Ginza Anzu Menu Singapore Latest Prices 2023

Are you looking to eat Japanese food? If yes, look no further than Ginza Anzu Singapore Menu, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Ginza Anzu Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Ginza Anzu Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Ginza Anzu Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Set Meal
  • Sandwich
  • Platter
  • A La Carte
Ginza Anzu Menu Singapore List
Ginza Anzu Menu Singapore Price

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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Ginza Anzu Set Meal Menu

Anzu Set31.03 SGD
Cheese-in Pork Loin Katsu Set28.89 SGD
Chicken Katsu Set22.47 SGD
Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Shrimp) & Pork Fillet Katsu Set34.24 SGD
Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Shrimp) Set37.45 SGD
Ebi Katsu (Chopped Shrimp Katsu) Set27.82 SGD
Ginger Sauce With Thick Pork Loin Steak28.98 SGD
Ginjo Pork Fatty Loin Katsu Set (250 Grams)44.94 SGD
Ginjo Pork Fillet Katsu Set (160 Grams)37.45 SGD
Ginjo Pork Loin Katsu Set (150 Grams)35.31 SGD
MENCHI Katsu (Chopped Pork Katsu) Set22.47 SGD
Pork Fillet Katsu & Cabbage Rolls Katsu Set28.89 SGD
Pork Fillet Katsu Set26.75 SGD
Pork Loin Katsu & Cabbage Rolls Katsu Set26.75 SGD
Pork Loin Katsu Set24.61 SGD
Pork Loin Katsu with Grated Radish & Green Onion Set26.75 SGD
Salmon Katsu Set31.03 SGD
Thick Pork Loin Katsu Set (220 Grams)28.89 SGD

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Ginza Anzu Singapore Sandwich Menu

Fillet Katsu Sandwich14.12 SGD
Chopped Shrimp Katsu Sandwich16.59 SGD

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Ginza Anzu Menu – Platter

Hana (for 3 To 4 Persons)80.25 SGD
Miyabi (for 5 To 6 Persons)115.56 SGD
Rei (for 7 To 8 Persons)149.80 SGD

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Ginza Anzu Singapore Menu – A La Carte

White Rice3.14 SGD
Pork Loin Katsu7.49 SGD
Pork Fillet Katsu7.49 SGD
MENCHI Katsu6.42 SGD
Ebi Fry9.63 SGD
Deep Fried Scallop9.63 SGD
Chopped Shrimp Katsu7.49 SGD
Cabbage Roll Katsu6.42 SGD
Brown Rice3.14 SGD

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Is Ginza Anzu Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Ginza Anzu Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims cannot go there as they serve pork.  

Ginza Anzu Singapore Location & Opening Hours


1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-113/114, Singapore 237994

Opening Hours: 

Monday To Sunday, 11:00 AM To 9:30 PM

Phone: +65 8653 1198

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