Los Amigos Taqueria Menu Singapore Latest 2023

We all know that Mexican food is one of the best in the world. If you have a desire to get a taste of classical Mexican dishes, Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so you will find this restaurant to be special. We have added the full Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Los Amigos Taqueria Menu 2023

We can categorize the Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Little Cravings
  • Tacos
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas
  • Mexican Roasted Potato
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Cocktails

Now we will see the complete detail of Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu here below:

Los Amigos Taqueria Little Cravings Menu

Los Amigos Taqueria Little Cravings
A La Parrilla Espárragos12.80 SGD
Crispy Pork Belly14.80 SGD
Amigos Pollo Fritto14.80 SGD
Prawn Ceviche14.80 SGD
Espadin 2.0 (White Bait)10.80 SGD
Mixed Sauteed Mushrooms8.80 SGD
Huff Puff And Blow Away The Al Cerdo22.80 SGD

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Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu – Tacos

Los Amigos Taqueria Tacos
Taco De Polo14.80 SGD
Taco De Carne Asada16.80 SGD
Taco De Pescado14.80 SGD
Taco De Setas11.80 SGD
Los Amigos Taqueria Menu

Los Amigos Taqueria Menu – Nachos

Corn Chips13.80 SGD
Salsa13.80 SGD
Mozzarella13.80 SGD
Jalapeno13.80 SGD

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Los Amigos Taqueria Quesadillas Menu 

Tortella12.80 SGD
Mozzarella12.80 SGD
Sour Cream12.80 SGD

Mexican Roasted Potato Menu

Tossed In Mexican Rub12.80 SGD
Sunny Side Up12.80 SGD

Los Amigos Taqueria Desserts Menu

Churros Con Chocolate10.80 SGD
Dessert Of The Day9.80 SGD

Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Beverages Price

Los Amigos Taqueria Beverages
Heineken Pint11.00 SGD
Guinness Pint11.00 SGD
Corona9.00 SGD
Corona Bucket35.00 SGD
Soft Drinks5.00 SGD
Still Water5.00 SGD
Sparkling Water5.00 SGD
Juices6.00 SGD
Tequila Rose10.00 SGD
Fireball10.00 SGD
Jagermiester8.00 SGD
Roku16.00 SGD
Gordon12.00 SGD
Grey Goose16.00 SGD

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Los Amigos Taqueria Cocktails Menu

Los Amigos Taqueria Cocktails Menu
ItemsPrices (Glass)Prices (Jug)
Aperol Spritz16.00 SGD48.00 SGD
Margarita16.00 SGD48.00 SGD
Pimm’s Lemonade16.00 SGD48.00 SGD
Long Island Tea18.00 SGD64.00 SGD
Negroni16.00 SGD48.00 SGD

Is Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu Halal?

No, Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Menu is not halal because it serves a lot of Islam prohibited eatables.

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Los Amigos Taqueria Singapore Location & Contact Information

Location: 85 Circular Road

Boat Quay

Singapore 049437

Phone Number: +65 8298 8583

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