Madd Pizza Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2024

Hello, Italian food lovers. Do you want to eat tasty seafood and meat at a reasonable price? Then Madd Pizza Singapore Menu is the right place to taste your favorite dishes. Madd Pizza Singapore Menu serves various dishes in a clean, friendly, and hygienic environment, so you will find something special here. To learn more about the Madd Pizza Singapore Menu, keep scrolling.

Madd Pizza Menu 2024

We can say that the Madd Pizza Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Pizza Romana Al Taglio
  • Focaccia Romana Bianca
  • Starters
  • Cold Cuts & Cheese Platters
  • Daly Baked Breads
  • Donuts
  • Tea
  • Coffee, Chocolate & Milkshakes 
  • Iced Beverages
  • Fresh Fruit Juices
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies
  • Fresh Fruit Lassi 
  • Mocktails
  • Bottled Beers, Ciders & Rice Wine
Madd Pizza Menu Singapore List
Madd Pizza Menu Singapore Price

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

Madd Pizza Pizza Romana Al Taglio Menu

Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza14.00 SGD
Margherita Pizza12.00 SGD
Marinara Pizza11.00 SGD
Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza19.00 SGD
Quattro Formaggi Pizza16.00 SGD
Salami Pizza14.00 SGD
Tuna Pizza16.00 SGD
Zucchini & Anchovies Pizza14.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Singapore Focaccia Romana Bianca Menu

Vegetarian Sandwich16.00 SGD
Truffle Pesto & Mascarpone Sandwich16.00 SGD
Porchetta Sandwich21.00 SGD
Parma Ham, Rocket & Stracchino Sandwich16.00 SGD
Mortadella Ham & Taleggio Sandwich16.00 SGD
Cooked Ham & Taleggio Sandwich16.00 SGD

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Madd Pizza Menu – Starters

Caprese22.00 SGD
Porchetta21.00 SGD
Porcini Mushroom Bruschetta16.00 SGD
Prosciutto & Melone22.00 SGD
Prosciutto Cotto & Stracchino Bruschetta14.00 SGD
Small Bites8.00 SGD

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Madd Pizza Singapore Menu – Cold Cuts & Cheese Platters

Misto Italia Salumi35.00 SGD
Misto Italia Formaggio35.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Daily Baked Breads Menu

Focaccia Romana Plain8.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Singapore Donuts Menu Price

Chocolate Bomboloni4.80 SGD
Custard Bomboloni4.80 SGD
Plain Bomboloni2.80 SGD

Madd Pizza Menu – Tea

Jasmin Green Tea4.00 SGD
Japanese Green Tea4.00 SGD
Iced Lemon Tea4.00 SGD
English Breakfast4.00 SGD
Earl Grey Chamomile4.00 SGD

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Madd Pizza Singapore Menu – Coffee, Chocolate & Milkshakes 

Americano5.00 SGD
Black Coffee5.00 SGD
Caffe Latte6 SGD
Chocolate7.00 SGD
Chocolate Milkshake13.00 SGD
Hot Cappuccino6.00 SGD
Hot Espresso4.00 SGD
Macchiato5.00 SGD
Mocha7.00 SGD
Strawberry Milkshake13.00 SGD
Vanilla Milkshake13.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Iced Beverages Price

Soft Beverages3.50 SGD
Red Bull6.00 SGD
Mineral Water3.50 SGD
Borsec5.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Singapore Fresh Fruit Juices Menu

Think8.80 SGD
Sparkle8.80 SGD
Single Fruit Juice7.00 SGD
Say a Little Prayer8.80 SGD
Respect8.80 SGD
Lime Soda5.50 SGD
Lime Juice5.00 SGD
Chain of Fools8.80 SGD

Madd Pizza Fresh Fruit Smoothies Menu

Wholy Holy12.00 SGD
Spanish Harlem12.00 SGD
Rock Steady12.00 SGD
Mango Smoothie9.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Singapore Fresh Fruit Lassi Menu

Mango Lassi9.00 SGD
Jumping Jack12.00 SGD
Dr Feelgood12.00 SGD
Amazing Grace12.00 SGD

Madd Pizza Menu – Mocktails

Bitter Earth13.00 SGD
Funny Valentine13.00 SGD
Rocking Good13.00 SGD
September Rain13.00 SGD
Summer Time13.00 SGD
Unforgettable13.00 SGD

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Madd Pizza Singapore Menu – Bottled Beers, Ciders & Rice Wine

Menabrea7.90 SGD
Jinro Soju Green Grape14.90 SGD
Jinro Soju Grapefruit14.90 SGD
Hoegaarden7.90 SGD
Erdinger Light10.90 SGD
Corona6.90 SGD
Budweiser6.90 SGD
Asahi7.90 SGD

Is Madd Pizza Singapore Halal?

Madd Pizza Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there.

Madd Pizza Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Number


19 Haji Ln, Singapore 189212

Opening Hours: 

Monday To Sunday, 11:30 AM To 12:00 PM

Phone: +65 9128 9291

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