Jag Wine Menu Singapore Updated Price 2024

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Jag Wine Menu 2024

We can say that the Jag Wine Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Main Menu
  • Spirits
  • Beers
  • Prosecco and Champagne
  • Germany White
  • New Zealand Red
  • New Zealand White
  • Spain Red
  • France White and Rose
  • France Red
  • Italy White
  • Italy Red
  • Pizza
  • Tapas
  • Soup  & Salad

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

Jag Wine Singapore Main Menu

Jag Wine Singapore Main
French Duck Confit
With potato and daily vegetables in port wine sauce
30.00 SGD
Angus Beef Burger
With melted cheese, tomato and fries
24.00 SGD
Braised Lamb Shank
With mashed potato, daily vegetables and sweet potato chips
32.00 SGD
Grilled Tenderloin
With potato and daily vegetables in black pepper sauce
34.00 SGD
Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek
With potato and daily vegetables
34.00 SGD
Grilled Rack of Lamb
With potato and daily vegetables
38.00 SGD
Crispy Grilled Chicken
With chicken sausage, potato and daily vegetables
24.00 SGD

Jag Wine Spirits Price

Glenlivet 18 Years340.00 SGD
Jose Cuervo Tequila150.00 SGD
Baileys Irish Cream140.00 SGD
Martell Vsop185.00 SGD
Jagermeister150.00 SGD
Jack Daniels Bourbon160.00 SGD
Hendricks Gin175.00 SGD
Grey Goose Vodka175.00 SGD
Amaretto140.00 SGD
Macallan 12 Years218.00 SGD
Johnnie Walker Black Label150.00 SGD
Absolut Vodka140.00 SGD

Jag Wine Singapore Menu – Beers

Amarcord Italian Craft Beer20.00 SGD
Strongbow Elderflower Cider12.00 SGD
Kilkenny Irish Ale13.00 SGD
Guinness Surger13.00 SGD
Erdinger Dunkel Dark13.00 SGD
Erdinger Light13.00 SGD

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Jag Wine Prosecco and Champagne Menu

Vini Tonon Prosecco Extra Dry NV60.00 SGD
Les Quarteronz Cremant Brut NV88.00 SGD
Gabriel Pagin Grand Reserve Champagne134.00 SGD

Jag Wine Singapore Germany White Price

Kessler Riesling Semi Sweet, NV68.00 SGD

Jag Wine New Zealand Red Menu

Katahi Pinot Noir, 201688.00 SGD

Jag Wine Singapore New Zealand White Menu

Katahi Sauvignon Blanc, 201668.00 SGD

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Jag Wine Menu – Spain Red

Abadal 3.9, 201699.00 SGD
Abadal Cab Franc, 201666.00 SGD
Crin Roja Tempranillo, 201858.00 SGD

France White and Rose Price

Domaine Martin Rose68.00 SGD

Jag Wine France Red Price

Les Portes De Bordeaux Rouge 201858.00 SGD
Celestiere Châteauneuf Du Pape, 2012128.00 SGD
Château Pey De Pont Médoc, 201588.00 SGD

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Jag Wine Singapore Italy White Price

ERA Organic Pinot Grigio 201868.00 SGD
Sartori Marani 201778.00 SGD
Torrevento Fiano 201898.00 SGD
Volpi Moscato78.00 SGD

Jag Wine Italy Red Menu Price

Volpi Barbera D’Asti 201878.00 SGD
Antiche Terre Amarone 201698.00 SGD
Eugenio Collavini Turian 2012158.00 SGD
E Arte Negro Amaro Puglia 201678.00 SGD
Poggio Sotto Rosso Montalcino, 2014338.00 SGD
Tenute Poggiocaro Brunello 2014148.00 SGD
Sartori Amarone Corte Bra, 2011198.00 SGD
Volpi Barolo, 2011154.00 SGD
Sartori Pinot Noir, 201678.00 SGD
Sartori L’Appassionato, 201768.00 SGD

Jag Wine Singapore Pizza Menu

Jag Wine Singapore Pizza
Tandoori Chicken Pizza
Tandoori sauce, tandoori chicken and mozzarella
24.00 SGD
Meat Lovers Pizza
Sausages, ham, bacon and beef in tomato sauce and mozzarella
28.00 SGD
Seafood Pesto
Homemade pesto, prawn and crab meat
26.00 SGD
Hawaiian Pizza
Tomato sauce, ham and pineapple
25.00 SGD
Salami Pizza
Tomato sauce, mozzarella and salami slices
25.00 SGD
Four Cheese Pizza
Vegetarian, tomato, mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan and ricotta
25.00 SGD
Margherita Pizza
Vegetarian, tomato base, mozzarella and basil
22.00 SGD

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Tapas Menu

Grilled Baby Octopuswith honey black pepper sauce18.00 SGD
Gombas Al Ajillo Sauteed Tiger Prawnsin sweet and spicy sauce16.00 SGD
Steak Bitswith black pepper sauce14.00 SGD
Lamb MeatBallswith brandy black pepper sauce and croutons16.00 SGD
Homemade Tandoori Chicken Legwith mint yogurt14.00 SGD
Homemade Fresh Blue Crab Cakewith garlic aioli and basil oil16.00 SGD

Jag Wine Soup & Salad Menu Price

Jag Wine Soup & Salad Menu
Carrot Ginger Soup
With homemade focaccia bread
8.00 SGD
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, homemade dressing, bacon bits, croutons and topped with poached egg
18.00 SGD
Apple Celery Salad
Parmesan crisp, sweet potato chips and lemon pomegranate dressing
18.00 SGD
Garden Green Salad
Fresh mixed greens, cucumber and cherry tomatoes
15.00 SGD

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Is Jag Wine Singapore Menu Halal?

No, Jag Wine Singapore Menu is not halal-certified because it serves alcoholic drinks and pork.

Jag Wine Singapore Location, Opening Hours & Contact Info

E Coast Rd, Singapore 384, Singapore 428988

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday: 4 pm To 12 am

Wednesday: 4 pm To 12 am

Thursday: 4 pm To 12 am

Friday: 4 pm To 12 am

Saturday: 4 pm To 12 am

Sunday: 4 pm To 12 am

Monday: Closed

Phone: +65 6348 1778

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