Chir Chir Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2023

We all know that Korean food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical Korean food, Chir Chir Singapore is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full Chir Chir Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Chir Chir Menu 2023

We can categorize the Chir Chir Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Chi-Bap & Dak-Bap
  • Sides
  • Beverages
  • Alcohol

Now we will see the complete detail of the Chir Chir Singapore Menu here below:

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Chir Chir Fried Chicken Menu

Vampire Killer
Crispy fried drumlets and wings tossed in our secret spicy sauce and topped off with fragrant fried garlic, dried chillies and spring onion – the essentials to keep a vampire away.
33.40 SGD
Spicy Yangnyeom Chicken
Topped with nutty almond flakes
22.60 SGD
Sour Cream & Onion Chicken
Juicy fried chicken tenders marinated with chir chir secret seasoning, topped with sweet silvers of onion, chopped parsley & served with creamy onion dipping sauce.
35.80 SGD
Honey Butter Chicken
Crispy boneless fried chicken chunks, potato wedges and rice cakes tossed with honey butter sauce and seasoning
38.20 SGD
Garlicky Soy Chicken
Topped with crispy garlic flakes
22.60 SGD
Crispy Fried Chicken21.45 SGD
Chir Chir Menu Singapore List

Chir Chir Singapore Chi-Bap & Dak-Bap Menu

Spicy Dak-Bap
Juicy chunks of roast chicken thigh tossed in BBQ and spicy sauce, served with Korean rice, seaweed and sesame seasoning.
41.80 SGD
Spicy Chi-Bap
Juicy fried chicken tenders in a spicy marinated of onion salsa, BBQ sauce and sweet potato topped with fries and grated cheese. Served with fragrant seaweed-flavoured rice.
41.80 SGD

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Chir Chir Menu – Sides

Spicy Topokki with Breaded Chicken Tenders
Feel the heat with Korean rice cake, fishcake, cajun battered squid & deep-fried hard boiled egg steeped in a fiery sauce
27.30 SGD
Spicy Topokki
Spicy Topokki Feel the heat with Korean rice cake, fishcake, Cajun battered squid and deep-fried hard-boiled egg steeped in a fiery sauce
22.60 SGD
Chir Chir Menu Singapore List

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Chir Chir Singapore Menu – Beverages

Now with less sugar, Sprite queuches your thirst with its crisp, clean taste of lemon and lime.
4.00 SGD
Mineral Water
All the nuritions you need to stay active.
3.00 SGD
Green Tea
A chinese drink, made with a desi twist, has countless health benefits.
4.00 SGD
Coca-cola classic is the world’s favorite soft drink & has been enjoyed since 1886
4.00 SGD
Coke Light
Coca-cola light is a sugar & calorie free soft drink with a deliciously crisp taste
4.00 SGD

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Chir Chir Alcohol Menu Price

Cass11.70 SGD
Asahi Dry12.70 SGD
Amber Nectar Lager12.70 SGD

Is Chir Chir Singapore Halal Restaurant?

Chir Chir Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as it do not serves pork.  

Chir Chir Singapore Location, Opening Hours And Contact Information


313 Orchard Rd, B3 – 04 05 / 06, Singapore 238895

Opening Hours:

Wednesday 11 AM To 9:30 PM

Thursday 11 AM To 9:30 PM

Friday 11 AM To 10 PM

Saturday 11 AM To 10 PM

Sunday         11 AM To 9:30 PM

Monday        11 AM To 9:30 PM

Tuesday        11 AM To 9:30 PM

Phone: +65 6509 8364

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