Shish Mahal Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2023

We all know that Nepalese food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical Nepalese food, Shish Mahal Singapore Menu is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full Shish Mahal Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Shish Mahal Menu 2023

We can categorize the Shish Mahal Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Soup Specialties
  • Nepali Food
  • Starters
  • Tandfoori Food
  • Indian Street Food
  • Nepali Starters
  • Vegetarian
  • Desserts

Now we will see the complete detail of the Shish Mahal Singapore Menu here below:

Shish Mahal Soup Specialties Menu

Shish Mahal Menu Singapore Soup
Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup
Freshly diced mushrooms, bean curd, green chili, tomato & mixed vegetables cooked in hot & sour sauce. A spicy touch to stimulate your senses
5.24 SGD
Mulligatawny Soup
Spicy lentil soup garnished with chicken & rice
6.31 SGD
Mahal Ka Vegetables Soup
Assortment of fresh garden vegetables cooked in vegetable stock
5.24 SGD
Mahal Ka Chicken Soup
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in béchamel sauce & fresh chicken stock, garnished with cream, healthy choice
6.31 SGD
Cream of Tomato
Rich garden fresh tomatoes blended delicately, topped with cream and garnished with croutons
5.24 SGD
Cream of Mushroom
Fresh Mushroom cooked in thick creamy sauce
5.89 SGD
Chicken Hot and Sour Soup
Freshly diced chicken, mushrooms, bean curd, green chili, tomato & mix vegetables cooked in hot & sour sauce, topped with fresh egg drop
6.31 SGD

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Shish Mahal Singapore Nepali Food Menu

Gurkha Gundruk Suruwa
Dried mustard leaves simmered with herbal spices
7.38 SGD
Khasi ko Suruwa
Mutton cooked in Nepalese herbs & lentils
8.45 SGD
Kwati ko Suruwa
Nine different types of beans simmered with fresh green vegetables & Nepalese herbal spices
6.74 SGD

Shish Mahal Menu – Starters

Shish Mahal Menu Singapore Wings
Chicken Wings
Marinated chicken wings deep-fried to perfect crispness
12.73 SGD
Chili Pakora
Whole green chilies marinated in spicy flour & deep-fried till golden brown
6.31 SGD
Fish in Banana Leaf
Slices of fish meat marinated with Masala, wrapped in banana leaf & deep fried to perfection
17.01 SGD
French Fries
Golden brown, thinly cut sticks of potatoes, deep-fried.
6.31 SGD
Onion Bhaji
Onion rings mixed with flour & deep-fried
6.96 SGD
Paneer Pakora
Indian cottage cheese coated with gram flour & deep-fried
11.66 SGD
Vegetable Pakora
A rissole of vegetables deep-fried till golden brown served as a snack
6.31 SGD
Vegetable Samosa
Diced vegetables marinated in hot spices, stuffed into thin pastry cones
6.96 SGD
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Deep Fired Assorted Vegetables
7.38 SGD

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Shish Mahal Singapore Menu – Tandoori Food

Shish Mahal Menu Singapore Tandoori Food
Achari Paneer Tikka
Tandoori Cottage Cheese flavored with Indian pickle, yoghurt sauce, served with grilled tomato, capsicum and white onion
17.01 SGD
Chicken Hariyali Tikka
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt, spinach, mint & rare spices & grilled in the Tandoor
15.94 SGD
Chicken Seekh Kebab
Minced chicken & spices grounded together bound with egg, skewered & grilled in the Tandoor
15.94 SGD
Chicken Tikka Tandoori
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt & rare spices & grilled in the Tandoor
15.94 SGD
Lamb Seekh Kebab
Minced mutton & spices grounded together bound skewered & grilled in the Tandoor
18.08 SGD
Murgh Malai Kebab
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in mild spiced & roasted in the Earthen Oven
18.08 SGD
Tandoori Cheesey Mushroom18.08 SGD
Tandoori Chicken
Tender fresh chicken marinated in cream & rare spices & barbecued in earthen clay oven
9.52 SGD
Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Chunks of cottage cheese grilled in the Tandoor & garnished with green peppers
17.01 SGD
Tandoori Vegetable Saslik
Fresh cauliflower, tomato, capsicum, mushrooms & onions marinated in light spices & grilled in the Tandoor
17.01 SGD
Vegetable Hara Seekh Kebab
Garden fresh vegetables grilled in the Tandoor
15.94 SGD
Zafrani Tikka
Fresh chicken breasts marinated in saffron and cooked with six special Indian spices
17.01 SGD

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Shish Mahal Indian Street Food Price

Aloo Papri Chat
Crispy fried wafers served with boiled potato, chickpeas with Coriander sauce ,yoghurt and tamarind
9.10 SGD
Samosa Chana Chat
Vegetable samosa mashed with chickpeas, yoghurt and served with tamarind sauce…a Traditional indian street food
9.52 SGD

Shish Mahal Singapore Nepali Starters Menu

Shish Mahal Menu Singapore Nepali Food
Yellow Dal Tadka
Yellow lentils cooked in butter
10.59 SGD
Steamed Momo
Dumplings filled with Minced Chicken or vegetables, flavored with freshly chopped coriander leaves
11.66 SGD
Shandheko Bhatmas
Pan-fried Soya Beans with fresh ginger, green chilies, coriander leaves & spring onions
8.45 SGD
Mahal Ka Dal Makhani
Mixture of black lentils cooked with tomatoes, cream sauce & spices
12.73 SGD
Fried Momo
Dumplings filled with Minced Chicken or vegetables, flavored with freshly chopped coriander leaves
11.66 SGD
      Choyala Khasi Kukhura
Mutton or chicken cubes marinated in Nepalese herbs & barbequed
17.01 SGD
Bhuteko Khasi Kukhura
Mutton or chicken marinated in Nepalese herbs & spices stir-fried to perfection
17.01 SGD
                Aloo Palak
Potatoes cooked with spinach & dressed with strips of ginger
12.73 SGD
Aloo Matar
Fresh garden peas & potato cubes cooked in a mild spicy gravy
11.24 SGD
Aloo Jeera
Boiled potatoes tossed with cumin seeds
11.24 SGD
Aloo Gobi Masala
A cauliflower speciality with potatoes
12.73 SGD

Shish Mahal Menu – Vegetarian

Vegetable Hakka Noodles
Noodles cooked with cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, onions and served with Chinese sauce
12.30 SGD
      Vegetable Fried Rice
White rice fried with onions, cabbage, carrots, capsicum and other seasonal vegetables
12.30 SGD
Gobi Manchurian
Deep fried batter cauliflower cooked in authentic Chinese manchurian sauce.
14.45 SGD
Chilly Paneer
Cottage cheese stir fried in spicy Chinese sauce
15.52 SGD
Chilly Mushroom
Mushroom cooked in sweet and spicy sauce with spring onions
15.52 SGD

Shish Mahal Singapore Menu – Desserts

Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)
Indian dessert made from milk powder, mawa, made into balls and deep fried till golden brown, served in sugar syrup.
5.24 SGD
Shahi Tukda
Deep fried bread absorbed in a sweetened milk sauce, seasoned with saffron and cardamom
5.24 SGD

Is Shish Mahal Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Shish Mahal Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as they do not serve pork.  

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Shish Mahal Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


180 Albert St, #01-20 Village Hotel Albert Court, Singapore 189971

Opening Hours:

Monday To SUnday, 11:30 AM To 11:30 PM

Phone: +65 6837 3480

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