Adam’s Corner Menu Singapore Latest Price 2023

Are you looking to eat Taiwanese food? If yes, look no further than Adam’s Corner Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Adam’s Corner Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Adam’s Corner Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Adam’s Corner Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Indian Food
  • Fresh Fruit Juices
  • Soup
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Prawn
  • Vegetables
  • Murtabak
  • Roti John
  • Roti Prata
  • Porridges
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Hotplate
  • Mini Wok
  • Western Food
  • Side Dishes
  • Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Adam’s Corner Indian Food Menu

Thosai Onion2.00 SGD
Thosai Masala3.00 SGD
Thosai Ghee2.50 SGD
Thosai Egg2.00 SGD
Thosai1.50 SGD
Bone Steak (Tulang)10.00 SGD
Adam's Corner Fresh Fruit Juices Menu

Adam’s Corner Singapore Fresh Fruit Juices Menu

Carrot Juice3.00 SGD
Coconut Juice3.00 SGD
Fresh Lemon Juice3.00 SGD
Green Apple Juice3.00 SGD
Orange Juice3.00 SGD
Soursop Juice3.00 SGD
Watermelon Juice3.00 SGD

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Adam’s Corner Menu – Soup

Tom Yam Soup8.00 SGD
Tauhu Soup8.00 SGD
Seafood Soup8.00 SGD
Ox-tail Soup8.00 SGD
Mushroom Soup8.00 SGD
Mixed Vegetable Seafood Soup8.00 SGD
Fish Soup8.00 SGD
Fish Ball Soup8.00 SGD
Chicken Soup8.00 SGD
Beef Soup8.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Menu – Fish

Oyster Sauce Fish25.00 SGD
Sambal Fish25.00 SGD
Sliced Fish with Black Pepper12.00 SGD
Sliced Fish with Oyster Sauce12.00 SGD
Sliced Fish with Sambal12.00 SGD
Sliced Fish with Spring Onion12.00 SGD
Sliced Sweet & Sour Fish12.00 SGD
Sweet & Sour Fish25.00 SGD
Thai Chilli Sauce Fish25.00 SGD
Tiga Rasa Adam Recipe25.00 SGD

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Adam’s Corner Beef Menu Price

Sweet & Sour Beef10.00 SGD
Spring Onion Beef10.00 SGD
Sambal Beef10.00 SGD
Oyster Sauce Beef10.00 SGD
Dried Chilli Beef10.00 SGD
Black Pepper Beef10.00 SGD
Adam's Corner

Adam’s Corner Singapore Chicken Menu Price

Black Pepper Chicken10.00 SGD
Butter Chicken10.00 SGD
Chilli Chicken10.00 SGD
Dried Chilli Chicken10.00 SGD
Lemon Chicken10.00 SGD
Oyster Sauce Chicken10.00 SGD
Adam's Corner Chicken Menu Price

Adam’s Corner Menu Price – Prawn

Sweet & Sour Sotong10.00 SGD
Sweet & Sour Prawn25.00 SGD
Sotong Sambal10.00 SGD
Sotong Goreng Tepong10.00 SGD
Sambal Prawn25.00 SGD
Oyster Sauce Prawn25.00 SGD
Chilli Prawn25.00 SGD
Cereal Prawn25.00 SGD
Butter Prawn25.00 SGD
Black Pepper Prawn25.00 SGD

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Adam’s Corner Singapore Menu Price – Vegetables

Baby Kailan Oyster Sauce7.00 SGD
Baby Kailan with Beef10.00 SGD
Baby Kailan with Sambal7.00 SGD
Baby Kailan with Seafood10.00 SGD
Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish7.00 SGD
Chap Chai7.00 SGD
Kangkung Belacan7.00 SGD
Plain Kailan7.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Murtabak

Sardine Murtabak6.00 SGD
Sardine Cheese Murtabak8.00 SGD
Mutton Murtabak6.00 SGD
Mutton Cheese Murtabak8.00 SGD
Chicken Murtabak6.00 SGD
Chicken Cheese Murtabak8.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Roti John

Roti John7.00 SGD
Roti John Ayam5.00 SGD
Roti John Cheese6.00 SGD
Roti John Cheese Mushroom7.00 SGD
Adam's Corner Roti Prata

Adam’s Corner Roti Prata Menu

Banana Cheese Prata3.50 SGD
Banana Egg Prata3.00 SGD
Banana Honey Prata3.50 SGD
Banana Prata2.50 SGD
Bom Prata2.50 SGD
Cheese Egg Onion Prata3.50 SGD
Cheese Egg Prata3.00 SGD
Cheese Onion Prata3.00 SGD
Cheese Prata2.50 SGD
Chocolate Prata2.50 SGD
Double Cheese Egg Prata3.50 SGD
Double Egg Prata2.00 SGD
Egg Onion Chilli Prata2.50 SGD
Egg Onion Prata2.00 SGD
Egg Prata1.50 SGD
Milo Prata2.50 SGD
Mushroom Cheese Prata3.00 SGD
Mushroom Prata2.50 SGD
Onion Prata1.30
Plain Prata1.00 SGD
Planta (Margarine) Prata2.50 SGD

Adam’s Corner Menu – Porridges

Mui Fan6.50 SGD
Bubur Taiwanese6.50 SGD
Bubur Ikan5.50 SGD
Bubur Daging5.50 SGD
Bubur Ayam4.50 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Menu – Rice

Nasi Ayam4.50 SGD
Nasi Ayam Black Pepper6.00 SGD
Nasi Ayam Goreng6.00 SGD
Nasi Ayam Kicap6.00 SGD
Nasi Ayam Madu5.00 SGD
Nasi Ayam Penyet6.00 SGD
Nasi Ayam Sambal6.00 SGD
Nasi Briyani6.50 SGD
Nasi Daging Black Pepper6.50 SGD
Nasi Daging Merah6.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Adam7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ayam Merah9.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Black Pepper6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Daging Merah9.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Kampung7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Paprika6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Pattaya7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Sambal6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Sambal Belacan6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Sardine6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Seafood6.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Thai9.00 SGD
Nasi Ikan Bawal Penyet6.00 SGD
Nasi Lemak4.50 SGD
Nasi Paprika6.50 SGD

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Adam’s Corner Noodles Menu Price

Bee Hoon Goreng6.00 SGD
Beef Noodles6.00 SGD
Char Kuey Teow6.00 SGD
Crispy Noodles6.00 SGD
Fried Seafood Noodles6.00 SGD
Horfun6.00 SGD
Laksa Bee Hoon7.00 SGD
Maggi Goreng6.00 SGD
Maggi Goreng Thai9.00 SGD
Maggi Pattaya7.00 SGD
Maggi Soup6.00 SGD
Mee Bandung6.00 SGD
Mee Chilli Prawn6.00 SGD
Mee Goreng6.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Combo9.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Mama6.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Thai9.00 SGD
Mee Hailam6.00 SGD
Mee Hokkien6.00 SGD
Mee Hong Kong6.00 SGD
Mee Kuah Tulang7.00 SGD
Mee Pattaya7.00 SGD
Mee Rebus4.00 SGD
Mee Soto4.50 SGD
Mee Soup6.00 SGD
Prawn Mee6.00 SGD
Soto Ayam4.50 SGD
Tom Yam Mee7.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Hotplate Menu Price

Hotplate Bean Curd12.00 SGD
Hotplate Beef12.00 SGD
Hotplate Chicken12.00 SGD
Hotplate Noodles8.00 SGD
Hotplate Prawn16.00 SGD
Hotplate Rice8.00 SGD
Hotplate Sotong12.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Menu Price – Mini Wok

Bak Kut Teh7.00 SGD
Claypot Bean Curd7.00 SGD
Claypot Fried Rice7.00 SGD
Claypot Mee Chilli Prawn7.00 SGD
Claypot Mee Fried Seafood7.00 SGD
Claypot Sotong Mee7.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Menu Price – Western Food

Yankee’s Steak9.00 SGD
Spring Chicken12.00 SGD
Seafood in the Basket11.00 SGD
Sambal Steak15.00 SGD
Popcorn Chicken8.00 SGD
Mushroom Steak15.00 SGD
Mixed Adam’s Grill20.00 SGD
Lamb Chop15.00 SGD
French Fries4.00 SGD
Fish & Chips8.00 SGD
Chicken Nuggets8.00 SGD
Chicken in the Basket9.00 SGD
Chicken Chop9.00 SGD
Cheese Fries5.00 SGD
Black Pepper Steak15.00 SGD
1/2 Spring Chicken4.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Side Dishes Price

Beef Omelette8.00 SGD
Kacang Phool5.00 SGD
Lontong Goreng6.00 SGD
Plain Omelette5.00 SGD
Prawn Omelette8.00 SGD
Spring Onion Omelette6.00 SGD
Vegetable Omelette5.00 SGD

Adam’s Corner Singapore Beverages Menu

Teh O Lemon1.20 SGD
Teh O Kasturi1.20 SGD
Teh O1.00 SGD
Teh Cino3.00 SGD
Neslo1.30 SGD
Nescafe1.30 SGD
Milo1.50 SGD
Kopi O1.00 SGD
Kopi Cino3.00 SGD
Iced Teh O Lychee3.00 SGD
Iced Teh O Longan3.00 SGD
Iced Teh1.50 SGD
Iced Sirap Limau2.50 SGD
Iced Sirap2.50 SGD
Iced Milo Dinosaur3.50 SGD
Iced Lychee2.50 SGD
Iced Longan2.50 SGD
Iced Lemon Juice2.50 SGD
Iced Kopi1.50 SGD
Iced Kasturi2.50 SGD
Iced Horlicks Dinosaur3.50 SGD
Iced Blueberry Lychee3.00 SGD
Iced Blueberry Longan3.00 SGD
Iced Barley2.50 SGD
Iced Bandung2.50 SGD
Iced Asam Limau3.00 SGD
Iced Asam2.50 SGD
Hot Teh Tarik1.20 SGD
Hot Teh Halia1.30 SGD
Hot Kopi Tarik1.20 SGD
Hot Bru Coffee1.40 SGD
Horlicks1.50 SGD

Is Adam’s Corner Singapore Halal Restaurant?

Adam’s Corner Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant.

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Adam’s Corner Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Ngee Ann City

324 Lavender St., Singapore 338822

Opening Hours: 24/7

Phone: +65 6294 1821

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