Kampong Glam Cafe Menu Singapore Updated 2024

Hello, Indonesian food lovers. Do you want to eat tasty seafood and meat at a reasonable price? Then Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu is the right place to taste your favorite dishes. Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu serves various dishes in a clean, friendly, and hygienic environment, so you will find something special here. To learn more about the Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu, keep scrolling.

Kampong Glam Cafe Menu 2024

We can say that the Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • In House Favourites
  • Rice
  • Mee / Mee Hoon / Kuey Teow
  • Mee Hoon
  • Kuey Teow
  • Western Dishes
  • Iced Beverages
  • Cinno Mania
  • Beverages
Kampong Glam Cafe Menu Singapore List
Kampong Glam Cafe Menu Singapore  Price

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

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Kampong Glam Cafe In-House Favourites Menu

Tahu Goreng5.80 SGD
Soto Ayam5.80 SGD
Roti Kirai6.50 SGD
Nasi Lemak5.80 SGD
Mee Siam5.80 SGD
Mee Rebus5.80 SGD
Mee Hoon Soto Ayam5.80 SGD
Lontong5.80 SGD
Kacang Pool5.80 SGD
Gado-Gado5.80 SGD

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Rice Menu

Muifan7.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ayam7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Cina7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Daging7.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin7.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Kerang8.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Paprik8.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Seafood7.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Vegetarian7.00 SGD
Nasi Putih Daging Merah8.50 SGD

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Kampong Glam Cafe Menu – Mee / Mee Hoon / Kueh Teow

Mee Bandung8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Ayam7.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Daging8.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Kerang8.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Pattaya8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Seafood7.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Vegetarian7.00 SGD
Mee Hailam8.50 SGD
Mee Hong Kong8.50 SGD
Mee Hor Fun Ayam8.50 SGD
Mee Hor Fun Daging8.50 SGD
Mee Hor Fun Seafood8.50 SGD
Mee Maggi Goreng7.00 SGD
Mee Maggi Goreng Daging7.50 SGD
Mee Maggi Goreng Kerang7.50 SGD
Mee Maggi Goreng Seafood7.00 SGD
Mee Ratna8.00 SGD
Mee Soup8.50 SGD
Mee Tomyam8.00 SGD

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu – Mee Hoon

Mee Hoon Tomyam8.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Soup8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Ratna8.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Hor Fun Seafood8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Hor Fun Daging8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Hor Fun Ayam8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Hong Kong8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Hailam8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Vegetarian7.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Seafood7.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Pattaya8.50 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Kerang8.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Daging8.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Goreng Ayam7.00 SGD
Mee Hoon Bandung8.50 SGD

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Kampong Glam Cafe Kuey Teow Menu

Kuey Teow Tomyam8.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Soup8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Ratna8.00 SGD
ItemsKuey Teow Maggi Goreng Kerang7.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Maggi Goreng Daging7.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Maggi Goreng7.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Hor Fun Seafood8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Hor Fun Daging8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Hor Fun Ayam8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Hong Kong8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Hailam8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Vegetarian7.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Seafood7.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Pattaya8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Kerang8.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Daging8.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Ayam7.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Bandung8.50 SGD

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Western Dishes

Wedges6.00 SGD
Roti John7.00 SGD
French Fries5.50 SGD
Fish & Chips9.00 SGD
Chicken Nuggets6.00 SGD
Chicken Drumlets6.00 SGD
Chicken Cutlet9.00 SGD
Chicken Chop9.00 SGD
Cheese Fries5.50 SGD
Calamari Rings6.00 SGD

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Kampong Glam Cafe Menu Price – Iced Beverages

Bandung Drink2.50 SGD
Bandung Soda3.00 SGD
Guava Juice3.00 SGD
Kathirah2.50 SGD
Lime Blue Cola3.00 SGD
Lime Syrup2.50 SGD
Longan Fruit Drink2.50 SGD
Lychee Fruit Drink2.50 SGD
Mango Juice3.00 SGD
Milo Dino3.00 SGD
Soda Lime3.00 SGD
Syrup Lychee3.00 SGD
Teh O Lychee3.00 SGD

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu – Cinno Mania

Horlicks Cinno2.50 SGD
Kopi Cinno2.50 SGD
Milo Cinno2.50 SGD
Nescafe Cinno2.50 SGD
Neslo Cinno2.50 SGD
Teh Cinno2.50 SGD

Kampong Glam Cafe Beverages Price

Halia O2.00 SGD
Halia Susu2.20 SGD
Horlicks2.20 SGD
Horlicks C2.20 SGD
Horlicks Halia2.20 SGD
Horlicks O2.20 SGD
Kopi2.20 SGD
Kopi C2.20 SGD
Kopi Halia2.20 SGD
Kopi O1.80 SGD
Limau2.20 SGD
Milo2.20 SGD
Milo C2.20 SGD
Milo O1.80 SGD
Nescafe2.20 SGD
Nescafe C2.20 SGD
Nescafe Halia2.20 SGD
Nescafe O2.00 SGD
Neslo2.20 SGD
Teh C2.20 SGD
Teh Halia2.20 SGD
Teh O1.80 SGD
Teh O Halia2.20 SGD
Teh O Limau2.00 SGD
Teh Tarik2.00 SGD

Is Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there.

Kampong Glam Cafe Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Number


17 Bussorah St, Singapore 199438

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday To Sunday, 8:00 AM To 2:00 AM

Monday Off

Phone: +65 6445 1619

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