Gopizza Singapore Menu Updated Price 2024

Hey, Italian food enthusiasts! Do you want to know what the latest Gopizza menu is? If yes, then you have come to the right place. You can find the complete Gopizza Singapore menu, along with images and updated prices, on our website. The prices are from Gopizza’s official sources.

Gopizza Menu 2024 

We can categorize the Gopizza Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Pizza 
  • Pasta 
  • Pasta Rice 
  • Chicken 
  • Sides 
  • Package 
  • Desserts 
  • Drinks 

Let’s check them one by one:

Gopizza Singapore Pizza Prices

Gopizza Singapore Pizza
Burrata Cheese Pizza12.90 SGD
Napoli Prawn Pizza12.90 SGD
Chili Crab Prawn Pizza12.90 SGD
Korean Bulgogi Pizza10.90 SGD
Yangnyum Chicken Pizza10.90 SGD
Cheong-yang Chinese Pizza10.90 SGD
Bacon Potato Pizza10.90 SGD
Classic Cheese Pizza7.90 SGD
Veggie Pizza7.90 SGD
Hawaiian Pizza8.90 SGD
Super Combination Pizza9.90 SGD
Cream Mushroom Pizza9.90 SGD
Pepperoni Pizza9.90 SGD
Blue Cheese Pizza10.90 SGD
BBQ Chicken Pizza10.90 SGD

Gopizza Pasta Menu 

Gopizza Pasta
Aglio Olio Pasta6.90 SGD
Tomato Pasta7.90 SGD
Carbonara Pasta9.90 SGD
Cheese Oven Pasta9.90 SGD
Fire Cheese Chicken Pasta10.90 SGD

Any add-On from them will cost you an extra 1.00 SGD:

  • Hot Sauce 
  • Cheese 
  • Sweet Potato Mousse 
  • Ranch Sauce

Gopizza Singapore Rice Menu 

Gopizza Menu – Chicken

Fried Chicken (Yangnyum / Fire)Small @ 7.90 SGDLarge @ 21.90 SGD
Buffalo Wings(Original / Teriyaki / Yangnyum / Fire)8 pieces @ 7.90 SGD14 pieces @ 17.90 SGD20 pieces 24.90 SGD
Chicken Tender4 pieces @ 4.50 SGD12 pieces @ 13.00 SGD

Gopizza Singapore Menu – Sides 

Gopizza Singapore  Sides Menu


Fried Yangnyum / Fried FireSmall @ 7.90 SGD Large @ 21.90 SGD

Buffalo Wings

Original / Teriyaki / Fries6 Pieces @ 7.90 SGD14 Pieces @ 17.90 SGD20 Pieces @ 24.90 SGD


Original6.90 SGD
Cheese7.90 SGD


Chicken Tender3 Pieces @ 3.90 SGD10 Pieces @ 10.00 SGD
Chicken Stick3 Pieces @ 3.90 SGD10 Pieces @ 10.00 SGD
Shoestring Fries2.50 SGD
Wedge Fries2.50 SGD

Gopizza Package Menu Prices 

Single Package12.90 SGD
Duo Package25.80 SGD
Go Go Package25.80 SGD
Pasta Package12.90 SGD
K Mukbang PackageIt 24.80 SGD


Lava Cake5.80 SGD
Gelato4.80 SGD

Gopizza Singapore Menu – Drinks 

Draught Beer5.50 SGD
Milkis2.50 SGD
Mineral Water2.20 SGD

Is Gopizza Singapore Halal?

No, Gopizza Singapore serves beer which is an alcoholic drink, so it is not a halal restaurant.

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Gopizza Singapore Location & Contact Details

38 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-06, Singapore 577178

Phone: +65 6513 0522

All the information given in this article, especially images, have been taken from the below-given official sources of Gopizza Singapore:

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