood Hoiru Yaki13.90 SGD
Salmon Batayaki10.80 SGD
Chicken 100 g4.90 SGD
Lamb Leg Slice 100 g5.90 SGD
Gyutan 100 g12.90 SGD
Angus Ribeye Steak 120 g15.80 SGD
Yakiniku Go pic
Yakiniku Go food

Yakiniku Go Takeaway Bento Menu Price

Karubi & Gyutan17.80 SGD
Ribeye Jyu14.80 SGD
Salmon Butter Yaki Jyu16.80 SGD
Gyu Don11.80 SGD
Karubi & Ribeye Jyu14.80 SGD
Karubi & Negi Shio Chicken Jyu13.80 SGD
Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu18.80 SGD
Karubi & Tamago Jyu10.80 SGD
Negi Shio Chicken & Tamago Jyu10.80 SGD
Karubi Jyu13.80 SGD
Kimchi Gyu Don12.80 SGD
Spicy Nanban Miso Chicken Jyu11.80SGD
Double Karubi Jyu18.80 SGD
Yakiniku Go Takeaway
Yakiniku Go

Yakiniku Go Singapore Drinks Menu

Pokka Kiyo Kyoho Grape Juice3.60 SGD
Pokka Sparklin’ Fuji Apple3.00 SGD
Pokka Houjicha3.00 SGD
Pokka Honey Yuzu3.00 SGD
Pokka Lemon Tea3.00 SGD
Pokka Jasmine Green Tea3.00 SGD
Sprite3.00 SGD
Coke Zero Sugar3.00 SGD
Coke3.00 SGD
Mineral Water2.00 SGD
Yakiniku Go Singapore

Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu – Side Dish

Chawanmushi2.80 SGD
Seaweed Soup2.00 SGD
Mini Salad2.00 SGD
Kimchi Radish2.00 SGD
Rice Set ( soup, kimchi, or salad)5.50 SGD
Lettuce with Spicy Mayo4.00 SGD
Edamame2.20 SGD
Veggie Platter4.00 SGD
Kinoko Hoiru Yaki5.00 SGD
Kimchi2.00 SGD

Is Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu Halal?

No, Yakiniku Go Singapore Menu is not halal because it serves beer and many other Islam-prohibited eatables.

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Yakiniku Go Singapore Location & Opening Hours 

Jurong Point

1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-55, Jurong Point

Singapore 648886

Opening Hours: 11 A.M To 10 P.M Everyday

The Seletar Mall

33 Sengkang West Avenue, #01-49/50/51/52/53, The Seletar Mall

Singapore 797653

Opening Hours: 11 A.M To 10 P.M Everyday

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