The Biryani Life Singapore Menu Updated Price 2023

Are you from an Indian Origin and struggling to find a restaurant offering Biryani dishes? If yes, then you might consider reading The Biryani Life Singapore Menu. We have added a complete menu of The Biryani Life Singapore along with images and up-to-date prices.

The Biryani Life Singapore Menu 2023

We can categorize The Biryani Life Menu as follows:

  • Combo 
  • Classic Biryani 
  • Premium Biryani 
  • Sides 
  • Desserts 
  • Drinks

Let’s check them out in detail:

The Biryani Life Singapore Combo Menu 

The Biryani Life Singapore Combo Menu 

Biryani Meal Combo For 22x Biryani & 2x Drinks29.90 SGD
Biryani Meal Combo for 11x Biryani & 1 Drink & 1x Side19.90 SGD

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The Biryani Life Singapore Classic Biryani Prices 

Chicken Satay Biryani (Served with Mint Raita)Basmati rice with dum style fragrant chicken satay served over a warm blanket of tender, succulent chicken satay.14.50 SGD
Bhuna Chicken Biryani (Served with Mint Raita)Basmati rice steamed in dum style with Indian spices marinated in juicy boneless chicken.14.50 SGD
Chicken Tikka Biryani (Served with Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita) An extravagant potpourri of flavors, this dish features tender spiced chicken with biryani masala that is charcoal-grilled and then layered with fragrant long grain basmati & dum-pukht.13.80 SGD
Butter Chicken Biryani (Served with Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita) Slow-cooked butter chicken with basmati rice that absorbs the flavors of the biryani spice mix.13.50 SGD
Black Pepper Chicken Biryani (Served with Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita) Layered with long fragrant basmati rice, this chicken masala is smoky, spicy, and black peppery.13.50 SGD

The Biryani Life Premium Biryani Menu

The Biryani Life Premium Biryani Menu 
Lamb Shank Biryani (Bone) (Served with Gulab Jamun and Mint Raita ) A mouth-watering blend of biryani spices slowly cooked with tender mutton pieces and basmati rice.25.00 SGD
Bhuna Mutton Biryani (Boneless) (Served with Gulab Jamum and Mint Raita) Slowly cooked mutton pieces with basmati rice, infused with delicious biryani spices.18.80 SGD
Beef Rendang Biryani (Served with Gulan Jamun and Mint Raita) Combined with basmati rice, a combination of beef rendang and biryani spice mix creates a mouth-watering dish.17.50 SGD
Paneer Tikka Biryani (V) (Served with Gulab Jamun and Mint Raita) A potpourri of extravagant flavors is served with soft paneer, freshly ground biryani masala and fragrant basmati rice.16.80 SGD
Paneer Makhani Biryani (V) (Served with Gulab Jamun and Mint Raita) Dum-cooked aromatic basmati rice and marinated tandoori paneer enmeshed with tikka masala gravy.15.80 SGD

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Side Menu 

Biryani Gravy1.50 SGD
Mint Raita1.00 SGD
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks4.90 SGD
Parmesan Fries3.90 SGD
Plain Fries2.90 SGD

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The Biryani Life Menu – Desserts 

Oreo Cheesecake An OREO crust is topped with smooth cream cheese and crumbly OREO bits. These cheesecakes are perfect for those who prefer a bit of bite with their cheesecakes.7.50 SGD
Double Fromage Cheesecake Indulge in an aesthetically modest cheesecake with a creamy, milky filling and an under-baked middle. Smooth and fluffy in the perfect balance.7.50 SGD
Truffle Chocolate Cake It is layered with layers of moist dark chocolate sponge and contains 72% dark European couverture ganache. Definitely a must-have for chocolate lovers.7.50 SGD
Ondeh Ondeh Cake Stack and layer pandan sponge between gently simmered Gula Melaka syrup made from hand-shaved blocks of Gula Melaka. An inside and outside coconut cream frosting completes the cake.7.50 SGD
Banana Custard Muffin A creamy crowd-pleaser like this cannot go wrong. You might go bananas over it.3.90 SGD
Vanilla Apple Muffin An apple muffin with a fluffy, buttery, and hearty texture. You can sneak in your daily fruit intake this way.3.90 SGD
Double Chocolate Muffin Buttery chocolate muffin stuffed with chocolate lava. Suitable for breakfast, snacks, and desserts.3.90 SGD
Gulab Jamun Served in a saffron rose syrup, these soft and creamy balls are shaped like berries.3.80 SGD

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The Biryani Life Singapore Menu – Drinks

Coca Cola Zero2.50 SGD
Coca Cola2.50 SGD
Sprite2.50 SGD
Bottled Water2.50 SGD

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Is The Biryani Life Singapore Halal? 

Yes, The Biryani Life Singapore is halal restaurant with no dining option.

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