BRINDA’S Menu Singapore Latest Prices 2023

Are you looking to eat Indian food? If yes, look no further than BRINDA’S Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete BRINDA’S Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

BRINDA’S Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the BRINDA’S Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Starters 
  • Tandoori
  • Drinks
  • Dessert
  • Naan/Bread
  • Chapati
  • Briyani / Rice Meals
  • Veg Gravy
  • Non-Veg Gravy – Chicken
  • Non-Veg Gravy – Mutton
  • Non-Veg Gravy – Fish
  • Non-Veg Gravy – Crab
  • Non-Veg Gravy – Prawn
  • Egg Variety
  • Prata 
  • Roti John
  • Chatt
  • Thosai
BRINDA'S Menu Singapore list

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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BRINDA’S Starters Menu

Chicken 659.50 SGD
Gobi 657.50 SGD
Onion Pakora7.00 SGD
Vadai (2 Pieces)2.80 SGD
Veg Pakora7.00 SGD
Veg Samosa (2 Pieces)5.00 SGD
BRINDA'S Menu Singapore Price

BRINDA’S Singapore Tandoori Menu

6 Pieces Chicken Kebab12.00 SGD
6 Pieces Mutton Kebab14.00 SGD
Chicken Tikka12.00 SGD
Fish Tikka17.00 SGD
Tandoori Chicken17.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Menu – Drinks

Bandung3.00 SGD
Blueberry Lassi4.50 SGD
Coffee2.00 SGD
Fresh Lime Juice3.50 SGD
Ice Coffee2.80 SGD
Ice Milo3.20 SGD
Ice Tea2.80 SGD
Mango Lassi4.50 SGD
Milo2.50 SGD
Milo Dinosaur3.80 SGD
Orange Juice3.00 SGD
Strawberry Lassi4.50 SGD
Sweet Lassi3.80 SGD
Tea2.00 SGD

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BRINDA’S Singapore Menu – Dessert

Strawberry Yogurt4.50 SGD
Ras Malai6.50 SGD
Payasam3.20 SGD
Gulab Jamun5.00 SGD
Blueberry Yogurt4.50 SGD

BRINDA’S Naan/Bread Menu Price

BRINDA'S Menu Singapore Naan
Butter Naan4.00 SGD
Cheese Naan5.20 SGD
Garlic Naan4.20 SGD
Kashmiri Naan5.20 SGD
Masala Kulcha5.20 SGD
Methi Kulcha5.20 SGD
Onion Kulcha5.20 SGD
Paneer Kulcha5.80 SGD
Plain Naan3.60 SGD
Pudina Paratha5.00 SGD
Tandoori Roti3.80 SGD

BRINDA’S Singapore Chapati Menu

Chapati5.50 SGD
Plain Chapati1.70 SGD

BRINDA’S Menu Price – Briyani / Rice Meals

White Rice Mutton Masala Meal10.50 SGD
White Rice Fry Fish Meal10.00 SGD
White Rice Curry Chicken Meal10.00 SGD
Vegetable Pulau9.50 SGD
Vegetable Meal Vadai Payasam8.80 SGD
Vegetable Biryani10.00 SGD
Veg Fried Rice9.50 SGD
Tomato Rice with Sambar9.50 SGD
Tamarind Rice with Sambar9.50 SGD
Steamed Rice2.50 SGD
Plain Rice Briyani4.00 SGD
Mutton Biryani12.50 SGD
Mutter Pulau9.00 SGD
Lemon Rice with Sambar9.50 SGD
Kashmiri Pulau10.20 SGD
Jeera Rice9.00 SGD
Ghee Rice9.00 SGD
Fish Briyani11.00 SGD
Egg Fried Rice9.50 SGD
Egg Chicken Fried Rice10.50 SGD
Egg Briyani10.00 SGD
Curd Rice with Sambar9.50 SGD
Chicken Biryani11.00 SGD
Butter Rice9.00 SGD

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BRINDA’S Singapore Menu Price – Veg Gravy

Aloo Gobi Masala10.50 SGD
Aloo Jeera10.00 SGD
Aloo Methi10.00 SGD
Aloo Mutter10.00 SGD
Aloo Palak10.00 SGD
Baigan Masala10.50 SGD
Bhindi Do Piyaza10.50 SGD
Bhindi Fry10.50 SGD
Bhindi Masala10.50 SGD
Chana Masala10.50 SGD
Dhall Makani9.50 SGD
Dry Gobi Manchurian10.50 SGD
Gravy Gobi Manchurian10.50 SGD
Kadai Paneer13.00 SGD
Mushroom Mutter Masala10.50 SGD
Mutter Paneer13.00 SGD
Palak Paneer13.00 SGD
Paneer Butter Masala13.00 SGD
Paneer Methi13.00 SGD
Tadkha Dhall9.00 SGD
Tau Sambal9.00 SGD
Veg Do Piyaza10.50 SGD
Veg Jalfreezie10.50 SGD
BRINDA'S Menu Singapore Non veg

BRINDA’S Non-Veg Gravy – Chicken

Kadai Chicken13.50 SGD
Chilli Chicken13.50 SGD
Chicken Tikka Masala14.00 SGD
Chicken Sambal13.50 SGD
Chicken Pepper13.50 SGD
Chicken Masala8.00 SGD
Chicken Malabar13.50 SGD
Chicken Keema7.50 SGD
Chicken Jalfrezi13.50 SGD
Chicken Do Piyaza13.50 SGD
Chettinad Chicken13.50 SGD
Butter Chicken15.00 SGD

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BRINDA’S Singapore Non-Veg Gravy – Mutton

Pepper Mutton15.00 SGD
Palak Mutton15.00 SGD
Mutton Rogan Josh15.00 SGD
Mutton Masala8.50 SGD
Mutton Keema9.50 SGD
Mutton Do Piyaza15.00 SGD
Kadai Mutton15.00 SGD
Dry Mutton Mysore16.00 SGD
Chettinad Mutton15.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Non-Veg Gravy – Fish Menu

Fish Chettinad11.00 SGD
Fish Goan11.00 SGD
Fish Head20.00 SGD
Fish Malabar12.00 SGD
Fish Masala9.50 SGD
Fish Sambal11.00 SGD
Fish Tikka Masala14.50 SGD
Methi Fish11.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Singapore Non-Veg Gravy – Crab Menu

Chilli Crab21.00 SGD
Crab Masala21.00 SGD
Crab Pepper21.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Menu – Non-Veg Gravy – Prawn

Prawn Sambal14.50 SGD
Prawn Masala14.50 SGD
Prawn Malabar Masala14.50 SGD
Prawn Chilli14.50 SGD
Prawn Chettinad14.50 SGD

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BRINDA’S Singapore Menu – Egg Variety

Egg Masala7.50 SGD
Egg Sambal7.50 SGD
Omelette Egg4.50 SGD

BRINDA’S Prata Menu Price

Cheese Egg Prata4.80 SGD
Cheese Mushroom Prata6.00 SGD
Cheese Onion Prata4.80 SGD
Cheese Prata4.00 SGD
Chicken Murtabak9.00 SGD
Egg Onion Prata3.60 SGD
Egg Prata2.80 SGD
Mutton Murtabak10.20 SGD
Onion Prata2.80 SGD
Plain Prata (2 Pieces)3.50 SGD
Plain Prata (3 Pieces)5.00 SGD
Vegetarian Murtabak8.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Singapore Roti John Menu

Roti John Mutton9.00 SGD
Roti John Chicken7.80 SGD

BRINDA’S Menu Price – Chatt

Samosa Chatt10.00 SGD
Papadi Chaat9.00 SGD
Dahi Bhalla9.50 SGD
Aloo Tikki Chaat9.00 SGD

BRINDA’S Singapore Menu Price – Thosai 

Cheese Egg Onion Masala Thosai7.50 SGD
Cheese Masala Thosai6.50 SGD
Cheese Onion Thosai6.00 SGD
Cheese Thosai5.50 SGD
Chicken Keema Thosai7.00 SGD
Egg Masala Thosai5.50 SGD
Egg Onion Thosai5.50 SGD
Egg Thosai4.80 SGD
Masala Thosai4.80 SGD
Mutton Keema Thosai8.50 SGD
Onion Egg Masala Thosai6.00 SGD
Onion Masala Thosai5.00 SGD
Onion Thosai4.80 SGD

Is BRINDA’S Singapore Halal Restaurant?

BRINDA’S Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant.

BRINDA’S Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


162 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3533, Singapore 150162

Opening Hours:

Open 24 Hours

Phone: +65 6274 6327

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