The Coconut Club Menu Singapore Latest Price 2024

Are you looking to eat Seafood? If yes, look no further than The Coconut Club Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete The Coconut Club Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

The Coconut Club Singapore Menu 2024

We can easily categorize the The Coconut Club Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Bundles
  • Starters
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Desserts
  • Extras
  • Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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The Coconut Club Bundles Menu

The Coconut Club Bundles
Signature Feast
3x Basic Set, 1x Gado Gado, 1x Homemade Otah, 1x Ayam Goreng Berempah – 1/2 Chicken, 1x Gulai Udang Nenas, 1x The Coconut Club x Birds of Paradise Coconut Sorbet, 1x Kueh Platter (9 Pieces)
135.00 SGD
Classic Feast
2x Homemade Otah Set, 1x Gado Gado, 1x Ayam Goreng Berempah – 1/2 Chicken, 1x Kueh Platter (6 Pieces)
78.00 SGD

The Coconut Club Singapore Starters Menu

The Coconut Club Singapore Starters
Sup Kambing
Tender Australian lamb shank soup with homemade lontong (Serves 2)
19.80 SGD
Homemade Otah
2 Charcoal-grilled fish paste with chunks of barramundi and traditional herbs & spices, wrapped in a banana leaf
9.80 SGD
Gado Gado
Fried tempeh, shredded cabbage, long beans, baby potatoes, hard boiled egg, peanut sauce
11.00 SGD

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The Coconut Club Menu – Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak
Grilled Fish Set
Selar Kuning fish stuffed with rempah and charcoal grilled
19.80 SGD
Basic Set Basic Set
Coconut rice, fried egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, sambal
5.00 SGD
Ayam Goreng Berempah Leg Set
Spiced fried organic French Poulet leg
18.80 SGD
Ayam Goreng Berempah Breast Set
Spiced fried chicken breast
16.80 SGD

The Coconut Club Singapore Menu – Chicken

Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi
Chicken braised in chilli padi, sand ginger, fresh coconut milk, ginger flower, kaffir lime
21.00 SGD
Ayam Goreng Berempah – 1/2 Chicken
Signature Spiced fried chicken served with sambal belado & sambal hijau
32.00 SGD

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The Coconut Club Beef Menu Price

Beef Rendang
Flavourful dry curry containing fork-tender Australian beef cheeks, slow-cooked and braised in spice mixture and coconut milk – 250 Grams
26.00 SGD
Iga Bakar
Charcoal-grilled twice-cooked beef short rib in secret sauce, served with sambal hijau & sambal ulek (Serves 2 To 3)
38.00 SGD
The Coconut Club Singapore Seafood Menu Price

The Coconut Club Singapore Seafood Menu Price

Gulai Udang Nenas
Tiger prawns cooked in a rich curry-like sauce with pineapples and belimbing
28.00 SGD
Sambal Tumis Sotong
Stir-fried squid, cherry tomatoes in sambal tumis
24.00 SGD

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The Coconut Club Menu Price – Vegetables

Wok-Fried Lady’s Fingers
Lady’s fingers, hae bee hiam
11.80 SGD
Wok-Fried French Beans
French Beans, hae bee hiam
10.80 SGD
Terung Assam Manis
Fried local eggplant in special homemade sauce of aromatic herbs, gula melaka and fresh coconut milk
9.80 SGD
Tauhu Tempeh Sambal Belado
Stir-fried beancurd and tempeh, West Sumatran sambal
9.80 SGD
The Coconut Club Desserts

The Coconut Club Singapore Menu Price – Desserts

Kueh Platter (9 Pieces)
Assortment of Malay & Nonya kueh, handmade fresh daily
19.80 SGD
Kueh Platter (6 Pieces)
Assortment of Malay & Nonya kueh, handmade fresh daily
14.80 SGD
Kueh Kosui (5 Pieces)
Steamed gula melaka kueh tossed in grated fresh coconut
12.80 SGD
Kueh Bingka (5 Pieces)
Warm baked tapioca cake with a side of gula melaka
12.80 SGD
Coconut Jelly
Refreshing jelly made with coconut water, coconut milk and fresh young coconut
5.60 SGD
Chendol Jelly
Our signature Chendol made in delicious jelly form with coconut milk, palm sugar and mung bean jellies
5.60 SGD
The Coconut Club Menu

The Coconut Club Extras Menu

Fried Egg2.00 SGD
Extra Sambal
5 Portions
7.70 SGD
Extra Sambal
1 Portion
1.65 SGD
Extra Peanuts
4 Portions
5.50 SGD
Extra Ikan Bilis
4 Portions
5.50 SGD
Extra Cucumbers
4 Portions
5.50 SGD
Coconut Rice
Coconut Rice
2.00 SGD

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The Coconut Club Singapore Beverages Price

Sprite4.00 SGD
Coke4.00 SGD
Coke Zero4.00 SGD
Calamansi with Sour Plum5.50 SGD

Is The Coconut Club Singapore Halal Restaurant?

The Coconut Club Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as they do not serve pork.

The Coconut Club Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Ngee Ann City

269 Beach Rd, Singapore 199546

Opening Hours: 

Thursday 11am To 3pm, 6 To 10:30pm

Friday 11am To 10:30pm

Saturday 11am To 10:30pm

Sunday         11am To 10:30pm

Monday         11am To 10:30pm

Tuesday 11am To 10:30pm

Wednesday 11am To 10:30pm

Phone: +65 8725 3315

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