Lower East Side Taqueria Menu Singapore Updated 2023

We all know that American food is one of the best in the world. If you have the desire to get a taste of classical American food, Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore is the right place for you to get your favorite dishes at an affordable price. They have a large variety on their menu, so that you will find this restaurant special. We have added the full Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu, along with images and updated prices.

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu 2023

We can categorize the Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Snacks
  • Salads
  • Tacos
  • Quesadillas
  • Burritos
  • Grande
  • Topping
  • Red Wines 
  • White Wines
  • Coffee

Now we will see the complete detail of the Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu here below:

Lower East Side Taqueria Snacks Menu

Chicken Chilaquiles
Grilled Chicken, Corn Chips, Cheese, Salsa Verde
14.02 SGD
Chili Con Carne
Ground Beef, Homemade Cheddar, Ancho Chili, Toasted Flour Taco
15.89 SGD
Corn Chips with 3 Dips
Salsa Verde/ Salsa Fresca/ Guacamole/ Sweet Corn Salsa/ Sambal Mayo/ Cheddar Cheese Sauce/ Sour Cream/ Ancho Kewpie
14.02 SGD
Grilled Sweet Corn, Cotija Cheese & Ancho Kewpie Mayo
8.42 SGD
L.E.S Mix
Garlic Fries & Corn Chips, Served with Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Sour Cream, Salsa Fresca, Guacamole & Jalapeno
17.76 SGD
Mozzarella Fritters
Deep Fried Mozzarella, Sambal Mayo
11.22 SGD
Tater Tots
Melted Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Salsa Fresca & Guacamole
14.96 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Salads Menu

Mestiza Greens
Mix Seasonal, Lettuce, Green Apple, Fresh Grapes, Avocado, Cracked Black Pepper, Hibiscus Vinaigrette
15.89 SGD
Lower East Side Taqueria Menu Singapore List

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Lower East Side Taqueria Menu – Tacos

Barramundi Tacos (3 pcs)
Fish Fillet, Cabbage Slaw, Homemade Guacamole, Sriracha, with Cilantro Rice
19.63 SGD
Chilli Beef Tacos (3 pcs)
Monterey Cheese, Chipotle in Adobo, Ground Beef, Beans with Cilantro Rice
17.76 SGD
Crispy Shrimp Tacos (3 pcs)
Crispy Breaded Shrimp with Cabbage Slaw & Salsa Fresca
19.63 SGD
Pork Belly Tacos (3 pcs)
Slow Cooked, Homemade Ancho Paste, Sweet Corn Salsa, Sour Cream with Cilantro Rice
19.63 SGD
Urban Jamaican Tacos (3 pcs)
Jamaican Style Grilled Chicken, Mango Salsa with Cilantro Rice
17.76 SGD
Verduras Tacos (3 pcs) *vegetarian
Sweet Corn Salsa, Guacamole, Refried Beans, Monterey Jack Cheese with Cilantro Rice
17.76 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu – Quesadillas

Chipotle Calzone Quesadilla
Mexican Bolognese Sauce, Black Beans & Monterey Jack Cheese
14.96 SGD
Pollo Y Queso Quesadilla
Broiled Chicken Thighs, Cheddar Cheese, Mexican Spice
14.96 SGD
Pork Carnitas Quesadilla
Braised Pork Belly, Ancho Paste, Cheddar Cheese
14.96 SGD
Quesadilla (Vegetarian)
Fresh Guacamole, Sweetcorn Salsa, Monterey Jack Cheese
13.09 SGD
Lower East Side Taqueria Menu Singapore Price

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Lower East Side Taqueria Burritos Menu Price

Ancho Pulled Pork Burrito
Fresh Guacamole, Refried Black Beans, Sambal Mayo Salsa
17.76 SGD
Chipotle Beef Burrito
Homemade Sweet Corn Pineapple Salsa, Fresh Guacamole, Jalapeno, Sambal Aioli, Tender Flank Steak
20.57 SGD
Crispy Shrimp Burrito
Shrimp Tempura, Sambal Aioli, Coleslaw
19.63 SGD
Cumin Grilled Chicken Burrito
Pinto Beans, Sour Cream, Sambal Aioli
15.89 SGD
Guacamole & Mango Burrito (vegetarian)
Mango Salsa, Fresh Guacamole, Refried Beans, Sweet Corn Salsa, Montgomery Jack Cheese
17.76 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Grande Menu Price

Angry Baby Pork Ribs
With Slaw & Mex Fries
20.57 SGD
Charcoal Grilled Beef
Australian Beef, Grape & Green Apple Salad, Dill, Salsa Verde
29.92 SGD
Chicken Enchiladas
Chicken, Garlic, Lime, Melted Cheese, Sour Cream
19.63 SGD
Tender Sliced Beef, Chicken Cooked with Bell Peppers, Onions with Tortillas, Cheese, Salsa Fresca, Sour Cream & Guacamole
29.92 SGD
Mexican Grilled Chicken
Chicken Skewer, Pineapples, Jalapeno,Mex Fries, Bellpepper, Apple
21.50 SGD
Pollo Rojo
Grilled Red Spicy Chicken, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Choice of Cilantro-Lime Rice or Quinoa
21.50 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria Menu Price – Topping 

Ancho Kewpie3.20 SGD
Cheddar Cheese Sauce2.99 SGD
Guacamole2.99 SGD
Salsa Fresca2.99 SGD
Salsa Rosa2.99 SGD
Salsa Verde29.99 SGD
Sambal Mayo2.99 SGD
Sour Cream2.99 SGD
Sweet Corn Salsa2.99 SGD

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Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Menu Price – Red Wines

Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon
Maipo Valley, Chile
63.13 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria White Wines

Bellevie Pavillon Sauvignon Blanc62.06 SGD
Bellevie Pavillon Sauvignon Blanc
Bordeaux, France
51.42 SGD
Famille Perrin Luberon Blanc60.77 SGD
Santa Rita Gran Hacienda Chardonnay
Maipo Valley, Chile
60.77 SGD
Santa Rita Sauvignon BlancSanta Rita Sauvignon Blanc60.77 SGD
Tahbilk The Tower
Marsanne-Viognier-RoussanneGoulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia
72.93 SGD

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Coffee Menu

Latte5.61 SGD
Iced Coffee6.55 SGD
Hot Tea
Contains natural antioxidants that boosts one’s immune system
4.68 SGD
Hot English Breakfast4.68 SGD
Hot Earl Grey tea4.68 SGD
Cappuccino5.61 SGD
Cafe Mocha
by Smitten Coffee Roasters
6.55 SGD
The rich, aromatic and bold way to start off your day.
5.61 SGD

Is Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as it does not serve pork.  

Lower East Side Taqueria Singapore Location, Opening Hours And Contact Information


19 E Coast Rd, #01-02, Singapore 428746

Opening Hours:

Thursday 11 AM To 11 PM

Frida 11 AM To 2 AM

Saturday 11 AM To 2 AM

Sunday 11 AM To 11 PM

Monday 11 AM To 11 PM

Tuesday 11 AM To 11 PM

Wednesday 11 AM To 11 PM

Phone: +65 6348 1302

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