Tsui Wah Singapore Menu Updated Price List 2024

Tsui Wah is a Hong Kong style cafe chain in Singapore known for providing authentic Hong Kong cuisine with local blend. Tsui Wah Menu Singapore features classic dishes signature milk tea, baked goods, stir-fries, rice noodle rolls, dim sum. The first outlet of the restaurant was opened in 2018 and till yet they have 4 outlets in the city.

The overall environment of Tsui Wah Restaurant is decorated in a traditional style that gives the memory of old Hong Kong. Tsui Wah is not a country specific restaurant, but it is a global restaurant chain having its roots in many countries. Are you a dim sum lover, then go to your nearest branch and satify your meal.

We can categorize the Tsui Wah Singapore Menu as follows: 

  • Noodles 
  • Curry 
  • Signature Dishes 
  • Snakes 
  • Continental Dishes
  • Beverages 

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Tsui Wah Singapore

Tsui Wah Singapore Signature Dishes

Crispy bun with condensed milk4.70 SGD 
Lamb chop curry with steamed rice34.00 SGD 
Chicken wings with sweet soy sauce12.40 SGD
Tsui Wah signature pork chop bun10.00 SGD
Beef brisket curry with steamed rice17.80 SGD
Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilage with tossed instant noodles12.50 SGD
Jumbo hot dog7.80 SGD
Hot milk tea4.20 SGD

Tsui Wah Singapore Menu – Sizzling Plate Set

Lamb chop on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)37.70 SGD
Grilled king prawn & chicken steak on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)29.80 SGD
Grilled Lyon-style pork chop on sizzling Pplate (Onion Sauce)24.80 SGD
Mixed Ggrills on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)29.80 SGD

Tsui Wah Soups & Vegetables Menu

Homemade fish soup with radish7.80 SGD
Broccoli served with abalone sauce8.80 SGD
Kangkong served with chili and preserved beancurd7.80 SGD
Amaranth in fish soup10.00 SGD
Shiitake mushroom and broccoli in abalone sauce11.20 SGD
Chinese soup of the day5.80 SGD
Borscht7.80 SGD

Tsui Wah Curry Series

Assorted vegetables and egg curry with steamed rice13.00 SGD
Assorted vegetables and prawns curry with steamed rice18.80 SGD
Chicken curry with steamed rice15.50 SGD
Pork cutlet curry with steamed rice16.50 SGD

Tsui Wah Noodle Expert Menu Prices

King prawns in mala soup with mixian13.80 SGD
King prawns in mala soup with tossed mixian15.80 SGD
Sliced chicken in mala soup with mixian11.20 SGD
Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilage in fish soup with mixian11.20 SGD
Wontons with shrimp roe in fish soup with noodles11.20 SGD
Satay beef brisket and tendon in soup with noodles13.60 SGD
Vegetables in XO sauce with tossed noodles19.50 SGD
King prawns in XO sauce with tossed noodles15.80 SGD
Kagoshima – Style braised pork cartilage & wontons in fish soup with mixian12.40 SGD

Tsui Wah Singapore- Sizzling Plate Noodles Menu

Stir-fried instant noodles with assorted vegetables on a sizzling plate15.50 SGD
Stir-fried instant noodles with pork chop and assorted vegetables on a sizzling plate16.50 SGD

Tsui Wah Hong Kong Flavor Menu Prices

Spiced pork chop with green onion and eggs fried rice16.50 SGD
Luncheon meat and sunny-side Up egg in premium soy sauce with steamed rice9.50 SGD
Braised abalone sauce rice with diced chicken and kale17.80 SGD
BBQ pork and scrambled egg fried rice16.50 SGD
Scrambled egg with shrimp fried rice16.50 SGD
Scrambled egg with shrimps15.40 SGD
Sweet and sour pineapple, prawns and hawthorn18.90 SGD
Sour and sweet Pork17.00 SGD

Tsui Wah Cantonese Sides

Mala prawns14.20 SGD
Deep-fried wontons – six pcs7.70 SGD
Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilage13.00 SGD
Satay beef brisket and tendon16.50 SGD
Wontons with shrimp roe in fish soup11.20 SGD

Tsui Wah Sandwiches And Snacks

Roti bread2.95 SGD
Scrambled Egg Sandwiches5.90 SGD
Luncheon meat and scrambled egg sandwiches7.20 SGD
Luncheon meat fries8.80 SGD
French fries5.90 SGD
Deep fried chicken wings – two pcs8.30 SGD

Tsui Wah Beverages Menu 

Hong Kong Style Drinks

Tea with condensed milk (Hot)4.20 SGD
Coffee with condensed milk (Hot)4.20 SGD
Signature coffee4.20 SGD
Milk tea4.20 SGD
Yuen Yeung – Coffee & Tea4.20 SGD
Bottled Yuen Yeung5.50 SGD
Bottled coffee (300ml)5.50 SGD
Bottled milk tea (300ml)5.50 SGD

Tsui Wah Specialty Drinks

Almond milk with egg white (Hot)8.30 SGD
Grass jelly in coconut milk7.00 SGD
Ovaltine4.20 SGD
Horlicks4.20 SGD
Barley with Lemon5.90 SGD
Honey Lemon Water4.70 SGD
Lemon Tea5.30 SGD

IS Tsui Wah Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

No, Tsui Wah is not a halal restaurant because pork and alcohol are served there.

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Singapore Tsui Wah
Singapore Tusi Wah Menu 2023

Tsui Wah Singapore Outlets With Location And Opening Hours

The Heeren

260 Orchard Road, #02-02, The Heeren

Singapore 238855

Opening Hours: 11.00 A.M To 10.00 P.M Daily 


50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-38, Jem 

Singapore 608549 

Opening Hours: 10.30 A.M To 10.00 P.M Daily 

Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Boulevard, #03-230, Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore 819666 

Opening Hours: 10.30 A.M To 10.00 P.M Daily

Clarke Quay

Block A, 3 River Valley Road, #01-03, Clarke Quay

Singapore 179020

Opening Hours: 10.30 A.M To 10.00 P.M Daily

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