Kream & Kensho Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2024

We all know that Japanese food is one of the best in the world. If you want to taste classical Japanese food, Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu is the right place to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Kream & Kensho Menu 2024

We can categorize the Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Signatures
  • Sandos
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Sides
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
  • Signatures
  • Not-Coffee
  • Kombucha

Now we will see the complete detail of the Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu here below:

Kream & Kensho Signatures Menu

Strawberry Mallow Toast
Marshmallow Cream | Fresh Strawberries | Honey | Grounded Pistachio
14.00 SGD
Mushroom On Toast V2.0
Curries Cauliflower Purée | Seasonal Sauté Mushrooms | Scrambled Eggs
16.00 SGD
K&K Big Plate
Smashed Tater Tots | Tomato on Vine | Crispy Bacon | Scrambled Eggs | Spiced Beans | Sautéed Seasonal Mushrooms
20.00 SGD
Hotate Sakura Ebi Capellini
Hotate Scallops | Sakura Ebi | Shio Kombu | Chilli Oil | White Wine & Capellini
24.00 SGD
Grape Ricotta Brioche
Whipped Ricotta Cheese | Lavender Infused Honey | Matcha Powder | Grounded Pistachios
14.00 SGD
Brioche Bun | Beef Patty | Wakame Mayo | Gherkins | Smoked Cheddar | Served with Fries
20.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Singapore Sandos Menu

Pork Katsu Sando
Pork Loin Katsu | Pickled Cucumber | Red Pepper Ketchup | Curry Leaf Mayo | Purple Slaw
18.00 SGD
Overstuffed French Toast
Brulee French Toast | Dark Chocolate Mousse | Vanilla Cream
16.00 SGD
Hot Bird
Crispy Spicy Chicken | KFC Sauce | Purple Slaw | Chili Crisp Mayo
18.00 SGD
California Crabbie
Whole Soft Shell Crab | Wasabi Mayo | Tobiko | Shredsauce | Tomatoes | Kani Karaage
18.00 SGD
Beef Fat Short Ribs Sando
Horseradish Cream | Shredsauce | Tomatoes | Smoked Rib | Pickles, Spanish Reds Shavings
20.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Menu – Rice

Salmon Don
Aburi Salmon, Furikake, Onsen Egg, Takuan, and Rice
18.00 SGD
Katsu Curry Rice
Chicken Katsu, Japanese Curry, Onsen Egg, Furikake, and Rice
16.00 SGD
Yakiniku Beef, Furikake, Onsen Egg, Kimchi, and Shibazuke
18.00 SGD

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Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu – Noodles

Chilled Mentsuyu Soba
Soba Noodles | Braised Bamboo Shoots | Pickled Shimeiji | Naruto Maki | Hanjuku Eggs & Umami Dip
14.00 SGD
Tsukemen Dipping Ramen
Hakata Ramen | Braised Bamboo Shoots | Naruto Maki | Pickled Shimeiji | Hanjuku Egg
14.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Sides Men

Fresh Fried Squid | Picked Mayo
12.00 SGD
Kaki Fry
Panko fried oysters | wasabi mayo
12.00 SGD
          Kombu Truffle Fries
Mediterranean Sea Salt | Kombu | Fries | Parmesan & Spring Onions
12.00 SGD
Tater Tots
Crispy-Fried Tater Tots topped with shaved grana padano
8.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Singapore Dessert Menu

Luscious rich, creamy, savory dessert made from Hokkaido milk
10.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Menu Price – Coffee

K&K Espresso Blend
5.50 SGD
Dirty Matcha
Double K&K Espresso Blend, Milk, Matcha
7.00 SGD
Espresso Soda
Espresso Blend | Soda Water
6.00 SGD
Flat White
K&K Espresso Blend
5.50 SGD
K&K Espresso
K&K Espresso Blend
4.00 SGD
K&K Espresso Blend
5.50 SGD
Long Black
K&K Espresso Blend
4.00 SGD
Double Ristretto | Steamed Milk
5.00 SGD
Mint Mocha
Mint Chocolate, K&K Espresso Blend
6.50 SGD
Chocolate, K&K Espresso Blend
6.50 SGD
K&K Espresso Blend
5.00 SGD

Kream & Kensho Singapore Menu – Signatures

Sparkling Lychee Lemonade7.00 SGD
Peach Yuzu6.50 SGD
Momo Calpis Soda7.00 SGD
Kyoho Grape Calpis Soda7.00 SGD
K&K Milk Tea6.50 SGD

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Kream & Kensho Not-Coffee Menu

Mint Chocolate6.50 SGD
Matcha Latte6.50 SGD
Hojicha Latte6.50 SGD
Chocolate6.50 SGD
Chai Latte6.50 SGD

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Kream & Kensho Singapore Kombucha Menu

Chrysanthemum Goji8.50 SGD
Lychee Oolong8.50 SGD
Passionfruit8.50 SGD

Is Kream & Kensho Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Kream & Kensho Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant, as they serve pork.  

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Kream & Kensho Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


35 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169355

Opening Hours:

Thursday 9 am To 5 pm

Friday 9 am To 5 pm

Saturday 9 am To 5 pm

Sunday 9 am To 5 pm

Monday 9 am To 5 pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 9 am 5 pm

Phone: +65 9435 0488

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