Winnie’s Singapore Menu Updated Price 2024

Tea is undoubtedly a magical drink, and if you want to try the best tea in Singapore, then Winnie’s Singapore is an ideal destination for you. Winnie’s Singapore’s variety of flavourful tea makes you feel good. We have added a detailed Winnie’s Menu Singapore, along with images and an updated price list. 

Winnie’s Menu 2023

We can categorize Winnie’s Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Main Menu 
  • Favorites 
  • Smoothies 

Let’s have a look at them detail: 

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Winnie’s Main Menu

Cold Foam Tea5.90 SGD
Pistachio Cold Foam Tea5.90 SGD
Peach Vitagen5.30 SGD
Double Peachy5.30 SGD
Mango Vitagen5.50 SGD
Mango Oat Milk5.50 SGD
Irish Cream Milk Tea6.80 SGD
Summer Fruit Vitagen6.00 SGD
Summer Fruit Tea4.80 SGD
Cocoa Treasure Milk Tea5.90 SGD
Royal Milk Tea5.90 SGD
Main Menu 


Winnie's Singapore

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Winnie’s Singapore Menu – Favorites

Apple Green Tea with Milk Top4.20 SGD
Orang Oolong4.20 SGD
Honey Rose Nectar4.20 SGD
Peach Rose Nectar4.20 SGD
Lychee Rose Nectar4.20 SGD
Royal Afternoon Milk Tea4.20 SGD
Fresh Apple Green Tea4.20 SGD
Passionfruit Jasmine4.20 SGD

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Winnie’s Smoothies Menu

Choconana8.50 SGD
Coco Crush7.50 SGD
Spring Fruit Smoothie8.50 SGD

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Is Winnie’s Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Yes, Winnie’s Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant as it uses halal material to make all its offerings.

All the data you have seen in this article, including images, have been taken from these official sources of Winnie’s Singapore: 

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