Sushi Tei Menu Singapore Updated Price 2023

For sushi lovers, we are presenting Sushi Tei Menu in this post. Sushi Tei Singapore is a Japanese restaurant chain with a lot of marvelous dishes. We have added the detailed Sushi Tei menu along with images and up-to-date prices. To know more about the details keep scrolling.

Sushi Tei Singapore Menu 2023

We can categorize the Sushi Tei Singapore Menu as follows:

  • Appetizers
  • Special Rolls
  • Noodles
  • Donmono
  • Sashimi
  • Salads
  • Makimono
  • Tempura
  • Sushi Moriawase
  • Aki Matsuri
  • Chutoro Feast
  • Bento Sets
  • Nigiri Sushi
  • Gunkan Sushi
  • Desserts & Drinks

Let’s have a look at them one by one in detail:

Sushi Tei Singapore Menu – Appetizers

Sushi Tei Appetizers Menu
Wasabi1.30 SGD
Sushi Shoyu1.30 SGD
Sushi Gari1.30 SGD
Ankimo Ponzu10.90 SGD
Spicy Hotate8.40 SGD
Tako Wasabi8.40 SGD
Chuka Kurage8.40 SGD
Edamame7.50 SGD
Lobster Salad11.30 SGD
Ikura Shoyuzuke12.50 SGD
Chuka Wakame8.40 SGD

Sushi Tei Singapore Special Rolls Menu

Sushi Tei Singapore Special Rolls
Spicy Mentai Spider Roll22.50 SGD
Aburi Salmon Roll20.00 SGD
Special Unagi Roll31.30 SGD
Rainbow Roll20.00 SGD
Phoenix Roll28.50 SGD
Dragon Roll22.50 SGD
Kani Mentai Mayo Roll15.00 SGD
Golden Roll23.80 SGD
Lobster Salad Roll16.30 SGD

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Sushi Tei Menu – Noodles

Zaru Udon12.50 SGD
Cha Soba12.50 SGD
Chicken Katsu20.00 SGD
Chicken Katsu Udon / Soba / Ramen20.00 SGD
Chicken Katsu Curry Udon / Soba / Ramen23.80 SGD
Chicken Curry Udon / Soba / Ramen18.80 SGD
Karaage Udon / Soba / Ramen16.30 SGD
Truffle Yuzu Mayonnaise Ramen20.00 SGD
Chicken Tamago Toji Udon / Soba / Ramen17.50 SGD
Hiyashi Chuka17.50 SGD
Yaki Udon / Soba16.30 SGD
Niku Udon / Soba / Ramen20.00 SGD
Onsen Tamago Udon / Soba / Ramen15.00 SGD
Tonkotsu Udon / Soba / Ramen12.50 SGD

Sushi Tei Singapore Donmono Menu 

Chicken Katsu Don17.50 SGD
Kaisen Ikura Fried Rice20.00 SGD
Yakiniku Don18.80 SGD
Chashu Don18.80 SGD
Ebi & Yasai Kakiage Don18.80 SGD
Tendon17.50 SGD
Jo Unagi Don38.80 SGD
Aburi Mentai Don22.50 SGD
Maguro Don23.80 SGD
Una Bara Chirashi Don28.80 SGD
Salmon Ikura Don25.00 SGD

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Sushi Tei Sashimi Prices

Sushi Tei Sashimi
Nama Hotate Sashimi18.80 SGD
Hokkigai Sashimi13.80 SGD
Maguro Sashimi20.00 SGD
Otoro Sashimi48.80 SGD
Mekajiki Sashimi16.30 SGD
Hamachi Sashimi18.80 SGD
Salmon Sashimi13.80 SGD
Amaebi Sashimi21.30 SGD

Sushi Tei Singapore Salad Prices

Sushi Tei Singapore Salad
Yasai Salad10.00 SGD
Yakiniku Salad18.80 SGD
Tokusen Salad22.50 SGD
Seafood Salad16.30 SGD
Wakame Salad12.50 SGD
Corn Salad11.30 SGD
Kani Avocado Salad15.00 SGD
Sashimi Salad16.30 SGD

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Sushi Tei Menu – Makimono

Sushi Tei Makimono Menu
Tekka Maki8.40 SGD
Oshinko Maki4.40 SGD
Tamago Maki4.40 SGD
Kanikama Maki5.50 SGD
Soft Shell Crab Maki10.00 SGD
Spicy Salmon Maki6.30 SGD
Baked Salmon Maki6.30 SGD
Ebikko Avocado Maki8.40 SGD
Spicy Maguro Maki9.60 SGD
Unatama tobikko Maki10.00 SGD
Lobster Salad Tobikko Maki10.00 SGD
Ebi Tempura Maki7.50 SGD
Salmon Avocado Maki7.50 SGD
Ebikko Tempura Maki9.60 SGD

Sushi Tei Tempura Menu Price

Sushi Tei Tempura Menu
Tempura Moriawase15.00 SGD
Hanasaki Ika Tempura12.50 SGD
Ebi & Yasai Kakiage10.00 SGD
Ebi Tempura16.30 SGD
Yasai Tempura11.50 SGD

Sushi Moriawase Menu

M4 Kikyo27.80 SGD
M3 Akaibari28.80 SGD
M2 Shobu32.80 SGD
M1 Tsubaki29.80 SGD
S5 Kiku14.80 SGD
S4 Yuri26.80 SGD
S3 Himawari14.80 SGD
S2 kaneshon24.80 SGD
S1 Asagao12.80 SGD
L2 Ajisai40.80 SGD
L1 Suiren33.80 SGD
M5 Rabenda28.80 SGD

Sushi Tei Singapore Aki Matsuri Price Menu

Akune Gold Wagyu Saikoro Don41.30 SGD
Chashu Fried Rice16.30 SGD
Murasaki Imo12.50 SGD
Crispy Unagi Shiitake13.80 SGD
Momiji Ebi Roll17.50 SGD
Grape Madai Carpaccio23.80 SGD
Grape Madai Sushi8.80 SGD
Grape Madai Sashimi20.00 SGD

Sushi Tei Chutoro Feast Menu Price

Chutoro Sashimi27.60 SGD
Maguro Trio Temari21.30 SGD
Chutoro Nigiri12.50 SGD
Chutoro Gunkan12.50 SGD
Sanshoku Maguro Don41.30 SGD
Aburi Chutoro Roll30.00 SGD

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Sushi Tei Singapore Menu -Bento Sets

Buta Belly Bento16.50 SGD
Tori Karaage Bento12.80 SGD
Teriyaki Chicken Bento12.10 SGD
Kaisen Tempura Bento17.80 SGD
Unagi Bento21.50 SGD
Yakiniku Bento20.30 SGD

Nigiri Sushi Prices 

Nigiri Sushi
Unatama Sushi11.50 SGD
Tamago Mentai Sushi5.50 SGD
Kanikama Mentai Sushi6.30 SGD
Salmon Mentai Sushi9.60 SGD
Ebi Mentai Sushi9.60 SGD
Ebi Sushi5.50 SGD
Tako Sushi5.50 SGD
Amaebi Sushi8.40 SGD
Hokkigai Sushi5.50 SGD
Aburi Hamachi Sushi8.40 SGD
Hamachi Sushi8.40 SGD
Aburi Nama Hotate Sushi7.80 SGD
Nama Hotate Sushi7.50 SGD
Maguro Sushi8.40 SGD
Aburi Mekajiki Sushi7.80 SGD
Mekajiki Sushi7.50 SGD

Sushi Tei Gunkan Sushi Menu

Sushi Tei Gunkan Sushi
Hanasaki Ika Sushi6.30 SGD
Tuna Salad Sushi5.50 SGD
Spicy Hotate Sushi7.50 SGD
Salmon Ikura Sushi7.50 SGD
Chuka Kurage Sushi6.30 SGD
Chuka Lidako Sushi6.30 SGD
Chuka Chinmi Sushi6.30 SGD
Ankimo Sushi7.50 SGD
Ikura Sushi8.40 SGD
Negitoro Sushi8.40 SGD
Chika Wakame Sushi6.30 SGD
Tobiko Sushi6.30 SGD
Lobster Salad Sushi8.40 SGD
Kizami Unagi Sushi8.40 SGD
Kani Corn Sushi4.40 SGD

Sushi Tei Singapore Desserts & Drinks

Vida C Lemon3.90 SGD
Qoo White Grape3.90 SGD
Ice Lemon Tea3.90 SGD
Sprite3.90 SGD
Coke Zero3.90 SGD
Coke3.90 SGD
Grape Jelly5.30 SGD
Orange Jelly5.30 SGD

Is Sushi Tei Singapore Menu Halal?

No, Sushi Tei Singapore Menu is not Halal because it serves pork and alcoholic drinks.

Sushi Tei Singapore Outlets Location & Operating Hours

Thomson Plaza

301 Upper Thomson Road, #03-48, Thomson Plaza

Singapore 574408

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Road, #03-110, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Singapore 168732

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily


1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-152, VivoCity

Singapore 098585

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road, #01-87, West Coast Plaza

Singapore 127371

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily


290 Orchard Road, #05-04/05, Paragon

Singapore 238859

Opening Hours:11:30am To 10pm Daily

Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road, #03-13/14, Raffles City Shopping Centre

Singapore 179103

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Serangoon Gardens

64/64A Serangoon Garden Way

Singapore 555960

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1, #04-13, Tampines 1

Singapore 529536

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily


50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-18, JEM

Singapore 608549

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily


23 Serangoon Central, #03-15/16, NEX

Singapore 556083

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Northpoint City

930 Yishun Ave 2, #02-15, North Wing, Northpoint City

Singapore 768019

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Changi Jewel

78 Airport Boulevard, #03-209, Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore 819666

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

Holland Village

118 Holland Avenue, #03-04, Raffles Holland V

Singapore 278997

Opening Hours: 11:30am To 10pm Daily

All the information there in this post, especially images, have been taken from the below given official sources of Sushi Tei Singapore:

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