Wonder Juice Menu Singapore Updated Price 2023

Hello, Singaporean food lovers. Do you want to eat tasty seafood and meat at a reasonable price? Then Wonder Juice Singapore Menu is the right place to get the taste of your favorite dishes. Wonder Juice Singapore Menu serves various dishes in a clean, friendly, and hygienic environment so that you will find something special here. To learn more about Wonder Juice Singapore Menu, keep scrolling.

Wonder Juice Menu 2023

We can say that the Wonder Juice Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Sliced Fruits
  • Smoothie / Milkshakes
  • Cold Pressed Juices

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

Wonder Juice Sliced Fruits Menu

Wonder Fruit juice menu
Fruit Cup 1 Cup4.50 SGD
Grapefruit 1 Each2.50 SGD
Green Apple 1 Each1.50 SGD
Guava 150 Grams2.50 SGD
Honeydew 150 Grams1.50 SGD
Kiwi 1 Each2.00 SGD
Orange 1 Each1.50 SGD
Papaya 200 Grams1.50 SGD
Pear 150 Grams2.00 SGD
Pineapple 150 Grams1.50 SGD
Red Apple 1 Each1.50 SGD
Red Dragon Fruit 150 Grams2.50 SGD
Rock Melon 150 Grams2.50 SGD
Watermelon 200 Grams1.50 SGD

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Wonder Juice Singapore Smoothies/Milkshakes Menu

Soursop Watermelon6.00 SGD
Soursop Strawberry6.00 SGD
Soursop Sour Plum6.00 SGD
Soursop Red Dragon Fruit6.00 SGD
Soursop Kiwi6.00 SGD
Soursop5.00 SGD
Mango Strawberry6.00 SGD
Mango Soursop Smoothie6.00 SGD
Mango Smoothie5.00 SGD
Mango Papaya Smoothie6.00 SGD
Mango Milkshake6.00 SGD
Mango Banana6.00 SGD
Banana Orange6.00 SGD
Avocado Spinach6.50 SGD
Avocado Soursop6.50 SGD
Avocado Pineapple6.00 SGD
Avocado Milo6.50 SGD
Avocado Milkshake6.00 SGD
Avocado Mango6.50 SGD
Avocado Lemon6.50 SGD
Avocado Coffee6.50 SGD
Avocado Chocolate6.00 SGD
Avocado Carrot6.50 SGD
Avocado Beetroot6.00 SGD
Avocado Banana6.00 SGD

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Wonder Juice Menu – Cold Pressed Juices

Water Melon Pineapple6.00 SGD
Water Melon Pear6.00 SGD
Pineapple Orange6.00 SGD
Pineapple Bitter Gourd6.00 SGD
Pear Star Fruit6.00 SGD
Passion Fruit Orange6.50 SGD
Passion Fruit Apple6.50 SGD
Grape Fruit Pineapple6.00 SGD
Grape Fruit Orange6.00 SGD
Celery Cucumber Pineapple6.50 SGD
Celery Apple Pineapple6.50 SGD
Celery Apple Bitter Gourd6.50 SGD
Celery Apple6.00 SGD
Carrot Orange6.00 SGD
Apple Lemon6.00 SGD
Apple Beetroot Carrot6.50 SGD
Apple5.50 SGD

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Is Wonder Juice Singapore Halal?

Yes, Wonder Juice Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant so Muslims can go there without any worry.

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Wonder Juice Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Number


12 Kallang Ave, #01-31A Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511

Opening Hours: 

Saturday 10:30 AM To 8:30 PM

Sunday        10:30 AM To 8:30 PM

Monday        10:30 AM To 8:30 PM

Tuesday 9 AM To 8:30 PM

Wednesday 9 AM To 8:30 PM

Thursday 9 AM To 8:30 PM

Friday 9 AM To 8:30 PM

Phone: 65 8186 3059

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