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D’Life Singapore is a vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of Western, Indian, and Chinese dishes. D’Life Menu is famous for its tasty dishes and fresh ingredients. The restaurant was founded in 2010 for those who want to eat hygienic food. Their main purpose is to provide healthy food at affordable prices.

The popular dishes at D’Life include Sizzling Hotplate Tofu, Vegetarian Fried Rice, and Assam Laksa. With 6 outlets in Singapore, they offer both nutritious and delicious dining. If you are looking for healthy food D’life Singapore is the place for you. Come taste the future!

D’Life Menu 2023 (生活菜单2023)

Menu Tokyo Shokudo can be sub-categorized into: 

  • Set Meals 
  • Chef Recommendations
  • Hot Plate Set Meal
  • Western Selections 
  • Snacks
  • Fried Rice
  • Noodle Dishes
  • Vegetables 
  • Soup 
  • Textured Protein 
  • Egg Omelette 
  • Tofu
  • Mushrooms
  • Beverage – HomeMade
  • Beverages
  • Beverage – Honey Concoctions 
  • Premium Tea Range 
  • Milk Tea Range 
  • Fruit Juice 
  • Ice Blended

D’Life Menu Singapore – Set Meals

Kung Po Hericium With Rice9.10 SGD
Bak Kut Teh With Rice9.10 SGD
Curry Hericium With Rice7.80 SGD
Sweet & Sour Hericium With Rice8.30 SGD
Nonya Fish With Rice7.30 SGD
Kung Pao Chicken Cube With Rice7.30 SGD
Curry Fish With Rice6.30 SGD
Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushroom With Rice7.30 SGD
Bitter Gourd & Tofu With Rice6.30 SGD
Claypot Hericium Rice9.80 SGD
Claypot Chicken Cube Rice8.30 SGD
D’Life Menu Singapore - Set Meals

D’Life Menu Singapore – Chef Recommendations

Yam Ring16.80 SGD
Thai Style Curry Hot Pot14.30 SGD
Hotplate Brinjal11.30 SGD
Hometown Vinegar Stew12.30 SGD
Four Heavenly Kings12.30 SGD
Signature Assam Fish16.80 SGD
Broccoli Hericium12.30 SGD
D’Life Menu Singapore - Chef Recommendations

Hot Plate Set Meal

Hotplate Sambal Baked Fish With Rice11.30 SGD
Hotplate Hot Sauce Tofu With Rice11.30 SGD
Hotplate Sambal Petai With Rice11.30 SGD
Hotplate Beef Fillet With Rice11.30 SGD
Hot Plate Set Meal (D’Life)

D’Life SG Menu – Western Selections

Aglio Olio10.00 SGD
Tomato Spaghetti10.00 SGD
Cream Spaghetti11.30 SGD
Mushroom Soup5.80 SGD
Pizza Margherita14.30 SGD
Mixed Mushroom Pizza14.30 SGD
Hawaiian Pizza14.30 SGD
D’Life SG Menu - Western Selections

D’Life Prices – Snacks

Thai Fishcake9.30 SGD
Five Spices Roll8.30 SGD
Nugget (8 Pieces)8.30 SGD
Fruits Rojak7.30 SGD
Satay (4 Pieces)7.30 SGD
French Fries5.30 SGD
Mushroom Salad With Sesame Sauce6.30 SGD
D’Life Prices - Snacks

D’Life Menu – Fried Rice

Signature Fried Rice10.10 SGD
Roasted Chicken Rice6.30 SGD
Simple Fried Rice6.30 SGD
Olive Fried Rice7.30 SGD
Signature Nasi Lemak6.30 SGD
Seaweed Curry Rice5.80 SGD
Vege Mui Fan5.80 SGD
Pineapple Fried Rice9.00 SGD
Sambal Petai Fried Rice10.10 SGD
White Rice1.00 SGD
Brown Rice1.50 SGD
Fragrant Rice1.50 SGD
Cedar Shoot Fried Rice7.30 SGD
Top up Sunny Egg1.20 SGD
D’Life Menu - Fried Rice

D’Life Noodle Dishes

Ginger & Egg Mee Sua Soup7.80 SGD
Chilli Ban Mian / U-mian7.10 SGD
Ban Mian / U-mian Soup7.10 SGD
Claypot Noodle7.10 SGD
KL Noodle6.80 SGD
Mee Goreng6.80 SGD
Satay Bee Hoon7.10 SGD
Dumpling Noodle7.10 SGD
Fish Slice Vermicelli5.80 SGD
Bee Hoon Soup5.80 SGD
Cantonese Style Noodle6.30 SGD
Horfun5.30 SGD
Hokkien Mee5.20 SGD
Laksa5.30 SGD
Assam Laksa7.30 SGD
Mee Sua Soup5.80 SGD
D’Life Noodle Dishes

D’Life Vegetables Prices

DishesPrice in S$
Herbal Amaranth W Mushrooms12.30 SGD
Broccoli & Fish Maw Claypot14.30 SGD
Black Bean Sauce Bitter Gourd10.30 SGD
Broccoli with Mushrooms12.30 SGD
Sambal Okra 10.30 SGD
Spinach W Mushrooms12.30 SGD
Stir Fry Kailan10.00 SGD
Belacan Kangkong10.00 SGD
Stir Fry Lettuce10.00 SGD
Claypot Cabbage10.30 SGD
Sweet Potato Leaf (Spicy/Sauteed)10.00 SGD
Claypot Brinjal10.30 SGD
D’Life Vegetables Prices

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D’Life Singapore Menu – Soup

Signature Claypot Fish Soup 12.30 SGD
Ginger Egg Soup 8.30 SGD
Tom Yam Soup6.30 SGD
Dumpling soup7.30 SGD
Seaweed Soup6.30 SGD
Mixed Vegetable Soup6.30 SGD
Daily Boiled Soup6.30 SGD
Bak Kut Teh11.30 SGD
D’Life Singapore Menu - Soup

Textured Protein

Rendang Curry11.30 SGD
Spicy Popcorn Chicken12.30 SGD
Sambal Petai Fish13.30 SGD
Homemade Marmite Pork Rib12.30 SGD
Hotplate Fish12.30 SGD
Nonya Fish12.30 SGD
Fragrant Spicy Fish12.30 SGD
Sambal Fish10.30 SGD
Ginger & Sesame Oil Cod Fish12.30 SGD
Steamed Cod Fish W Bitter Gourd12.30 SGD
Creamy Prawn13.30 SGD
Cereal Prawn12.30 SGD
Curry Mutton10.30 SGD
Kung Po Chicken Cube10.30 SGD
Fragrant Sesame Oil Chicken Cube10.30 SGD
Honey Chicken12.30 SGD
Salad Prawn10.30 SGD
Textured Protein

D’Life SG Menu – Egg Omelette

Fu Rong Omelette7.30 SGD
Bitter Gourd Omelette8.30 SGD
Cai Por Omelette7.30 SGD
Tomato Scrambled Egg8.30 SGD
D’Life SG Menu - Egg Omelette

D’Life Prices – Tofu

Sambal Petai Tofu12.30 SGD
Cereal Tofu10.00 SGD
Three Cups Sauce Tofu11.30 SGD
Spicy Sauce Tofu10.30 SGD
Claypot Tofu10.30 SGD
Hometown Steamed Tofu9.30 SGD
Sizzling Hotplate Tofu10.30 SGD
Cai Por Tofu11.30 SGD
D’Life Prices - Tofu

D’Life Mushrooms

Sesame Oil Hericium12.30 SGD
Sweet Sour Hericium12.30 SGD
Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushroom12.30 SGD
Kung Po Hericium12.30 SGD
Creamy Abalone Mushroom12.30 SGD
Cereal Abalone Mushroom12.30 SGD
Creamy Delish Hericium12.30 SGD
D’Life Mushrooms

Beverage – HomeMade

Lemongrass Ginger2.80 SGD
Luo Han Guo2.40 SGD
Beverage - HomeMade Menu

D’Life Beverages Menu

Coffee1.80 SGD
Milk Tea1.80 SGD
Coffee-C / Tea-C 2.00 SGD
Coffee-O / Tea-O1.70 SGD
Yuan Yang2.00 SGD
Milo2.10 SGD
Lemon Tea3.10 SGD
Chrysanthemum Tea2.30 SGD
Golden Plum2.40 SGD
Almond tea2.40 SGD
Chinese Tea / Green Tea2.00 SGD
Blackcurrant Sprite3.80 SGD
Cans Drink0.20 SGD
Coke Lemon3.80 SGD
Root Beer Float / Sprite Float4.70 SGD
Cold Water0.50 SGD
Warm Water0.30 SGD
D’Life Beverages Menu

D’Life Beverage – Honey Concoctions

DishesPrice in S$
Honey Passion Fruit3.80 SGD
Honey Lemon3.80 SGD
Honey Calamansi3.80 SGD
Honey Yuzu3.80 SGD
Honey With Chia seeds3.80 SGD
Aiyu Ice Jelly with Chia Seeds 4.30 SGD
Chrysanthemum Tea (Pot)10.00 SGD
Fruit Tea10.30 SGD
D’Life Beverage - Honey Concoctions

D’Life Menu Singapore – Premium Tea Range

Golden Green Tea3.80 SGD
Dian Zang Black Tea3.80 SGD
Pearls Black Tea / Green Tea4.10 SGD
Plum Black Tea / Green Tea4.10 SGD
Passion Black Tea / Green Tea4.10 SGD
D’Life Menu Singapore - Premium Tea Range

Milk Tea Range

Pearls Milk Tea 4.10 SGD
Honey Milk Tea4.60 SGD
Grass Jelly Milk Tea4.60 SGD
Caramel Milk Tea4.60 SGD
Taro Milk Tea 4.60 SGD
Ice Cream Milk Tea5.10 SGD
Brown Sugar Pearl M.T4.60 SGD
Honeydew Pearl M.T5.10 SGD
Mocha Pearl M.T5.10 SGD
Milk Tea Range Menu

D’Life Prices – Fruit Juice

Honey Aloe Vera Juice4.30 SGD
Plum Lemon Juice4.30 SGD
Lychee Jelly Juice4.30 SGD
Grape Ai Yu Juice4.30 SGD
Honey Peach5.30 SGD
Lemon Aloe Vera Juice4.80 SGD
Strawberry Yogurt 4.80 SGD
Mango Yogurt4.80 SGD
D’Life Prices - Fruit Juice

Ice Blended

Vanilla Ice Drink4.60 SGD
Mango Ice Drink4.60 SGD
Coffee Mocha Ice Drink4.60 SGD
Passion Fruit Ice Drink4.60 SGD
Chocolate Ice Drink4.60 SGD
Ice Blended Menu

Is D’Life Halal?

No, D’Life is not a halal-certified restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

D’life is a vegetarian restaurant that offers a lot of Western, Indian, and Chinese Dishes. They are famous because of their pocket-friendly prices, delicious dishes, and fresh ingredients.

Following are the popular dishes at D’Life Singapore:

  • Vegetarian Pizza
  • Vegetarian Curry
  • Roti Prata
  • Sizzling Hotplate Tofu
  • Vegetarian Fried Rice
  • Assam Laksa

The main course at D’Life costs about $10 – 20, but it depends upon the type of dish you want to order.

They have 6 Outlets all over Singapore. You can place your order on different platforms like Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

Yes, D’life Singapore offers a variety of gluten-free dishes. You can find it on the menu.

All the dishes served at D’Life are vegetarian or vegan because they don’t serve meat or animal products.

Yes, you can find a variety of kid-friendly dishes at D’Life Singapore. So, if you are looking for kid’s food then D’Life is the best choice.

D’Life Outlets & Opening Hours in Singapore

Following are the 6 outlets locations of D’Life In Singapore along with their opening hours:

D’Life Chinatown Point

Location: 133 New Bridge Road, #02-37, Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 AM – 9:30 PM)

D’Life Chun Tin

Location: 6 Chun Tin Road Singapore 640428

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (100:00 AM -10:00 PM)

D’Life Jurong West

Location: 428 Jurong West Ave 1, #01-256/ #02-256 Singapore 640428

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 10:00 PM)

D’Life Orchard Gateway

Location: 277 Orchard Road, #B2-04A/05, Orchard Gateway Singapore 238858

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 AM – 9:30 PM)

D’Life Square 2

Location: 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-105/105/129, Square 2 Singapore 307506

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

D’Life Tampines Mall

Location: 600 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-05

Singapore 319515

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

Additional Information

Restaurant NameD’Life SG
Cuisine TypeAsian >> Asian Fusion
Delivery OptionsFoodPanda, Deliveroo
Official Websitehttps://dlifesignature.zzv.sg/
Social MediaFacebook | Instagram
Phone+65 6909 9525

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