Meat You Here Menu Singapore Latest Price 2024

Welcome to Meat You Here Menu Singapore. They’re famous for serving delicious food like juicy burgers and tasty steaks. Whether you want a classic Meat You Here Burger or something new, Meat You Here is perfect for food lovers who want amazing flavors in every bite.

In this food menu guide, we’ll show you all the tasty dishes on the Meat You Here Menu and give you the latest prices. Plus, we’ve got some mouthwatering pictures to get your appetite going! So, whether you’re planning your next meal out or just curious about what Meat You Here has to offer, we’ve got all the info you need.

Meat You Here Menu 2024

We can categorize the Meat You Here Singapore Menu as follows:

  • Beef 
  • Chicken 
  • Pork & Lamb 
  • Burger 
  • Salad 
  • Fish 
  • Add-ons 
  • Sides 
  • Sauces

Let’s explore them in detail:


Pork & Lamb 







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Meat You Here Beef Prices 

NZ Tenderloin 200 Grams30.50 SGD
NZ Ribeye 200 Grams19.90 SGD
AUS Striploin 200 Grams17.90 SGD
AUS Wagyu Ribeye ⅘ 200 Grams45.90 SGD
NZ Prime Short Rib Bone-In22.90 SGD
NZ Prime Rib 1 Kg52.90 SGD

Meat You Here Chicken Menu

Breaded Chicken10.90 SGD
Breaded Chicken With Cheese Sauce11.90 SGD
Grilled BBQ Chicken10.90 SGD
Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Sauce10.90 SGD
Black Pepper Chicken Chop10.90 SGD

Meat You Here Singapore Menu – Lamb & Pork

Baby Back Ribs15.90 SGD
US Duroc Pork Chop15.90 SGD
AU Lamb Shoulder16.90 SGD

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Meat You Here Singapore Burger Menu

Grilled Angus Burger16.90 SGD
Grilled Chicken Burger13.90 SGD
Crispy Chicken Burger14.90 SGD
Grilled Lamb Burger16.90 SGD

Meat You Here Salad Menu

Caesar Salad7.90 SGD
MUH House Salad9.90 SGD

Meat You Here Singapore Fish Menu Price

Grilled Salmon Fillet17.90 SGD
Grilled Halibut Fillet17.90 SGD
Breaded Fish16.90 SGD

Meat You Here Menu – Add-Ons

German Pork Sausage3.00 SGD
French Garlic Pork Sausage3.00 SGD
Garlic Cheese Sausage3.00 SGD
Fried Egg1.50 SGD
Bacon1.50 SGD
Sliced Cheese1.00 SGD
Angus Patty6.00 SGD
Grilled Chicken Patty6.00 SGD
Grilled Lamb Patty6.00 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks4.00 SGD
Grilled Salmon6.00 SGD
Truffle Fries6.00 SGD

Meat You Here Singapore Menu – Sides 

Mashed Potato2.50 SGD
Mixed Green Salad
Baked Potato
Sauteed Mushroom
Potato Salad
Mushroom Soup
Coated Fries
Cream Spinach
Mac & Cheese
Butter Rice
Butter Corn Kernel

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Red Wine1.50 SGD
Black Pepper
BBQ Sauce

Is Meat You Here Singapore Halal?

No, because Meat You Here Singapore offers pork meat dishes. 

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Meat You Here Menu

Meat You Here Singapore Location, Opening Hours & Contact Information

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Balmoral Plaza 

271 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259708

Sunday: 12:00 To 10:00 P.M

Monday: 12:00 To 10:00 P.M

Tuesday: 12:00 To 10:00 P.M

Wed: 12:00 To 10:00 P:M

Thursday: 12:00 To 10:00 P:M

Friday: 12:00 To 10:30 P:M

Saturday: 12:00 To 10:30 P:M

Phone: +65 6235 5110

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