Sutha’s Cafe Singapore Menu Price List 2023

Hey, are you an Indian food lover? If yes, then you might be interested in Sutha’s Cafe Menu. Sutha’s Cafe Singapore is an Indian cuisine which is offering loads of delicious dishes. We have uploaded their detailed menu along with images and updated price list.

Sutha’s Cafe Menu 2023 

We can categorize the Sutha’s Cafe Singapore into the following: 

  • Prata 
  • Set Meals 
  • Beverages
Sutha's Cafe Menu 2023 


Set Meals 


Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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Sutha’s Cafe Singapore Menu – Prata

Sutha's Cafe Prata
Coin Prata5.00 SGD
Kuthu Prata With Chicken8.00 SGD
Onion Prata3.00 SGD
Egg Prata3.00 SGD
Tissue Prata5.00 SGD
Cheese Prata4.00 SGD
Banana Prata4.00 SGD
Mushroom Prata4.00 SGD
Egg & Onion Prata4.50 SGD
Egg & Cheese Prata4.50 SGD
Mushroom & Sausage Prata4.50 SGD
Cheese & Onion Prata4.50 SGD
Cheese & Mushroom Prata4.50 SGD
Egg & Mushroom Prata4.50 SGD
Onion & Mushroom Prata4.50 SGD
Kuthu Prata With Mutton10.00 SGD
Cheese, Egg & Onion Prata4.50 SGD

Sutha’s Singapore Set Meals Menu

Vegetarian Set Meal 
3 Types Vegetables
7.50 SGD
Chicken Set Meal 
Masala Chicken, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
8.50 SGD
Fish Set Meal 
Fish Curry, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
8.50 SGD
Mutton Set Meal 
Masala Mutton, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
10.00 SGD

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Sutha’s Cafe Menu – Beverages

Sutha's Cafe Beverages
Kopi O Kosong1.50 SGD
Kopi O Sugar1.50 SGD
Teh O Kosong1.50 SGD
Teh O Sugar1.50 SGD
Coffee (Hot)2.50 SGD
Teh Tarik3.00 SGD
Teh Halia3.00 SGD
Milo (Hot)2.50 SGD

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Is Sutha’s Cafe Singapore A Halal Restaurant? 

Yes, Sutha’s Cafe Singapore is officially a halal-certified restaurant.

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Sutha’s Cafe Singapore Location, Opening Hours,  Contact Details

Royal Square Novena

01-12/13 Royal Square at Novena, 103 Irrawaddy Rd

Opening Hours: 7:30 A.M To 9:00 P.M

Phone: 6909 0946

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