East Bistro Menu Singapore Updated Price 2024

We all know that Chinese food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical Chinese food, East Bistro Singapore is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full East Bistro Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

East Bistro Menu 2023

We can categorize the East Bistro Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Dim Sum
  • Appetizers
  • House Specialities
  • Pao-Fan
  • Seafood Specials
  • Organic “Dou Miao”
  • Vegetables
  • Soup
  • Desserts

Now we will see the complete detail of the East Bistro Singapore Menu here below:

East Bistro Dim Sum Menu

“Mushroom” Char Siew Bao (2 Pieces)5.20 SGD
Beijing-style dumpling (4 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Crispy Char Siew Bao (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Deep fried shrimp dumpling (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Egg tarts (2 Pieces)5.50 SGD
Egg yolk custard bun (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Fried beancurd skin shrimp roll (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Har Gow (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Lor Mai Gai6.50 SGD
Pan fried carrot cake (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Sichuan-style wontons in chilli sauce5.80 SGD
Siew Mai (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Steamed cheong fun with char siew6.20 SGD
Steamed cheong fun with prawn6.20 SGD
Steamed chicken feet5.80 SGD
Steamed pork ribs5.80 SGD
Steamed sponge cake5.80 SGD
Xiao Long Bao (3 Pieces)5.80 SGD

East Bistro Singapore Appetizers Menu

Black fungus salad7.50 SGD
Braised pig’s trotters in black vinegar11.00 SGD
Crispy eggplant with salted egg10.50 SGD
Crispy fried fish skin with salted egg yolk10.50 SGD
Deep fried prawns with mayonnaise11.00 SGD
Deep-fried silver bait fish11.00 SGD
Garlic fried pork ribs13.00 SGD
Poached chicken in chili oil8.50 SGD
Wine-poached chicken8.50 SGD
East Bistro Menu Singapore

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East Bistro Menu – House Specialties

3 Cup Chicken19.80 SGD
Braised eggplant with minced pork and salted fish17.80 SGD
Braised oxtail30.80 SGD
Braised sea cucumber and homemade tofu31.80 SGD
Braised tofu with seafood21.80 SGD
Cereal prawns35.80 SGD
Deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk sauce21.80 SGD
Fried fish fillet with mango sauce17.80 SGD
Fried Stuffed Eggplant, Tofu, & Chili Pepper19.80 SGD
Hakka braised pork belly and yam23.80 SGD
Har Cheong Gai – fried chicken wings with prawn paste17.80 SGD
Home Made Tofu W Roasted Pork – HK Style19.80 SGD
Homemade tofu with minced pork17.80 SGD
Pork ribs in Mongolian sauce15.80 SGD
Salt-baked chicken23.80 SGD
Sichuan claypot chicken19.80 SGD
Stewed pork knuckle with black pepper33.80 SGD
Stir fried fish slices with ginger and scallion17.80 SGD
Stir-fried Ginger & Scallions with “Angus Beef”30.00 SGD
Sweet and sour pork17.80 SGD
Sweet and sour pork on ice21.80 SGD
Traditional HK-style braised goose33.80 SGD
Wok-fried omelet with silver bait fish17.80 SGD

East Bistro Singapore Menu – Pao-Fan

Poached rice with whole crab in superior stock88.00 SGD
Crispy Rice w Prawn & Clams in Superior Soup59.80 SGD
Crispy Rice w Clams in Superior Soup39.80 SGD

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East Bistro Seafood Specials Menu Price

Stir fried clams in black bean sauce20.00 SGD
Salt-baked garoupa slices with ginger and garlic39.80 SGD
Salt Baked Crab88.00 SGD
Lobster braised ee fu noodles98.00 SGD
Large soon hock fish steamed with garlic88.00 SGD
Chili crab88.00 SGD
Black pepper crab – 800 g 88.00 SGD

East Bistro Singapore Organic “Dou Miao” Menu Price

Organic Dou Miao w Beancurd20.00 SGD
Stir Fried Organic Dou Miao with Garlic17.00 SGD

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East Bistro Menu Price – Vegetables

3-egg spinach15.80 SGD
Dry-fried string beans with minced pork15.80 SGD
Fried QingLongCai with salted fish & bean sprout15.80 SGD
Garlic stir-fried HK Gai Lan15.80 SGD
Garlic stir-fried Milky White15.80 SGD
Poached Nai Bai and beancurd in superior chicken broth19.80 SGD
Sambal Kang Kong14.80 SGD

East Bistro Singapore Menu Price – Soup

Eight treasures soup in whole winter melon49.00 SGD
Double-boiled chicken soup with cordyceps flower16.80 SGD

East Bistro Desserts Price

Red Dates Pudding5.80 SGD
Double-boiled milk custard in whole coconut13.80 SGD

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Is East Bistro Singapore Halal Restaurant?

East Bistro Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant as they serve pork.  

East Bistro Singapore Outlets Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information

Jalan Tampang

10 Jln Tampang, Singapore 758954

Opening Hours:

Friday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Saturday 9 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Sunday 9 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Monday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Tuesday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Wednesday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Thursday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Phone: +65 6752 4844


1 Maju Ave, #02-01 MyVillage, Singapore 556679

Opening Hours:

Friday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Saturday 10 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Sunday 10 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Monday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Tuesday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Wednesday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Thursday 11 AM To 3 PM, 5 To 10 PM

Phone: 65 6634 2998

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