Shi Kou Seafood Menu Singapore Latest Prices 2023

Are you looking to eat Singaporean food? If yes, look no further than Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Menu, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Shi Kou Seafood Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Shi Kou Seafood Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Menu into the following:

  • New Dishes
  • Crab
  • Fish
  • Prawns
  • Squid
  • Mussels
  • Sliced Fish
  • Vegetable
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Beancurd
  • Omelette
  • Fried Rice 
  • Noodle

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Shi Kou Seafood New Dishes Menu

Broccoli with Quail Eggs25.20 SGD
Salted Egg Chicken Cube13.50 SGD
Spicy Beef with Beancurd25.20 SGD
Spicy Steam Red Garoupa52.20 SGD
Stir-fried Beef with Peppercorn25.20 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Crab Menu

Black Pepper Crab72.00 SGD
Butter Crab72.00 SGD
Crab Bee Hoon With Superior Broth71.10 SGD
Ginger And Spring Onion Crab72.00 SGD
Imperial Steam Crab72.00 SGD
Mantou8.10 SGD
Salted Egg Crab76.50 SGD
Signature Chili Crab72.00 SGD
Vermicelli Crab72.00 SGD

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Shi Kou Seafood Menu – Fish

Curry Fish Head34.20 SGD
Deep Fried Sea Bass27.00 SGD
Delicate Seafood in Claypot22.50 SGD
Red Snapper Head With Bittergourd31.50 SGD
Sweet and Sour Fried Garoupa27.00 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Menu – Prawns

Butter Prawns22.50 SGD
Cereal Prawns22.50 SGD
Garlic Steam Prawns22.50 SGD
Prawns With Salted Egg Yolk22.50 SGD
Sambal Petai Bean Prawns22.50 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Squid Menu Price

Butter Squid19.80 SGD
Salted Egg Squid19.80 SGD
Thai Style Squid19.80 SGD

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Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Mussels Menu

Fragrant La La18.00 SGD
Chilli La La18.00 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Menu Price – Sliced Fish

Fragrant Sliced Fish14.40 SGD
Sambal Sliced Fish14.40 SGD
Sliced Fish with Bean Sauce14.40 SGD
Sliced Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion14.40 SGD

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Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Menu Price – vegetable

Yam Ring20.70 SGD
Vegetable All-Star11.70 SGD
Three Mixed Mushrooms16.20 SGD
Mixed Vegetables13.50 SGD
Kangkong With Sotong16.20 SGD
Ikan Bilis Petai16.20 SGD
Fried Youtiao11.70 SGD
Broccoli with Scallops16.20 SGD
Brinjal with Salted Fish13.50 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Pork Menu

Salted Egg Pork Cube16.20 SGD
King Pork Ribs13.50 SGD
Guinness Stout Ribs13.50 SGD
Ginger & Spring Onion Pork13.50 SGD
Coffee Flavoured Ribs13.50 SGD
Claypot Pig’s Liver13.50 SGD
Braised Trotters9.427 SGD
Braised Small Intestines7.47 SGD
Braised Big Intestines7.47 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Beef

Hot Plate Curry Beef16.20 SGD
Hot Plate Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion16.20 SGD
Black Pepper Beef16.20 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Chicken Menu

Cereal Chicken13.50 SGD
Claypot Curry Chicken16.20 SGD
Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken13.50 SGD
Lemon Chicken13.50 SGD
Prawn Paste Chicken13.50 SGD
Red Glutinous Wine Chicken7.47 SGD
Sambal Chicken13.50 SGD
Thai Style Chicken13.50 SGD

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Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Beancurd Menu

Thai-Style Beancurd11.70 SGD
Mapo Beancurd11.70 SGD
Cai Xiang Beancurd11.70 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Menu – Omelette

Preserved Radish Omelette9.90 SGD
Prawn Omelette11.70 SGD
Oyster Omelette11.70 SGD
Onion Omelette9.90 SGD
Fu Rong Omelette9.90 SGD
Crab Meat Omelette11.70 SGD
Bittergourd Omelette9.90 SGD

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Menu – Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice5.85 SGD
Crab Meat Fried Rice9.00 SGD
Ikan Bilis and Salted Fish Fried Rice5.40 SGD
Luncheon Meat Fried Rice5.85 SGD
Pineapple Fried Rice9.00 SGD
XO Fried Rice9.00 SGD
Yang Chou Fried Rice9.00 SGD

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Shi Kou Seafood Noodle Menu Price

Beef Hor Fun6.75 SGD
Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup7.20 SGD
Fried Bee Hoon6.75 SGD
Fried Hor Fun6.75 SGD
Hokkien Mee5.85 SGD
Pork Trotters Bee Hoon9.00 SGD
Seafood Hor Fun6.75 SGD
Sheng Mian6.30 SGD

Is Shi Kou Seafood Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims cannot go there as they serve pork.  

Shi Kou Seafood Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


558 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329874

Opening Hours:  

Monday To Sunday, 6:00 AM To 11:00 PM

Phone: +65 6258 8159

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