Nasty Cookie Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2023

Are you looking to eat American food? If yes, look no further than Nasty Cookie Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete Nasty Cookie Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

We can easily categorize the Nasty Cookie Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Specialty
  • Iced Beverages
  • Milkshakes

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Dark Chocolate Chip
The dark side has never tasted so sweet & there’s more to it than just cocoa. We believe you deserve only the best, this cookie is only made from premium dark cocoa with a marshmallow filled center
4.80 SGD
Chocolate Chip
The perfect chocolate chip, with an addition of nutella in the center. Crisp at the edges, chewy all throughout & stuffed with loads of chocolate chip
4.80 SGD
Choco Bueno
Our dark chocolate chip paired with delicious hazelnut goodness of kinder bueno
5.30 SGD
Biscoff Cookie
Our classic cookie dough topped with caramelized biscuits & a dulce de leche center
5.30 SGD
Nasty Cookie Menu Price

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B.O.B (Biscoff Oreo Brownie)
The ultimate all in one dessert & biscoff oreo brownie cheesecake cookie
5.80 SGD
ChoconutterChocolate Dough filled with Peanut Butter and chocolate filling, topped with Chocolate Crunch.5.00 SGD
Cookies & Crème Cheesecake
Oreo cheesecake lovers, this is your calling. Oreo based dough with an oreo cream cheese centre & get ready to fall in love
5.80 SGD
Oh Smores
A delicious twist on your favourite campfire treat. Can’t say no to this, experience a crunchy & chewy experience in just one bite. Try breaking the cookie with your hands
5.80 SGD
Ondeh Ondeh
Pandan dough with gula melaka filling, topped with coconut flakes
5.80 SGD
Raspberry Ripple
Pink-white dough with Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Ganache filling.
5.80 SGD
Red Velvet Crumble
Your classic red velvet dream. Red velvet dough filled with cream cheese, generously topped with red velvet oreo & cookie crumbs
5.80 SGD
White Choc Macadamia
Vanilla dough with white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, shortbread & filled with cookie butter filling
5.80 SGD

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Mineral WaterAll the nutritions you need to stay active.2.10 SGD

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Oreo Milkshake6.20 SGD
Nutella Milkshake6.20 SGD
Biscoff Milkshake6.20 SGD
Nasty Cookie Menu Singapore Price

Nasty Cookie Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there as they do not serve pork.  


107 North Bridge Rd, #02-35, Singapore 179105

Opening Hours:  

Monday To Sunday, 12:00 PM To 9:30 PM

Phone: +65 6802 8290

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