5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Menu Updated Price List 2023

Singapore is home to some classy restaurants like 5 Grill Kitchen Singapore. If you are there for the purpose of getting to know the 5 Grill Kitchen Menu, then you are lucky, as we have added the entire menu along with images & up-to-date price list. Let’s continue scrolling to learn more.

5 Grill Kitchen Menu 2023 

The 5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:


5 Grill Kitchen Spaghetti

Sausage Prices

5 Grill Kitchen Sausage
Giant Chicken Sausage6.00 SGD
Signature Platter Set15.20 SGD
Giant Pork Sausage Set12.30 SGD
Giant Chicken Sausage Set12.30 SGD
Giant Beef Sausage Set12.30 SGD
Giant Beef Sausage6.00 SGD
Giant Pork Sausage6.00 SGD

Chicken Dishes Price

5 Grill Kitchen Chicken Dishes
Mexican Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
BBQ Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
Black Pepper Chicken8.90 SGD
Double Grilled Chicken13.80 SGD
Signature Grilled Chicken10.90 SGD
Char-Grilled Chicken8.90 SGD
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
Cheesy Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
Cajun Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
Herb Grilled Chicken9.50 SGD
Pesto Chicken9.50 SGD
Chicken Cutlet9.50 SGD

Oven Baked Menu

Kitchen Oven Baked Menu
Mexican Chicken9.00 SGD
Sliced Fish9.00 SGD
Chicken Broccoli9.00 SGD
Ham and Sausage9.00 SGD
Seafood9.00 SGD

5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Fish Menu

5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Fish
Grilled Salmon13.60 SGD
Black Pepper Grilled Fish8.90 SGD
Grilled Fish Italian Herb8.90 SGD
Pesto Grilled Fish9.50 SGD
Cheesy Grilled Fish9.50 SGD
Fish and Chips9.50 SGD
Lemon Butter Grilled Fish9.50 SGD

5 Grill Kitchen Steak Menu

Pork Chop20.80 SGD
Mixed Grill20.80 SGD
Pork Cutlet13.60 SGD
Prime Black Pepper Steak15.00 SGD
Prime Striploin Steak15.00 SGD
Black Pepper Grilled Lamb9.50 SGD
Prime Ribeye Steak16.90 SGD
Super Cut Striploin Steak19.50 SGD

5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Menu – Salad & Sides 

5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Menu - Salad & Sides 
5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Salad Menu
A la Carte Per Plate3.21 SGD
French Fries – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Season Vegetable – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Garden Salad – Per Plate3.00 SGD
BBQ Bean – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Baked Potato – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Mashed Potato – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Corn – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Rice – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Coleslaw – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Wedges – Per Plate4.90 SGD
Onion Rings – Per Plate3.00 SGD
Caesar Chicken Salad8.90 SGD
Caesar Salad7.90 SGD
Caesar Salmon Salad14.00 SGD
Caesar Beef Salad8.90 SGD
Caesar Fish Salad8.90 SGD

Is 5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Halal?

No, 5 Grill Kitchen Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant. The reason is the serving of alcoholic drinks & pork dishes.

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5 Grill Kitchen Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Saturday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Sunday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Monday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Tuesday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Wednesday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Thursday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Friday: 10:30 A.M To 9:45 P.M

Hong Kah Point: 504 Jurong West Street 51, Singapore 640504

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