Um Yong Baek Menu Singapore Updated Prices 2024

As we all know, Korean food is one of the most favorite foods in Singapore. Um Yong baek is a Korean restaurant in Singapore with two outlets. Um Yong Baek Menu Malaysia features authentic Korean dishes like Gukbak (Rice Soup and Pork)


Um Yong Baek Menu 2024

Um Yong Baek Menu Singapore can be categorized as: 

  • Meals
  • Beef 
  • Aging Pork
  • Side
  • Alcohol
  • Soft Drinks

Let’s explore menu in detail:

Um Yong Baek Menu – Meals

Menu Prices
Deoulgireum-Makguksu16.00 SGD
Mul-Makguksu16.00 SGD
A bowl of rice2.00 SGD
Doenjang-jjigae15.00 SGD
Soondubu-jjigae15.00 SGD
TongDaeji Kimchi Jjim28.00 SGD

Um Yong Baek Prices – Aging Pork

Menu Prices
Ohgyeopsal27.00 SGD
Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi28.00 SGD

Um Yong Baek Singapore Menu – Side

Menu Prices
Meljorim7.00 SGD
Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui – 8 Pieces12.00 SGD
Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui – 4 Pieces7.00 SGD
Myeongran-jeot9.00 SGD
Ohsorigamtoo Sooyuk12.00 SGD

Um Yong Baek Singapore Beef

Menu Prices
Ggakdook Deungsim60.00 SGD

Um Yong Baek Singapore Prices – Alcohol

Menu Prices
Chamisul18.00 SGD
Jinro20.00 SGD
Saero20.00 SGD
Hwayo 25      35.00 SGD
Terra 13.00 SGD
Premium leehwabaekju80.00 SGD
Guksoondang makgeolli18.00 SGD
Bottega amarone123.00 SGD
Buronga hill cab sauv48.00 SGD
Wine (1 bottle)30.00 SGD
Whisky (1 bottle)50.00 SGD

Soft Drink

Menu Prices
Coke 3.00 SGD
Zero Coke3.00 SGD
Sprite3.00 SGD

Is Um Yong Baek Halal?

No, Um Yong Baek Singapore is not a halal certified restaurant as they serve pork and alcohol in their menu, but you can find a lot of halal options on the menu. 

Yummy Palace Singapore Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information

Um Yong Baek Boon Tat

Address: 27 Boon Tat St, #01, Singapore 069623

Opening Hours: (11:00 AM – 3:30 PM & 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM), Sunday Off

Contact Number: +6588435968

Um Yong Baek telok Ayer

Address: 323 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-01, Singapore 427990

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM & 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Contact Number: +6581223498

Final Words

Um Yong Baek is a Korean restaurant in Singapore famous for serving authentic Korean dishes. The restaurant has two outlets in the city, one at Boob Tat and the other at Telok Ayer. If you want to taste delicious pork with rice soup, then must visit Um Yong Baek. 

All the information in this post has been collected from the following authentic sources of Yummy Palace Singapore:

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