NeNe Chicken Singapore Menu Updated Price List 2023

Are you a fried chicken lover? If yes, then Nene Chicken Singapore is the best place for you because they have different chicken dishes with their images. We have added a detailed Nene Chicken Menu with prices and images to help you.

Nene Chicken Menu Singapore 2023

We can categorize the Nene Chicken Singapore menu as follows:

  • Sauces
  • Drinks
  • Bundle sets
  • K-Favs
  • K-Pizza
  • K-Fried chicken 

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Nene Chicken Singapore Menu K-Fried Chicken
Nene Chicken K-Pizza Menu

Nene Chicken Starters Menu Price

Starter Bundle5.90 SGD
Kimchi2.40 SGD
Pickled Radish1.90 SGD
Corn Salad1.90 SGD

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Nene Chicken Singapore Menu – K-Fried Chicken

18 Pcs Bulgogi33.90 SGD
12 Pcs Bulgogi22.70 SGD
18 Pcs Wings & Sticks33.90 SGD
12 Pcs Wings & Sticks22.70 SGD
6 Pcs Wings & Sticks13.70 SGD
20 Pcs Tenders30.90 SGD
12 Pcs Tenders19.70  SGD
6 Pcs Tenders10.90 SGD
Whole chicken33.90 SGD
5 Pcs Chicken22.70 SGD
3 Pcs Chicken13.70 SGD
2 Pcs Chicken9.90 SGD

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Nene Chicken K-Pizza Menu

K-Mini Bulgogi Chicken Pizza10.80 SGD
Hawaiian Pizza K-Mini9.80 SGD
K-Mini Pepperoni Pizza9.80 SGD
K-Mini Cheesy Pizza8.80 SGD
Pizza + 6 Pc Tenders29.80 SGD
Grilled Unagi Pizza29.80 SGD
Fiery Fried Chicken Pizza22.60 SGD
Kimchi Pizza20.60 SGD
Bulgogi Chicken Pizza18.40 SGD
Hawaiian Pizza17.40 SGD
Pepperoni Pizza17.40 SGD
Cheesy Pizza13.30 SGD

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Nene Chicken Singapore – K-Favs

Crispy Cutlet Ramyeon10.50 SGD
Crispy Tenders Ramyeon10.50 SGD
Chicken Luncheon Meat Ramyeon10.50 SGD
Bulgogi Chicken Ramyeon10.50 SGD
Sundubu Jjigae8.80 SGD
Japchae7.80 SGD
Egg & Cheese Ramyeon8.80 SGD
Nene Bulgogi Chicken Burger6.90 SGD

Nene Chicken Singapore Menu – Bundle Set

Egg & Cheese Ramyeon plus 1 pc Chicken MealEgg & Cheese Ramyeon plus 1 pc Chicken Meal
Sundubu Jjigae plus 1 pc Chicken Meal17.30 SGD

Nene Chicken Singapore Sides Menu

Onsen Egg2.20 SGD
Popcorn Chicken Box9.90 SGD
(Skewer) Fried Tteokbokki Skewer3.50 SGD
Crispy Chicken Skin Box7.50 SGD
Curly Fries Box8.50 SGD
Fried Tteokbokki & Chicken Sausage8.50 SGD
Fried King Oyster Mushroom7.50 SGD
Chicken Spam Fries7.50 SGD
Nene Cheese Sticks4.80 SGD
Crispy Chicken Skin4.50 SGD
White Rice1.60 SGD
Curly Fries4.20 SGD

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Nene Chicken Singapore Drinks Prices

1.5 L Coke Bottle5.00 SGD
Dasani Bottle1.90 SGD
Coke / Sprite Can2.80 SGD

Nene Chicken Menu – Sauces

Cheese Tub2.50 SGD
Cheese Dip1.90 SGD
Smokey Barbeque Tub1.90 SGD
Smokey Barbeque Dip1.20 SGD
Honey Mustard Tub1.90 SGD
Honey Mustard Dip1.20 SGD
Double Freaking Hot Tub1.90 SGD
Double Freaking Hot Dip1.20 SGD
Hot Bling Tub1.90 SGD
Hot Bling Dip1.20 SGD
Tub1.90 SGD
Spicy Dip1.20 SGD

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Is Nene Chicken Singapore Halal?

Yes, Nene Chicken Singapore is halal certified as it does not serve pork meat and alcoholic drinks.

Nene Chicken Singapore Outlets Location & Opening Hours

Bedok Mall

311 New Upper Changi Road, #02-02, Bedok Mall

Singapore 467360

Opening Hours:

Monday To Thursday,

11 A.M To 10 P.M,

Friday To Sunday, 11 A.M To 10:30 P.M

Bukit Panjang Plaza

1 Jelebu Road,


Bukit Panjang Plaza

Singapore 677743

Opening Hours:

11 A.M To 10:30 P.M Daily


23 Serangoon Central,



Singapore 556083

Opening Hours:

11am To 10:30 P.M Daily

Our Tampines Hub

1 Tampines Walk,


Our Tampines Hub

Singapore 528523

Opening Hours:

11 A.M To 10:30 P.M Daily

The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green,


The Star Vista

Singapore 138617

Opening Hours:

11 A.M To 10:30 P.M Daily

Upper Paya Lebah

173 Upper Paya Lebar

Singapore 534862

Opening Hours:

11 A.M To 10:30 P.M Daily

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