Hawkerman Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2024

Hello, Singaporean food lovers. Do you want to eat tasty seafood and meat at a reasonable price? If yes, the Hawkerman Singapore Menu is the right place to taste your favorite dishes. Hawkerman Singapore Menu serves various dishes in a clean, friendly, and hygienic environment, so you will find something special here. To learn more about Hawkerman Singapore Menu, keep scrolling.

Hawkerman Menu 2023

We can say that the Hawkerman Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Pasta Bento
  • Fried Rice Bento
  • Coco Bento
  • Crossover
  • TenderFish – Signature Crispy Fried Spring Chicken
  • Western Delight
  • Asian Fusion Pasta
  • Fish N Chips
  • Delicious Rice Selections
  • Makcik Sedap Lemak
  • Hokkien Mee
  • Sides N Bites
  • Sides N Bites
  • Beverages
  • Designer Mocktails

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

Hawkerman Pasta Bento Menu

Hawkerman Menu Singapor Price
Sambal Cherry Snapper Aglio Olio Bento12.90 SGD
Sambal Ayam Aglio Olio Bento10.90 SGD
Honey-Glazed Roasted Chicken Wings Aglio Olio Bento9.90 SGD
Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio Bento10.90 SGD
Crispy Chicken Wings Aglio Olio Bento9.90 SGD
Chilli Crab Styled Seafood Aglio Olio Bento13.90 SGD
Cheesy PoPieceorn Chicken Bolognese12.90 SGD
Cheesy PoPieceorn Chicken Aglio Olio Bento12.90 SGD

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Hawkerman Singapore Fried Rice Bento Menu

Cheesy PoPieceorn Ayam Fried Rice Bento12.90 SGD
Crispy Wings Fried Rice Bento9.90 SGD
Grilled Sambal Cherry Snapper Fried Rice Bento12.90 SGD
Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice
Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Signature Coleslaw, Soy Lava Egg
9.90 SGD
Honey-Glazed Roasted Wings Fried Rice Bento
Served with Egg Fried Rice, Soy Lava Egg, and Signature Coleslaw.
9.90 SGD
Mala Mayo Fish Fried Rice
Mala Mayo Breaded Fish, Egg Fried Rice, Signature Coleslaw, Soy Lava Egg
9.90 SGD
Sambal Ayam Egg Fried Rice
Sambal Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Signature Coleslaw, Soy Lava Egg
9.90 SGD
Spicy Sawadee Fish Fried Rice
Spicy & Sour Thai Chili Poached Fish, Egg Fried Rice, Signature Coleslaw, Soy Lava Egg
9.90 SGD

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Hawkerman Menu – Coco Bento

Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Sedap Lemak Bento9.90 SGD
Sambal Ayam Sedap Lemak Bento9.90 SGD
Spicy Sawadee Feeesh Sedap Lemak Bento9.90 SGD

Hawkerman Singapore Menu – Crossover

Hawker-inspired bowl meal, mix up with succulent teriyaki karaage, poached egg, rainbow filling, bean sprouts, kimslaw & Fish leek on a bed of fragrant rice
8.90 SGD
Hawkerman Seafood Lor Mee
The rickshaw siders’ go-to meal in the past, the noodles are simmered in prawn broth and the essence extracted from our rainbow filling, with a hearty serving of prawns, Lala, tau pok & loads of vegetables
9.90 SGD
Yuan Yang Carrot Cake
Carbonara-styled carrot cake with Turkey bacon & XO sauce carrot cake
6.90 SGD

Hawkerman TenderFish – Signature Crispy Fried Spring Chicken Menu Price

Hawkerman Menu Singapor
Crispy Fried Half Spring Chicken Rice
Served with fragrant rice & coleslaw
11.50 SGD
Family Plate
9 Pieces | Combo is served with coleslaw and fries
26.90 SGD
Half Fried Spring Chicken
Served with fries & coleslaw
11.50 SGD
Happiness Plate
3 Pieces | Served with fries & coleslaw
11.40 SGD
Lucky Plate
2 Pieces | Served with fries & coleslaw
8.40 SGD
T9. Crispy Fish Broiler
1 Piece
3.20 SGD
Tender Plate
5 Pieces | Combo is served with coleslaw and fries
14.90 SGD
Whole Fried Spring Chicken
Served with fries, salad & coleslaw
19.50 SGD

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Hawkerman Singapore Western Delight Menu Price

Hawkerman Menu Price List
Old School Hainanese Sizzling Chicken Chop
Bringing back the old-school western food experience with the sizzling awesomeness
9.90 SGD
Crispy Chicken Cutlet
Served with crispy fries, signature coleslaw, and garlic bread
9.90 SGD
Crispy Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce
Most popular
12.90 SGD

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Hawkerman Menu Price – Asian Fusion Pasta

Udang Kering Vongole10.40 SGD
Tom Yam Leg Aglio Olio12.40 SGD
Laksa Seafood Spaghetti13.40 SGD
Grilled Cherry Snapper Aglio Olio11.90 SGD
Fried Chicken Chop with Salted Egg Spaghetti11.40 SGD
Crispy Skin Chicken Chop Aglio Olio10.90 SGD
Crispy Half Spring Chicken Aglio Olio13.40 SGD
Chili Crab Pasta11.40 SGD
Chicken Bolognese7.40 SGD
Black Pepper Crab Pasta11.40 SGD

Hawkerman Fish N Chips

Cheesy Country Mushroom4.90 SGD
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings4.50 SGD
Crispy Thai Chicken Skin4.90 SGD
Double Fish Mini Platter11.90 SGD
Double Yolk Chicken7.90 SGD
Fish and Chips10.90 SGD
Mala Popcorn Chicken5.90 SGD
Onion Rings4.90 SGD
Roasted Chicken Wings4.50 SGD
Salted Egg Wings8.90 SGD
Sambal Grilled Fish10.90 SGD
Spicy Sawadee Baked Fish10.90 SGD

Hawkerman Singapore Delicious Rice Selections Price

Battered Fish Nugget Rice9.90 SGD
Chicken Chop Rice9.90 SGD
Chicken Cutlet Rice9.90 SGD
Crispy Wing Rice7.90 SGD
Fragrant Rice2.90 SGD
Lava Egg1.50 SGD
Mala Fish Nugget Rice9.90 SGD
Roasted Wing Rice7.90 SGD

Hawkerman Makcik Sedap Lemak Menu

Sedap Lemak Rice2.90 SGD
Tom Yam Boomerang Sedap Lemak10.90 SGD

Hawkerman Singapore Hokkienm Mee Menu

Spicy X.O Hokkien Mee13.40 SGD
La La Hokkien Mee10.40 SGD
Hokkien Chick8.90 SGD
Chop Chop Hokkien Mee10.40 SGD

Hawkerman Menu – Sides N Bites

Hawkerman Menu Singapor List
Teriyaki Fries4.90 SGD
Fries with Meat Sauce and Egg6.90 SGD
Fries with Cheese and Meat Sauce5.90 SGD
Chicken Floss Fries4.90 SGD

Hawkerman Singapore Menu – Sides N Bites

Signature Coleslaw3.90 SGD
Grilled Chicken Salad with Mustard Mayo7.90 SGD
Cream of Mushroom with Garlic Bread3.30 SGD
Cajun Chicken Salad7.90 SGD

Hawkerman Beverages Menu Price

Bandung2.00 SGD
Bandung Gula Melaka4.90 SGD
Bottled Water1.50 SGD
Canned Drinks2.00 SGD
Chocolate3.50 SGD
Coco Bandung2.50 SGD
Fake Bird Nest Drink2.00 SGD
Honey Lemon2.00 SGD
Kopi1.50 SGD
Kopi C1.70 SGD
Kopi O1.40 SGD
Lemon Juice2.00 SGD
Luo Han Guo Drink2.00 SGD
Rose Water2.00 SGD
Teh1.50 SGD
Teh C1.70 SGD
Teh O1.40 SGD
Yuan Yang1.60 SGD
Yuan Yang C1.70 SGD

Hawkerman Singapore Designer Mocktails Menu Price

Blue Curacao with Passionfruit & White Chrysanthemum Tea4.90 SGD
Blue Lagoon with Mountain Dew4.90 SGD
Blue Ocean4.90 SGD
Cucumber with Green Tea4.90 SGD
Kiwi with Oolong Tea4.90 SGD
Lavender with White Chrysanthemum4.90 SGD
Mountain Dew4.90 SGD
Passion Fruit Peach Tea with Honey Lemon4.90 SGD
Passion Fruit with Iced Lemon Tea4.90 SGD
Watermelon with Sparkling Apple4.90 SGD

Is Hawkerman Singapore Halal?

Yes, Hawkerman Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant as they do not serve pork and alcoholic drinks.

Hawkerman Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Number


12 Haig Rd, Singapore 430012

Opening Hours: 

Monday To Sunday 8:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Phone: +65 8110 5218

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