Yayoi Singapore Menu Up-To-Date Price List 2023

Are you a Japanese food lover? If yes, you must raise your eyebrows when seeing the name Yayoi Singapore as it offers one of the best Japanese foods in the town. We have added the full Yayoi Menu Singapore with images and an updated price list.

Yayoi Menu 2023

We can categorize the Yayoi Singapore Menu as follows:

  • Teishoku 

Let’s explore them in detail:

Yayoi Singapore Menu – Teishoku 

Yayoi Singapore Teishoku Menu
Saba Shio Teishoku11.90 SGD
Shima Hokke Teishoku17.90 SGD
Salmon Teriyaki Teishoku17.90 SGD
Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku14.90 SGD
Shogayaki Teishoku12.90 SGD
Nasu Miso Teishoku11.90 SGD
Niku Yasai Itame Teishoku13.90 SGD
Karaage Teishoku12.90 SGD
Tori Katsu Teishoku12.90 SGD
Mix Katsu Teishoku17.90 SGD
Tonkatsu Teishoku15.90 SGD
Tempura Moriawase Teishoku16.90 SGD
Mix Grill Teishoku21.90 SGD
Mix Toji Teishoku16.90 SGD
Pork Mix Toji Teishoku16.90 SGD
Miso Katsu Teishoku16.90 SGD
Unatama Toji Teishoku17.90 SGD

Yayoi Mabushi Menu 

Yayoi Mabushi
Hitsumabushi21.90 SGD
Kani Mabushi20.90 SGD
Una & Kani Mabushi20.90 SGD
Kaminabe Zen25.90 SGD
Hobayaki Zen25.90 SGD
Gobo Nabe Zen26.90 SGD
Sukiyaki ZenBeef @ 27.90 SGD Pork @ 25.90 SGD

Yayoi Singapore Menu – Donburi

Yayoi Singapore Donburi Menu
Yayoi Beef Don14.90 SGD
Katsu Don15.90 SGD
Unatama Don17.90 SGD
Una Don20.90 SGD
Chicken Steak Don13.90 SGD
Aburi Mentai Mayo Salmon Don16.90 SGD

Yayoi Singapore Meat – Free Dishes Price

Yayoi Singapore Free Dishes Meat Price
MF Mushi Yasai12.90 SGD
MF Yasai Itame9.90 SGD
MF Chahan10.90 SGD
MF Kinoko Tempura8.90 SGD

Yayoi Noodles Menu

Yayoi Noodles
Asari Butter Ramen14.90 SGD
Tonkotsu Ramen12.90 SGD
Karamiso Ramen13.90 SGD
Tomato Seafood Ramen16.90 SGD
Tempura Udon17.90 SGD
Tenzaru Udon17.90 SGD
Tonkatsu Cheese Curry Udon18.90 SGD
Seafood Cheese Curry Udon18.90 SGD
Nabeyaki Udon17.90 SGD
Wakame Udon9.90 SGD
Zaru Udon9.90 SGD
Niku Udon12.90 SGD

Yayoi Singapore Menu – Curry Rice

Yayoi Singapore Curry Rice Menu
Katsu Curry18.90 SGD
Tori Katsu Curry16.90 SGD
Ebi Fry Curry17.90 SGD
Curry Rice15.90 SGD

Yayoi Kids Menu

Yayoi Kids price
Kids Udon10.90 SGD
Kids Tamago Don10.90 SGD
Kids Onigiri10.90 SGD
Kids Ramen10.90 SGD

Yayoi Singapore Side Dishes

Yayoi Singapore Side
Salmon & Kani Salad12.90 SGD
Tofu Salad6.90 SGD
Aburi Salmon Salad9.90 SGD
Salmon Sashimi (3 pieces)4.90 SGD
Hiyayakko3.90 SGD
Green Salad2.90 SGD
Unagi Kabayaki16.90 SGD
Kinoko Butter8.90 SGD
Asari Butter9.90 SGD
Hotate Butter10.90 SGD
Mentai Mayo Cheese Potato9.90 SGD
Mentai Mayo Cheese Salmon14.90 SGD
Seafood Chawanmushi5.90 SGD
Edamame3.90 SGD
Rice 1.90 SGD
16 Grain Rice3.90 SGD
Miso Soup1.90 SGD
Kajiru3.90 SGD


Yayoi Desserts
Matcha Anmitsu8.90 SGD
Vanilla Anmitsu8.90 SGD
Hokkaido Millecrepe With Matcha Ice Cream7.90 SGD
Hokkaido Millcrepe With Vanilla Ice Cream7.90 SGD
Matcha Ice Cream4.90 SGD
Vanilla Ice Cream4.90 SGD

Is Yayoi Singapore Halal Or Not?

No, because Yayou Singapore is serving pork-made meals.


Yayoi Singapore Outlets Location & Opening Hours 


100 Tras Street, #03-12, 100AM

Singapore 079027

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M


313 Orchard Road, #B3-33/34, 313@Somerset

Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M


201 Victoria Street, #01-08, Bugis+

Singapore 188067

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M 


2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-18/19, Don Don Donki Food Court (Stall 5), JCube

Singapore 609731

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday, 9:45 A.M To 8 P.M

Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-03/04/05, Millenia Walk

Singapore 039596

Northpoint City

1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-103/104, Northpoint City

Singapore 768019

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M

The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-01/02, The Star Vista

Singapore 138617

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M

United Square

101 Thomson Road, #B1-54/55, United Square

Singapore 307591

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M

Waterway Point

83 Punggol Central, #01-23, Waterway Point

Singapore 828763

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:45 A.M To 8 P.M

All the data, including images, have been taken from the below-given official channels of Yayoi Singapore:

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