Mr Prata Menu Singapore Latest Price List 2023

Are you looking to eat Indian food? If yes, look no further than Mr Prata Singapore Menu, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Mr Prata Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Mr Prata Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Mr Prata Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Prata
  • Thosai
  • Murtabak
  • Chapati
  • North Indian
  • Roti John
  • Sets
  • Kashmiri Briyani
  • Western 
  • Goreng
  • Beverages
  • Fresh Juices
  • Milkshakes
  • Bottled Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Mr Prata Prata’s Menu

Mr Prata Menu Singapore prata
Sausage Prata4.00 SGD
Roti Boom5.00 SGD
Plaster Prata3.00 SGD
Plain Prata + Egg Prata + Curry Chicken+ Coffee/Tea8.40 SGD
Plain Prata3.50 SGD
Onion Prata2.50 SGD
Mushroom Prata4.00 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Prata5.00 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Onion Prata5.00 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Mushroom Prata5.50 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Egg Prata5.50 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Banana Prata5.50 SGD
Maggi Prata7.00 SGD
Kaya Prata3.00 SGD
Italian Prata10.00 SGD
Garlic Prata3.20 SGD
French Prata5.50 SGD
Egg Prata3.00 SGD
Egg Onion Prata3.40 SGD
Egg & Plain Prata Set4.80 SGD
Double Egg Prata4.80 SGD
Chip Chop Prata9.00 SGD
Butter Prata3.00 SGD
Banana Prata4.00 SGD
2 Plain Prata + 1 Curry Chicken9.40 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Dosa Menu

Egg Onion Dosa5.00 SGD
Egg Dosa4.50 SGD
Masala Thosai5.00 SGD
Plain Thosai3.00 SGD

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Mr Prata Menu – Murtabak

Mr Prata Menu Singapore Murtabak
Chicken Murtabak9.00 SGD
Mutton Murtabak9.00 SGD
Sardine Murtabak9.00 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Menu – Chapati

Chapati with Keema8.50 SGD
Chapati with Potato6.00 SGD

Mr Prata North Indian Menu Price

Mr Prata Menu Singapore chapptai
Butter Chicken7.50 SGD
Butter Masala Paneer7.00 SGD
Butter Naan4.50 SGD
Butter Naan with Chicken Tikka14.80 SGD
Channa Masala7.50 SGD
Channa Masala5.00 SGD
Cheese Naan5.50 SGD
Chicken Tikka11.50 SGD
Chicken Tikka Masala8.50 SGD
Chili Chicken8.00 SGD
Cucumber Salad3.50 SGD
Garlic Naan5.00 SGD
Garlic Naan with Tandoori Chicken14.50 SGD
Kashmiri Naan6.00 SGD
Keema6.20 SGD
Keema Naan7.00 SGD
Onion Mix Cucumber4.50 SGD
Onion Salad3.00 SGD
Palak Paneer7.00 SGD
Plain Naan3.50 SGD
Raitha4.00 SGD
Tandoori Chicken10.00 SGD
Yogurt2.00 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Roti John Menu

Roti John Chicken7.00 SGD
Roti John Mutton7.00 SGD
Roti John Sardine6.50 SGD

Mr Prata Menu – Sets

Vegetarian Set9.50 SGD
Prata with Vegetable Set7.00 SGD
Prata with Meat Set11.50 SGD
Noodle with Fried Chicken Set12.00 SGD
Non Vegetarian Set11.00 SGD
Lamb Shank Briyani Set31.90 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Menu – Kashmiri Biryani

Mr Prata Menu Singapore Biryani
Chicken Biryani10.50 SGD
Chicken Tikka Biryani14.00 SGD
Egg Biryani8.00 SGD
Fish Biryani10.50 SGD
Mutton Biryani10.50 SGD
Tandoori Chicken Biryani13.00 SGD

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Mr Prata Western Menu

Mr Prata Menu Singapore Western
Aglio Olio Chicken Pasta10.50 SGD
Aglio Olio Seafood10.50 SGD
Beef Steak17.50 SGD
Black Pepper Seafood Pasta10.50 SGD
Burger8.50 SGD
Cajun Dory13.00 SGD
Calamari9.00 SGD
Cheese Fries6.00 SGD
Chicken & Chips10.90 SGD
Chicken Alfredo10.00 SGD
Chicken Nuggets6.50 SGD
Chicken Supreme9.90 SGD
Chicken Tikka Burger13.00 SGD
Chicken Wings9.00 SGD
Cream of Tomato6.00 SGD
Creamy Mushroom Pasta9.50 SGD
Creamy Salmon Pasta10.50 SGD
Dory Fish9.90 SGD
Fillet8.00 SGD
Fish & Chicken Chips10.90 SGD
Fish & Chips10.90 SGD
Fish Nuggets6.50 SGD
French Fries5.00 SGD
Garlic Bread4.50 SGD
Giant Scooby Dooby Doo8.50 SGD
Grilled Chicken13.50 SGD
Grilled Chicken Burger8.50 SGD
Grilled Dory Fish in Lemon Butter13.00 SGD
Mashed Potato5.00 SGD
Minestrone6.00 SGD
Mixed Grill17.40 SGD
Mussel Cheese7.50 SGD
Omelette7.50 SGD
Pan-roasted Fillet of Salmon Steak17.50 SGD
Pasta Arabitta9.50 SGD
Pasta Bolognese9.50 SGD
Pesto Chicken10.50 SGD
Potato Wedges5.50 SGD
Prawn Pasta10.50 SGD
Rack of Lamb20.40 SGD
Roasted Chicken12.00 SGD
Sausage Delight11.00 SGD
Scrambled Egg7.50 SGD
Seafood Marinara10.50 SGD
Seafood Pasta10.50 SGD
Spring Chicken9.00 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Goreng Menu

Bihun Goreng Chicken8.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Ikan Bilis7.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Kuah8.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Mutton8.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Original6.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Seafood8.50 SGD
Bihun Goreng Vegetarian6.50 SGD
Chicken Chop8.50 SGD
Kambing Soup8.00 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Chicken8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Ikan Bilis7.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Mutton8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Original6.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Seafood8.50 SGD
Kuey Teow Goreng Vegetarian6.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Chicken8.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Ikan Bilis7.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Mutton8.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Original6.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Seafood8.50 SGD
Maggi Goreng Vegetarian6.50 SGD
Maggi Soup6.00 SGD
Mee Goreng Chicken8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Ikan Bilis7.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Kuah8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Mutton8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Original6.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Seafood8.50 SGD
Mee Goreng Vegetarian6.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Chicken8.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis7.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Mutton8.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Original7.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Seafood8.50 SGD
Nasi Goreng Vegetarian6.50 SGD

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Mr Prata Beverages Menu

Bru Coffee2.80 SGD
Halia O2.00 SGD
Kopi2.00 SGD
Kopi O1.80 SGD
Masala Tea2.80 SGD
Milo2.50 SGD
Nescafe2.80 SGD
Tea C Halia2.60 SGD
Teh2.00 SGD
Teh Halia2.50 SGD
Teh O1.80 SGD
Teh O Halia2.00 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Fresh Juices Menu

Watermelon Juice6.00 SGD
Fresh Orange Juice6.00 SGD
Fresh Lime Juice3.50 SGD

Mr Prata Menu – Milkshakes

Banana Milkshake6.50 SGD
Chocolate Milkshake6.50 SGD
Mango Milkshake6.50 SGD
Strawberry Milkshake6.50 SGD
Vanilla Milkshake6.50 SGD

Mr Prata Singapore Menu – Bottled Beverages

Sprite2.80 SGD
Plain Drinking Water2.70 SGD
Green Tea2.80 SGD
Coke2.80 SGD
Bottle Water2.80 SGD
Bottle Ribena3.50 SGD
100 Plus2.80 SGD

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Is Mr Prata Singapore Halal A Restaurant?

Mr Prata Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant.

Mr Prata Singapore Outlets Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


26 Evans Rd, #01-02, Singapore 259367

Opening Hours:

Saturday 7 am To 2 am

Sunday         7 am To 1 am

Monday        7 am To 1 am

Tuesday        7 am To 1 am

Wednesday 7 am To 1 am

Thursday 7 am To 1 am

Friday 7 am To 2 am

Phone: +65 6235 6993

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