Kith Cafe Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2023

We all know that Brazilian food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical Brazilian food, Kith Cafe Singapore Menu is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full Kith Cafe Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Kith Cafe Menu 2023

We can categorize the Kith Cafe Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Brunch
  • Salad
  • Starter
  • Sandwich
  • Mains
  • Prata
  • Pizza (9″)
  • Pastry
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
Kith Cafe Menu Singapore List

Now we will see the complete detail of the Kith Cafe Singapore Menu here below:

Kith Cafe Brunch Menu

Toast & Eggs
Choice of Bread & 2 Eggs with add ons
8.95 SGD
Poached Eggs & Avocado
Crushed avocado, roma tomatoes, kale walnut pesto, poached eggs and sourdough.
20.95 SGD
Pancakes (V)
Pancakes, poached pear, mixed berries, honey, cream cheese, maple butter sauce.
17.95 SGD
Muesli (V)
Toasted muesli, fresh strawberries, vanilla yogurt.
8.95 SGD
Kith Breakfast
Choice of toast, choice of eggs, smoked bratwurst, crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes, rosemary garlic mushrooms and mixed greens.
24.95 SGD
Grilled Sandwich (Toastie)
Turkey ham with cheddar or Bacon, eggs with cheddar or BBQ Mushroom with cheddar.
13.95 SGD
Green Bowl
Kale, Spinach, Smoked Salmon, Cherry Tomato, Avocado, Quinoa, Kale Pesto, Poached Eggs and Sourdough
20.95 SGD
Chicken Tortilla
Cajun Chicken, Cheddar, Capsicum, Onion, Nacho, Citrus Mayo served with Mixed Greens
14.95 SGD
Better Than Benny
House Cheese Sauce, Brioche Bun, Baby Spinach, Tomato, Poached Eggs
19.95 SGD
BBQ Mushroom Tortilla
Mixed Mushroom, Cheddar, Mozzarella, BBQ Sauce, Tomato served with Mixed Greens
14.95 SGD
Bacon Wrap
Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, guacamole and tortilla wrap.
19.95 SGD
Acai Bowl
100% Pure Acai Berry, Banana, Toasted Coconut shavings, Muesli, Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, Green Apple
15.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Singapore Salad Menu

Kith Super Salad
Crunchy Greens, Kale, Walnut, Cucumber, Roma Tomatoes, Quinoa, Sundried Tomatoes, Feta, Roasted Garlic, Tahini Dressing
18.95 SGD
Salmon & Avocado Salad
Cajun Marinated Salmon Cubes, Avocado, Romaine Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomato, Pomegranate, Roasted Sesame Dressing
17.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Menu – Starter

Kith Volcanic Wings
3pc of House made crispy chicken wings with hot and spicy sauce.
13.95 SGD
Mushroom Soup
Mixed Mushroom Soup with Baby spinach
9.95 SGD
Pumpkin Soup (V)
Roasted pumpkin puree soup, baby spinach
9.95 SGD
Truffle Fries
Straight cut fries, herbs, grated parmesan, truffle oil.
14.95 SGD

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Kith Cafe Singapore Menu – Sandwich

Marinated chicken, Japanese cucumber, tomatoes, greens, yogurt mayo and sourdough
17.95 SGD
Double Cheeseburger
Double Beef Patty, Cheddar, Tomato, Lettuce, Sauteed Onion Rings, Gherkins, Chilli Mustard Pink Mayo, Brioche Bun
20.95 SGD
Kith Club
Cajun chicken, crispy bacon, tomato, eggs, cheddar, pesto, cucumber, lettuce and wholemeal bread.
21.95 SGD
Tuna Coleslaw
Italian white tuna, Japanese mayo, honey mustard, capers, pickled coleslaw, cheddar, tomato and multigrain.
17.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Mains Menu

Chicken Parmigiana
Breaded Chicken Breast with Tomato, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Kale Salad, Pesto, Crispy Winders
26.95 SGD
Fish & Chips
Breaded mackerel fish, truffle fries, mixed greens, malt vinegar, citrus mayo.
24.95 SGD
Kith Black Curry
Chicken curry, mixed green salad, poached egg, saffron rice in banana leaf.
19.95 SGD
Ribeye Steak
Grilled rib-eye, rosemary red wine reduction, wild rocket salad, shaved parmesan & crispy potato windersGrilled rib-eye, rosemary red wine reduction, wild rocket salad, shaved parmesan & crispy potato winders
34.95 SGD
Salmon Steak
Pan Roasted Salmon Steak, Balsamic Reduction, Baby Spinach, Avocado Cilantro Tomato Salsa, Pesto, Pumpkin Mash
28.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Singapore Prata Menu

Vongole (Spicy)
Linguine, clams, garlic, chili and white wine.
22.95 SGD
Ravioli (V)
House-made ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta, parmesan, tomato-cream sauce.
19.95 SGD
Penne, chicken, cream, baby spinach, parmesan, avocado guacamole
18.95 SGD
No Carb Impossible Lasagne (V)
Baked Eggplant Layers, Impossible Bolognese, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Béchamel, Herbs
22.95 SGD
Granchio (Spicy)
Linguine, crab meat, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili and kaffir lime.
25.95 SGD
Linguine, Prawns, Garlic, Chilli, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Roasted Capsicum, Black Olive, touch of Cream, Parmesan
22.95 SGD
Spaghetti, crispy bacon, egg yolk, cream, parmesan and black pepper.
19.95 SGD
Spaghetti, minced beef, tomato, red wine and parmesan.
19.95 SGD
Aglio Olio (Vegetarian Options)
Spaghetti, garlic, chili, sun dried tomatoes, basil, Italian parsley.
15.95 SGD

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Kith Cafe Menu Price – Pizza (9”) 

Truffle Mushroom (V)
Mixed mushrooms, truffle oil, mozzarella, mascarpone and baby spinach.
17.95 SGD
Pepperoni (Spicy)
Salami, tomato, mozzarella, fresh chilli, crispy garlic and rosemary oil.
16.95 SGD
Margherita (V)
Tomato, mozzarella and cheddar.
13.95 SGD
Tomato, Mozzarella, Honey Baked Ham, Pineapple
16.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Singapore Menu Price – Pastry

Mixed Berry Crumble Muffin3.95 SGD
Mini Magical Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie Plastic Jar26.95 SGD
Mini Magical Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie Pack6.95 SGD
Mini Cornflake Cookie Plastic Jar20.95 SGD
Mini Cornflake Cookie Pack4.95 SGD
Lemon Yoghurt Blueberry Pound Cake4.95 SGD
Lemon Yoghurt Blueberry Pound Cake Loaf18.95 SGD
Croissant3.95 SGD
Cranberry Scone3.95 SGD
Chocolate Roll3.95 SGD
Chocolate Muffin3.95 SGD
Chocolate Banana Tahini Loaf23.95 SGD
Banana Chocolate Tahini4.95 SGD
Banana Bread4.95 SGD
Banana Bread Loaf18.95 SGD

Kith Cafe Desserts Menu

Mango Calamansi Slice
Tangy mango layer with crunchy biscuit base and white chocolate shavings for the perfect mouthful of cake.
8.95 SGD
Pandan Gula Melaka Slice
Inspired by local flavors, a fragrant pandan sponge with gula melaka topped off with shredded coconut.
7.95 SGD
Raspberry Cheesecake Slice
Keep it simple with a classic New York style cheesecake lined with a layer of raspberry on top and crumbly crust around
8.95 SGD
Tiramisu9.95 SGD

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Kith Cafe Singapore Beverages Price

Smoothie8.95 SGD
Protein Shake9.95 SGD
Other Drinks4.90 SGD
Iced Tea6.95 SGD
Iced Coffee (4 Shots Espresso)6.55 SGD
Hot Tea5.95 SGD
Hot Drinks2.95 SGD
Fruit Juice7.95 SGD

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Is Kith Cafe Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Kith Cafe Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as they do not serve pork.  

Kith Cafe Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information

Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Blvd, #01-44/45, Singapore 039596

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 7:30 AM To 10:00 PM

Phone: +65 6333 4438

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