Beef The Keef Menu Singapore [UPDATED] Prices 2023

Are you looking for a Beef The Keef menu in Singapore? If yes, then the guide will serve you a lot as we have published the completed Beef The Keef Singapore menu along with the latest prices. The menu of Beef The Keef SG is divided into 3 categories: Ala Carte, Executive Set Lunch, and Beverage.

For beef lovers Beef The Keef is a great place to enjoy a variety of dishes along with classy drinks. The steak offered there is yummy which makes this restaurant worth visiting islandwide. So, what you are waiting for, read more to explore Beef The Keef prices.

Beef The Keef Menu 2023 

We can categorize Beef The Keef Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Ala Carte
  • Executive Set Lunch
  • Beverage

Ala Carte

The Appetizers

DishesPrice In S$
Shrimp Cocktail24.00
Keef The Beef Thick Cut Bacon21.00
Ehire Yaki
(Grilled Stingray Fin Served With Mayo)
Bone Marrow
(Served With Freshly “3 Pieces” Toasted Bread) 
~ S$9.00 (For Every Extra Piece)
~ S$8.00 (Whiskey Shot)
Pan Served Foie Gras
(Served With Lychee and Mango Puree)
Murotsu Oysters 
(Flown In Straight From Japan)
48.00 ~ ½ dozen
88.00 ~ 1 dozen
Charcuterie Board
(Platter consists of Cold Cuts, Cheese Crackers & Olives)
~ S$14.00 (Top Up For Premium Cold Cut)
Uni (Seasonal)Seasonal Price ~ 40 Grams
Seasonal Price ~ 100 Grams
Keef The Beef Appetizers Menu

The Meats

DishesTypePrice In S$
Wagyu F1 MBS 5 – 6 OP RibBone-In22.00 ~ 100 Grams
Tomahawk USDA Prime GradeBone-In22.00 ~ 100 Grams
45-day Dry Aged Tasmanian Gallican Style Mature OP Rib MB 2+Bone-In23.00 ~ 100 Grams
45-day Dry Aged Australian 20p+ Day Grain-Fed Angus OP RibBone-In26.00 ~ 100 Grams
The PLBoneless159.00 ~ 900 Grams(Fiorentina)
119.00 ~ 700 Grams(Argentine Angus Grass-Fed Ribeye)
169.00 ~ 600 Grams(USDA Prime Ribeye)
USDA Prime RibeyeBoneless88.00 ~ 350 Grams
149.00 ~ 600 Grams
New Zealand Grass-Fed RibeyeBoneless50.00 ~ 400 Grams
Argentine Angus Grass-Fed RibeyeBoneless55.00 ~ 400 Grams
99.00 ~ 700 Grams
Keef The Beef The Meat Menu


DishesPrice In S$
Fish & Chips
(Barramundi Served With Salad & Fries)
Grilled Kama Toro
(For 3 – 4 Persons)
Lobster Tagliatelle
(Succulent Lobster Served With Tagliatelle Pasta In Beurre Noisette Sauce)
Vegan Croquette With Smoked Butter Pumpkin
(Vegan Special)


DishesPrice In S$
Mac and Cheese18.00
Creamed Broccoli With Bacon Bits16.00
Roasted Vegetables14.00
Hand-Cut Fries13.00
Kombu Smashed Potatoes13.00
Fresh Salad Gourmet Mix12.00
Sweet Buttered White Corn9.00
Tater Tots9.00
Kimchi9.00 ~ For Small
15.00 ~ For Large

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Executive Set Lunch

DishesPrice In S$
(Keef The Beef Salad)
Main Course
(Rosti With German Sause Or Picanha With Roasted Kombu Potatoes (For S$19.00 extra)
(Dessert Of The Day)
(Soft Drink / Coffee / Drink)
Keef The Beef Menu - Executive Set Lunch


See the table to know more about Beef The Keef Beverages menu:

DishesPrice In S$
Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG Casa162.00
Dassai 23 Daiginjo Sake(720 ML)186.80
Chateau De Fontenille Rouge AOC, Bordeaux, France125.20
Billaud Simmon Chablis 2018, Burgunday, France112.10

Is Keef The Beef Singapore Halal?

No, Keef The Beef SG is not a halal steakhouse because it serves pork dishes along with alcoholic drinks (like wines) on its menu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Keef The Beef has a positive rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from 244 reviews on its Google Business Profile.

Keef The Beef has 2 outlets in Singapore. You can check their location, hours of operation, and contact information below.

Yes, Keef Beef Singapore offers a reservation option, so you can book a place for yourself or a group (family/friends) during weekends or public holidays. Visit this link to Reserve your place: https://www.keefthebeef.com/pages/reservations-the-grandstand/

Keith Wong started this with his wife Jeanne.

Keef The Beef Outlets 

Following are Keef The Beef along with their locations, hours of operation, and contact information: 

Keef The Beef (The Grandstand)

Hours Of Operation: 11:30 AM – 11:00 (Monday – Sunday)

Phone: +65 6972 1582

Keef the Beef (Bungalow)

Hours Of Operation: 11:30 AM – 11:00 (Monday – Sunday)

Phone: +65 6972 1582

Additional Information: 

NameBeef The Keef
CategoryOceanic >> Australian
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda
Social Media AccountsFacebook
Phone+65 6972 1582

Keef The Beef Photos

Last Words

Beef The Keef is a must-visit for beef enthusiasts in Singapore. Variety of dishes are available in Keef The Beef menu to tantalize the taste buds, from classic steaks to more unique offerings like the PL, a Peter Luger-style butter broiled steak. The attentive staff will make your dining experience truly memorable. So if you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying meal, be sure to check out Beef The Keef.

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