Foresta Restaurant Menu Singapore Price 2023

Do you want to enjoy a variety of delicious meals along with drinks? If yes, then there is no better option to make your outing special than Foresta Restaurant Singapore. We have given the detailed Foresta Restaurant Menu along with up-to-date prices and images in this post.

Forest Restaurant Menu 2023

We can Categorize the Foresta Restaurant Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Foresta Delight 
  • Appetizers 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Kids Menu 
  • Westers 
  • Asian
  • Drinks

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Foresta Restaurant Appetizers Prices 

Foresta Restaurant Appetizers
Fried Ikan Bilis10.00 SGD
Commandos12.00 SGD
Pepper Tofu (V)10.00 SGD
Chicken 6512.00 SGD
Sambal Sausage10.00 SGD
Scrambled Eggs9.00 SGD
Gobi 65 (V)11.0P SGD
Fried Chicken Wings10.00 SGD
Buffalo Wings12.00 SGD
Cheese Fries 9.00 SGD
Seafood Rings10.00 SGD
Popcorn Chicken9.00 SGD
Chicken Nuggets9.00 SGD
Garden Salad (V)5.00 SGD
Soup Of The Day6.00 SGD
Stuffed Tofu13.00 SGD
Prawn Fritters16.00 SGD
Cuttlefish Fritters11.00 SGD
Mutton Meatballs14.00 SGD

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Foresta Restaurant Menu – Asian 

Foresta Restaurant Asian Menu
Roti Jala With Mutton / Chicken Gravy15.00 SGD
Sambal Tofu @ 10.00 SGDQuail Eggs @ 11.00 SGDChicken @ 13.00 SGDFish @ 14.00 SGDPrawn @ 16.00 SGDMutton @ 16.00 SGD
Foresta Goreng SpecialsIkan Bilis @ 12.00 SGDChicken @ 13.00 SGDMutton @ 14.00 SGDVegetarian @ 12.00 SGD
Nasi Goreng Sardine13.00 SGD
Plain White Rice2.00 SGD
Pita Bread Rice2.00 SGD
Grilled Prawn Sambal16.00 SGD
Grilled Cuttlefish Sambal16.00 SGD
Seafood Fish Platter28.00 SGD

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Foresta Restaurant Singapore Menu – Western

Foresta Restaurant Singapore Western Menu
Chicken Burger Set15.00 SGD
Beef Burger Set16.00 SGD
Mutton Burger Set17.00 SGD
Fish & Chips16.00 SGD
Grilled Chicken17.00 SGD
Lamb Chops24.00 SGD
Sirloin Steak22.00 SGD
Aglio Olio13.00 SGD
Alfredo Chicken Pasta16.00 SGD
Arrabiata Chicken Pasta16.00 SGD
Lasagna Chicken13.00 SGD
PizzaVegetarian @ 15.00 SGDHawaiian @ 16.00 SGDChicken @ 17.00 SGDMutton @ 19.00 SGD
Chili Padi Pizza / Fiery PizzaChicken @ 18.00 SGD Mutton @ 20.00 SGD
Seafood Pizza (Prawns, Cuttlefish, Onions, and Capsicum20.00 SGD

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Foresta Kids Menu Price

Foresta Kids Menu
Fish & Chips10.00 SGD
Mac & Cheese8.00 SGD
Nuggets & Fries8.00 SGD
Fried Rice & Egg8.00 SGD
Kiddo Spaghetti10.00 SGD

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Foresta Restaurant Menu – Vegetables 

Foresta Restaurant Vegetables Menu 
Chilli Mushroom11.00 SGD
Spicy Potatoes11.00 SGD
Bhindi Fry11.00 SGD
Gobi Manchurian11.00 SGD
Stir-Fried Broccoli In Oyster Sauce11.00 SGD
Honey Chilli Potatoes11.00 SGD

Foresta Delight Menu

Foresta Delight
Kay Chicken (Veggie Option Available)13.00 SGD
Spicy Butter Cuttlefish15.00 SGD
Spicy Butter Prawns16.00 SGD
Mutton Kichap (Veggie Option Available)16.00 SGD
Laksa Goreng14.00 SGD
Padayappa Rice18.00 SGD
Seafood Padayappa Rice18.00 SGD
Fiery Chicken13.00 SGD
Foresta Fish16.00 SGD
Egg-Alado Prawn/Fish16.00 SGD

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Foresta Restaurant Singapore Menu – Drinks 

Hot Drinks

Foresta Restaurant Singapore Drinks Menu  
Black Coffee5.00 SGD
Espresso Shot5.00 SGD
Cappuccino7.00 SGD
Latte7.00 SGD
Hot Chocolate6.00 SGD
Black Tea / Green Tea5.00 SGD
Tea With Milk6.00 SGD

Soft Drinks 

Coke4.00 SGD
Green Tea
Ice Lemon Tea
Ginger Ale
Toni Water
Soda Water3.00 SGD


Lime 6.00 SGD


Beer Menu
Heineken Bottle Happy Hour6.00 SGD
Heineken Bottle8.00 SGD
Hoegaarden Bottle Happy Hour7.00 SGD
Hoegaarden Bottle9.00 SGD
Tiger Crystal Bottle Happy Hour6.00 SGD
Tiger Crystal Bottle8.00 SGD
Erdinger Wine Bottle Happy Hour12.00 SGD
Erdinger Wine Bottle15.00 SGD
Heineken Pint12.00 SGD
Heineken Pint Happy Hour10.00 SGD
Heineken Tower62.00 SGD
Heineken Tower Happy Hour52.00 SGD
Tiger Crystal Pint11.00 SGD
Tiger Crystal Pint Happy Hour10.00 SGD
Tiger Crystal Tower Happy Hour48.00 SGD
Guinness Stout Pint13.00 SGD
Guinness Stout Pint Happy Hour11.00 SGD
3 Pint Guinness28.00 SGD


Cocktails Menu
Dry Martini16.00 SGD
Ocean Martini16.00 SGD
Lychee Martini18.00 SGD
Daiquiri16.00 SGD
Long Island Tea18.00 SGD
Cosmopolitan16.00 SGD
Pìna Colada16.00 SGD
Mojito16.00 SGD
Margherita16.00 SGD


Vodka Grey Goose128.00 SGD
Belvedere138.00 SGD
Chivas 12120.00 SGD
Absolut Vodka88.00 SGD
Hendricks138.00 SGD
Bacardi88.00 SGD
Jack Daniel120.00 SGD
Black Label120.00 SGD
Singleton 12138.00 SGD
Singleton 15168.00 SGD
Monkey Shoulder128.00 SGD
Chivas 18168.00 SGD

Red & White Wine 

Red & White Wine Menu
Red Wine (Per Glass)12.00 SGD
Cabernet Sauvignon60.00 SGD
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva60.00 SGD
Viña Hermosa Crianza55.00 SGD


Jagerbomb (With Redbull)14.00 SGD
Jagermeister10.00 SGD
Sambuca10.00 SGD
Tequila8.00 SGD
Tequila Rose8.00 SGD
Butterscotch8.00 SGD
Petta Bomb (Foresta Exclusive!)18.00 SGD
Waterfall25.00 SGD
B5210.00 SGD
Toxic 5 Shots30.00 SGD


Mocktails Menu
Pineapple Cobbler11.00 SGD
Virgin Cucumber Gimlet11.00 SGD
Pineapple Ginger Beer11.00 SGD
Shirly Temple11.00 SGD
Cranberry Fizz11.00 SGD
Ginger Apple Fizz11.00 SGD

Premium Shots

Premium Shots Menu
Chivas 1214.00 SGD
Black Label14.00 SGD
Jack DanielsSingle @ 14.00 SGD Double @ 20.00 SGD
Hendricks GinSingle @ 15.00 SGD Double @ 22.00 SGD
MartellSingle @ 15.00 SGD Double @ 22.00 SGD


Soju (Original, Grapefruit, Plum, Green Grape, and Sweet Lychee)16.00 SGD

Is Foresta Restaurant Singapore Halal?

No, at all, as Foresta Restaurant Singapore sells Alcoholic drinks. 

Forest Restaurant Singapore Outlets Location & Opening Hours 

The Grandstand 

200 Turf Club Rd, #01 – 16, Singapore 287994

Opening Hours: 

Friday: 5:30 P.M To 1 A.M

Saturday: 1 P.M To 2 A.M

Sunday: 5 P.M To 12 A.M

Monday: 5:30 P.M To 12 A.M

Tuesday: 5:30 P.M To 12 A.M

Wednesday: 5:30 P.M To 12 A.M

Thursday: 5:30 P.M To 12 A.M

Phone: +65 6235 5985

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