MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu Singapore Updated 2023

We all know that Chinese food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical Chinese food, MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu 2023

We can categorize the MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Signature
  • Fish
  • Squid
  • Prawns
  • Soup
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Bean Curd
  • Gravy Noodles
  • Soup Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Chicken 
  • Beverages

Now we will see the complete detail of the MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Menu here below:

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Signature Menu

Ngoh Hiang4.30 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Fish Menu

Ginger & Onion Fish Slices15.00 SGD
Sambal Fish Slices15.00 SGD
Sweet Sour Fish Slices15.00 SGD
MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu Singapore List

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu – Squid

Deep Fried Baby Squid18.80 SGD
Sambal Sotong16.00 SGD
Sotong Balls11.80 SGD
You Char Kway with Sotong11.80 SGD

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MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Menu – Prawns

Black Pepper Prawns15.00 SGD
Butter Prawns38.00 SGD
Cereal Prawns38.00 SGD
Crispy Prawns Wrap14.00 SGD
Deep Fried Prawns38.00 SGD
Prawns with Cashew Nuts15.00 SGD
Prawns with Dried Chili15.00 SGD
Sambal Prawns15.00 SGD
Sweet & Sour Prawns15.00 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Soup Menu Price

Chicken Soup0.32 SGD
Combination Soup6.50 SGD
Fish Soup8.00 SGD
Fishball Soup6.50 SGD
Hot & Sour Soup8.00 SGD
Salted Vegetables Beancurd Soup6.50 SGD
Vegetable Soup6.50 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Beef Price

Beef Bitter Gourd15.00 SGD
Beef Celery15.00 SGD
Beef Kai Lan15.00 SGD
Beef Steak Slices15.00 SGD
Black Pepper Beef15.00 SGD
Onion & Ginger Beef15.00 SGD
Sweet & Sour Beef15.00 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu – Eggs

Egg Omelette8.00 SGD
Egg Omelette with Onion9.10 SGD
Foo Yong Crabs11.80 SGD
Foo Yong Egg10.70 SGD
Foo Yong Prawns11.80 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Vegetables Price

Baby Kai Lan with Sauce11.80 SGD
Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish11.80 SGD
Broccoli with Sauce11.80 SGD
Broccoli with Scallop16.00 SGD
Kangkong with Balachan11.30 SGD
Lo Han Chye11.30 SGD
Mixed Vegetables with Seafood11.80 SGD

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MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Bean Curd Menu

Sin Chew Style with Shrimps7.00 SGD
Seafood with Sambal7.50 SGD
Fish with Sambal8.60 SGD
Dry Vegetarian Noodle7.00 SGD
Dry Seafood Noodle7.00 SGD
Dry Fish Noodle8.00 SGD
Dry Chicken Noodle8.00 SGD
Dry Beef Noodle8.00 SGD
Chicken with Sambal8.60 SGD
Braised Beancurd12.90 SGD
Beef with Sambal8.60 SGD
Beancurd with Prawns12.90 SGD
Beancurd with Crab Meat12.90 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Greavy Noodles Menu

Beef Noodles with Gravy7.50 SGD
Black Pepper Chicken8.00 SGD
Black Pepper Fish8.00 SGD
Chicken Noodles with Gravy7.50 SGD
Fish Noodles with Gravy7.50 SGD
San Mee Beef8.60 SGD
San Mee Chicken8.60 SGD
San Mee Fish8.60 SGD
San Mee Seafood7.50 SGD
Seafood & Eggs with Gravy7.00 SGD
Seafood Black Pepper7.00 SGD
Seafood Noodles with Gravy6.50 SGD
Seafood Sichap7.00 SGD
Sichap Beef8.00 SGD
Sichap Chicken8.00 SGD
Sichap Fish8.00 SGD
Vegetarian Noodles with Gravy6.50 SGD

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Soup Noodles Menu

Beef Noodle Soup7.50 SGD
Chicken Noodle Soup7.50 SGD
Fish Noodle Soup7.50 SGD
Seafood Noodle Soup6.50 SGD

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MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Fried Rice Menu

Yang Chow Fried Rice6.50 SGD
Vegetarian Fried Rice6.50 SGD
Silver Fish Fried Rice7.50 SGD
Seafood Mui Fun7.00 SGD
Seafood Fried Rice7.50 SGD
Salted Fish Fried Rice7.50 SGD
Fish Fried Rice7.50 SGD
Chicken Fried Rice7.50 SGD
Beef Fried Rice7.50 SGD

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MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Menu – Chicken

Whole Chicken40.70 SGD
Sweet & Sour Chicken15.00 SGD
Sambal Chicken15.00 SGD
Plain Chicken Rice1.10 SGD
Lemon Chicken15.00 SGD
Ginger Onion Chicken15.00 SGD
Drumstick with Rice6.80 SGD
Diced Chicken with Dried Chili15.00 SGD
Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts15.00 SGD
Chicken with Rice5.90 SGD
Chicken Wings with Rice6.30 SGD
Chicken Liver Sambal14.00 SGD
Chicken for 15.30 SGD
Black Pepper Chicken15.00 SGD
1/2 Chicken21.40 SGD

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MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Menu – Beverages

Bandung1.90 SGD
Chrysanthemum Tea1.90 SGD
Coke1.90 SGD
Coke Light1.90 SGD
Coke Zero1.90 SGD
Green Tea1.90 SGD
Iced Lemon Tea4.30 SGD
Mineral Water1.50 SGD
Peach Tea4.30 SGD
Root Beer1.90 SGD
Soya Bean1.90 SGD
Sprite1.90 SGD

Is MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Halal Restaurant?

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as it does not serve pork.  

MacKenzie Rex Restaurant Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information


66 Prinsep St, Singapore 188668

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday, 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM

Phone: +65 6336 1702

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