Fotia Singapore Menu Updated Price List 2023

Hey, meat lovers! Do you want to try something delicious and unique this time? If yes, then you have got the Fotia Singapore Restaurant. We have added the detailed Fotia Menu along with images and an up-to-date price list.

Fotia Menu Singapore 2023 

We can categorize the Fotia Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Traditional Recipes 
  • Wrapped In Pita Bread 
  • Fish & Seafood 
  • Charcoal Grilled Skewers 
  • Salad & Homemade Dips 
  • Pita Bread Potatoes 
  • Mezze 
  • Desserts 

Let’s check them one by one in detail:

Fotia Traditional Recipes Menu 

Fotia Traditional Recipes
Gemista Stuffed capsicum with fresh herbs & rice16.90 SGD
Kaserli Kebab Oven-baked beef kebab in slightly spicy tomato sauce26.50 SGD
Iman BaildiSlow-cooked eggplant in garlic & tomato sauce16.90 SGD

Fotia Wrapped In Pita Bread Dishes Prices 

Beef Skewer Wrap20.10 SGD
Peinirli15.85 SGD
Veggie & Spicy Eggplant Wrap14.75 SGD
Chicken Skewer Wrap15.85 SGD

Fotia Singapore Fish & Seafood Price 

Singapore Fish & Seafood Price 
Fresh Catch Of The Day (Seabass)73.50 SGD
Skoumbri Kapnisto Smoked Mackerel charcoal grilled with Onions fennel19.00 SGD
Glaridis Charcoal grilled tiger prawns71.50 SGD

Fotia Singapore Menu – Charcoal Grilled Skewers 

Charcoal Grilled Skewers
KontosouvliDuroc pork ribeye grain fed charcoal grilled30.80 SGD
Chicken SkewerTender and juicy charcoal grilled chicken18.00 SGD

Salad & Homemade Dips 

Homemade Dips
Spicy Habanero Sauce5.35 SGD
Santorinia Fava13.70 SGD
Aegean Eggplant15.85 SGD
Tirokafteri15.85 SGD
Tzatziki14.75 SGD
Taramosalata14.75 SGD
Chili Paste5.35 SGD
Cretan Dakos Salad14.75 SGD
Greek Salad14.75 SGD

Fotia Singapore Pita Bread Potatoes Menu 

Singapore Pita Bread Potatoes
Patates Tiganites10.50 SGD
Elias Kalamon7.25 SGD
Patates Tiganites & Creamy Feta Cheese13.70 SGD
Koulouri Thessalonikis4.15 SGD
Pita Bread3.15 SGD

Fotia Menu – Mezze

Fotia Mezze Menu
Bouyiourdi Eggplant19.05 SGD
Padrone Pepper & Sea Salt15.85 SGD
Cheese Platter39.39 SGD
Dolmadakia19.05 SGD
Spanakopita20.10 SGD


Desserts Menu
Bougatsa Cream Creamy Semolina Custard16.90 SGD
Baklawa Pagoto Almonds, Honey Syrup, and Filo Pastry Layered With Chopped Walnut19.05 SGD
Kunefe Almonds, Honey Syrup, and Kataifi Pastry Layered With Chopped Walnut20.10 SGD

Is Fotia Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

No, Fotia Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant.

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Fotia Singapore Location & Opening Hours 

28 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089610

Sunday: 12 Noon To 9 P.M

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 5 P.M To 11 P.M

Wed: 12 Noon To 11 P.M

Thursday: 12 Noon To 11 P.M

Friday: 12 Noon To 11 P.M

Saturday: 12 Noon To 11 P.M

Phone: +65 9455 1004

All the information you have got from this post, including the images, is taken from these official sources of Fotia Singapore: 

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