Tasha’s Restaurant Menu Singapore Price 2024

Singapore is famous for restaurants like Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore. If you are there to get to know Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu, then you are lucky, as we have added the entire menu along with images & up-to-date price list. Let’s continue scrolling to learn more.

Tasha’s Restaurant Menu 2023 

Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Murtabak 
  • Roti John 
  • Thosai 
  • Biryani 
  • Rice / Noodle Goreng 
  • Pratas

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Tasha’s Restaurant Menu Singapore Price List 2023

Tasha’s Singapore Murtabak Menu

ItemsPrices (Medium)Prices (Large)
Mutton8.50 SGD10.50 SGD
Chicken7.80 SGD9.80 SGD
Sardine7.80 SGD9.80 SGD

Tasha’s Restaurant Roti John Menu 

Mutton6.00 SGD
Chicken5.50 SGD
Mutton & Chicken8.00 SGD

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Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore – Thosai 

Plain2.00 SGD
Egg3.20 SGD
Onion3.00 SGD
Egg Onion3.80 SGD
Cheese3.80 SGD
Egg Cheese4.00 SGD
Masala3.80 SGD

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Tasha’s Restaurant Biryani Prices 

Vegetarian5.00 SGD
Mutton7.50 SGD
Chicken6.00 SGD
Fish6.50 SGD

Tasha Restaurant Menu – Rice / Noodle Goreng 

Mutton7.50 SGD
Chicken6.50 SGD
Ikan Bilis5.00 SGD
Maggi Goreng4.50 SGD
Normal4.50 SGD

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Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore Pratas Prices 

Plain (Minimum 2 Pcs)1.20 SGD
Onion2.00 SGD
Egg2.00 SGD
Egg Onion2.50 SGD
Cheese3.00 SGD
Cheese Egg3.50 SGD
Hotdog Cheese3.80 SGD
Coin Set Ala Carte3.00 SGD
Coin Ala With Chicken6.50 SGD
Coin Set With Mutton7.50 SGD

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Is Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore Halal?

Yes, Tasha’s restaurant Singapore is halal-certified.

Tasha’s Restaurant Singapore Contact Info

Call / Whatsapp: 87885930

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