Penang Culture Menu Singapore Latest Price 2024

Are you looking to eat Chinese food? If yes, look no further than Penang Culture Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Penang Culture Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Penang Culture Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Penang Culture Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Penang Side Dishes
  • Penang Tze Char
  • Penang BBQ Seafood
  • Penang Wok-Fried
  • Penang Noodles
  • Penang Rice Speciality
  • Penang Dessert
  • Cold Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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Penang Culture Penang Side Dishes Menu

Penang Culture Menu Singapore List
Belacan Chicken Wings
Crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside, the belacan taste is well-marinated into the meat for a flavor boost
9.00 SGD
Kuih Pie Tee (6 Pieces)
Begin your meal with the quintessential Peranakan starter of Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee, crunchy little cracker cups filled with stir fried turnip, garlic and carrot. A little drizzle of chili sauce, a dash of black sweet sauce and a topping of shredded omelet will whet appetites in no time.
10.5 SGD
Penang Lor Bak
Marinated succulent chicken wrapped in crispy thin homemade beancurd sheets. Served with homemade sweet sauce & chili sauce
9.00 SGD
Penang Otah
Wrapped like a parcel, our Penang Otah comes with chunky bits of mackerel in a ‘lemak’ chili paste
11.50 SGD
Penang Rojak
Mix of fruits and vegetables tossed in a homemade prawn paste
9.00 SGD
Tahu Goreng
Fried beancurd cubes, cucumber & beansprouts, drizzled with peanut sauce
7.50 SGD

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Penang Culture Singapore Penang Tze Char Menu

Penang Culture Menu Singapore Tezchar
White Rice
Tasty & fluffy grains that pairs perfectly well with your favorite dishes
1.50 SGD
Sunny Side Up
Eggs with grilled baked ham on toasted ciabatta bread
2.50 SGD
Stir-Fry Mixed Vegetables
Beautiful symphony of broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, snow peas and carrot, stir-fried to tasty perfection
11.50 SGD
Seafood TofuSeafood Tof17.00 SGD
Sambal Kang Kong
Stir-fried kangkong with homemade sambal sauce
13.00 SGD
Salted Egg Bitter Gourd15.50 SGD
Penang Oyster Omelette
Fluffy eggs with plump oysters. A Penang hawker favorite
14.00 SGD
Penang Egg With Bitter Gourd14.00 SGD
Nasi Lemak Rice2.00 SGD
Deep Fried Sea Bass With Thai Applesauce28.00 SGD
Deep Fried Sea Bass With Sweet & Sour Sauce28.00 SGD
Deep Fried Seabass With Cheong Ching SauceDeep Fried Seabass With Cheong Ching Sauce28.00 SGD
Crispy Salted Egg Chicken
Crispy fried chicken tossed in salted egg sauce and curry leaves, absolutely delicious
15.50 SGD
Claypot Assam Curry Fish Head
Stimulate your taste buds with our fresh and meaty fish head simmered in Assam curry. Served 2 adults
38.00 SGD
Bitter Gourd13.00 SGD

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Penang Culture Menu – Penang BBQ Seafood

Penang Culture Menu Singapore List
Satay Chicken
Generously skewered sticks of tender and juicy meat served with traditional peanut sauce. (6 Pieces)
11.50 SGD
Gold BBQ Platter
Just when you think the BBQ platter cannot get any better. BBQ lobsters, scallops, stingray, prawns and satay
65.00 SGD
Bronze BBQ Platter
A fine selection of BBQ goodness. Bite into our juicy prawns, deliciously tender sotong and mouth- watering satay.
26.00 SGD
BBQ Stingray
Grilled stingray in a homemade sauce with a hint of lime
15.50 SGD

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Penang Culture Singapore Menu – Penang Wok-Fried

Penang Culture Menu Singapore Wok Fried
Egg Fried Rice
Never underestimate how simple ingredients like eggs, spring onions and rice can come together so beautifully.
10.50 SGD
Penang Fried Hokkien Mee
Our secret is no secret, the robustness lies in the home-brewed, flavourful prawn stock used to fry our noodles, add a good dose of ‘wok-hei’ and there you have our Shiok Penang Fried Hokkien Mee
13.00 SGD
Penang Fried Kway Teow
One of Penang’s most popular hawker dishes! Wok- fried with prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and eggs.
13.50 SGD
Premium Crab Meat Fried Kway Teow
All- time favorite Penang fried kway teow topped with fresh crab meat, add on available
19.50 SGD
Sambal Fried Rice
Fragrant sambal fried rice with prawns and squid.
14.00 SGD
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Fried rice with veggies & egg
11.50 SGD

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Penang Culture Penang Noodles Menu

Penang Culture Menu Singapore Noodles
Penang White Curry Mee W Seafood
Penang White Curry Mee is one of the most popular Penang hawker dishes.
14.00 SGD
Penang Kway Teow Soup
For something light on the palate, the kway teow soup is a healthy choice of comfort food
10.50 SGD
Penang Assam Laksa
A well-known Penang dish not to be missed.
11.50 SGD
Malacca Seafood Cheese Beehoon31.00 SGD

Penang Culture Singapore Penang Rice Speciality Menu

Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak
Juicy beef rendang paired with fragrant nasi lemak, ikan bilis, sambal chili, and topped with sunny side up
16.50 SGD
Lemon Chicken With Rice
Crispy chicken in lemon sauce, served with rice
13.50 SGD
Penang Curry Chicken With Rice
Chicken and potato chunks simmered in a delicious curry, served with rice
11.00 SGD
Penang Nasi Lemak
Coconut flavored steamed rice served with chicken, ikan bilis, omelet, homemade achar and authentic Penang sambal chili sauce
11.00 SGD
Penang Thai Apple Chicken With Rice
Apple shreds with crispy fried chicken cooked Thai style and topped with homemade sauce
13.50 SGD
Premium Nasi Lemak20.00 SGD

Penang Culture Menu – Penang Dessert

Fresh coconut & red bean served in fresh coconut milk & shaved ice. Drizzled with special brown sugar syrup
6.50 SGD

Penang Culture Singapore Menu Price – Cold Beverages

Iced Honey Lemon5.00 SGD
Iced Pandan Lemongrass5.00 SGD
Iced White Coffee4.00 SGD
Iced Yuanyang4.00 SGD

Is Penang Culture Singapore Halal Restaurant?

Penang Culture Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant.

Penang Culture Singapore Outlets Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04 – 27 Jem, Singapore 608549

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday, 10:30 AM To 9:30 PM

Phone: +65 6734 8006

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