Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Latest 2024

Are you looking to eat Arabic food? If yes, look no further than Hummus and Tandoor Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Hummus and Tandoor Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

Hummus and Tandoor Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Salad
  • Pastries
  • Cold Mezze
  • Hot Mezza
  • Wrap & Rolls
  • Main Course Lamb
  • Main Course Chicken
  • Main Course Seafood
  • Pizzas & Pasta
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

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Hummus and Tandoor Salad Menu

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Salads
Arabic Salad13.90 SGD
Beetroot Salad14.90 SGD
Fattoush12.50 SGD
Tabbouleh13.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Pastries Menu

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Pastery
Cheese & Zaatar23.90 SGD
Cheese Zaatar20.90 SGD
Pidde Chicken18.90 SGD
Pidde Lamb19.90 SGD
Pidde Mix20.90 SGD
Zaatar18.90 SGD

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Hummus and Tandoor Menu – Cold Mezza

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore
Warak Enab13.90 SGD
Tzatziki12.90 SGD
Moutabbal12.90 SGD
Mezza Platter29.00 SGD
Labneh14.50 SGD
Hummus Lamb19.90 SGD
Hummus Chicken18.90 SGD
Hummus13.90 SGD
Baba Ghannoug12.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Menu – Hot Mezza

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Hot Mezza
Arayes Kofta20.90 SGD
Bamieh Lady Fingers24.90 SGD
Batata Harra17.90 SGD
Cheese Roll15.90 SGD
Falafel14.90 SGD
Grill Halloumi Cheese17.90 SGD
Kibbeh18.90 SGD
Mousakaa Vegetables18.90 SGD
Moussaka Chicken23.90 SGD
Moussaka Lamb25.90 SGD
Moussaka Mix27.90 SGD

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Hummus and Tandoor Wrap & Roll Menu

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Roll
Shish Tawook Wrap17.90 SGD
Mixed Shawarma15.90 SGD
Lamb Shawarma14.90 SGD
Lamb Kofta Wrap17.90 SGD
Halloumi Wrap16.90 SGD
Falafel Wrap13.90 SGD
Chicken Shawarma13.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Main Course Lamb Menu

Turkish Shish Kebab29.90 SGD
Testi Kebab Lamb44.00 SGD
Testi Kebab Chicken41.00 SGD
Steak31.90 SGD
Mixed Grill49.00 SGD
Lamb Tagine30.90 SGD
Lamb Mandi30.90 SGD
Lamb Kofta28.90 SGD
Grill Lamb Chops31.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Price – Main Course Chicken

Chicken Kofta27.90 SGD
Chicken Mandi28.90 SGD
Chicken Steak28.90 SGD
Chicken Tagine29.90 SGD
Shish Tawook25.90 SGD
Spring Chicken34.90 SGD

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Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Menu – Main Course Seafood

Seafood Combo49.90 SGD
Salmon Fillet32.90 SGD
Grilled Tiger Prawns38.90 SGD
Grilled Fish38.90 SGD
Fried Fish37.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Pizzas & Pasta Menu

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore Pizza
Chicken Pesto Pasta19.90 SGD
Margherita Pizza19.90 SGD
Penne Arabiata18.90 SGD
Pepperoni Pizza23.90 SGD
Vegetarian Pizza19.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Sides Menu

Baked Potato7.90 SGD
French Fries9.90 SGD
Lavash Bread6.90 SGD
Mandi Rice5.90 SGD
Pita Bread3.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Desserts Menu

Baklava14.90 SGD
Kunafa14.90 SGD

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Beverages Price

Apple Juice7.90 SGD
Apple Tea5.50 SGD
Ayran7.90 SGD
Carrot & Orange9.50 SGD
Carrot Juice7.90 SGD
Green Tea5.50 SGD
Lebanese Coffee6.90 SGD
Lemonade Mint8.90 SGD
Mango Juice8.90 SGD
Mineral Water3.00 SGD
Mint Tea5.50 SGD
Orange Juice7.90 SGD
Perrier Water5.90 SGD
Soft Beverage4.90 SGD
Strawberry & Lemonade Mint9.90 SGD
Strawberry Ayran8.90 SGD
Strawberry Juice7.90 SGD

Is Hummus and Tandoor Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant.

Hummus and Tandoor Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


58 Arab St, Singapore 199755

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday, 11:00 AM To 11:00 PM

Phone: +65 8372 8786

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