BBQ Box Menu Singapore Latest Prices 2023

Are you looking to eat Chinese food? If yes, look no further than BBQ Box Singapore, as it has everything you can think about. We have added a complete BBQ Box Menu along with images & updated price list to help you in a better way.

BBQ Box Menu 2023 

We can easily categorize the BBQ Box Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Starters
  • Popular Dishes
  • Grilled Seafood
  • Grilled Greens
  • Grilled Meat
  • Grilled Fish
  • Mains
  • Beverages

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

BBQ Box Starters Menu

Beef And Ox Trips In Chilli Sauce9.80 SGD
Cucumber With Mash Garlic7.80 SGD
Dongbei Cold Dish7.80 SGD
Golden Beef Soup12.80 SGD
Golden Fish Fillet Soup12.80 SGD
Italian Fruit Salad0.00 SGD
Mushroom Soup9.80 SGD
Peanuts With Vinegar7.80 SGD
Pig Ear With Cucumber10.00 SGD
Salt and Pepper Edamame5.80 SGD
Seafood Small Jar10.80 SGD
Sichuan Tasty Lotus Root5.80 SGD
Spicy Dry Soya Bean Cake Strips7.80 SGD
Spicy Enoki Mushroom5.80 SGD
Spinach With Vinegar7.80 SGD
Steamed Chicken with Chilli Sauce9.80 SGD
Tin Foil Brain Flower9.80 SGD
Tin Foil Clam12.80 SGD
BBQ Box Menu Singapore popular dishes
Cajun Roasted Chicken Mid-Wings (3 Pieces)3.50 SGD
Dumpling Shrimp Leek and Egg (6 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Grilled Mantou SLice BBQ1.20 SGD
Grilled Potato Chips (3 sticks)2.80 SGD
Grilled Romaine Lettuce1.30 SGD
Grilled Beef Finger1.20 SGD
Peanuts With Vinegar7.80 SGD

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BBQ Box Menu – Grilled Seafood

BBQ Box Menu Grilled Seafood Singapore
Grilled Fresh Prawn1.60 SGD
Grilled Fresh Sleeve Fish1.30 SGD
Grilled Oyster (3 Pieces)0.00 SGD
Grilled Pomfret19.80 SGD
Grilled Premium Half Shell Scallops (2 Pieces)9.80 SGD
Grilled Shishamo (3 sticks)3.50 SGD
Grilled Tentacles of Squid5.80 SGD
Salmon Fish Head8.80 SGD
Tin Foil Salmon Head Soup9.80 SGD

BBQ Box Singapore Menu – Grilled Greens

Grilled Bread1.20 SGD
Grilled Dry Soya Bean Cake (3 sticks)2.80 SGD
Grilled Enoki Mushroom (1 plate)6.80 SGD
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom1.50 SGD
Grilled Leek (1 plate)6.80 SGD
Grilled Long Bean1.30 SGD
Grilled Mantou Slice BBQ1.20 SGD
Grilled Oyster Mushroom1.30 SGD
Grilled Potato Chips (3 sticks)2.80 SGD
Grilled Romaine Lettuce1.30 SGD
Grilled Shitake Mushroom1.30 SGD
Grilled Sweet Corn1.60 SGD
Grilled Whole Eggplant8.80 SGD

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BBQ Box Grilled Meat Menu

BBQ Box Menu Singapore Grilled Meat
Beef Tongue With Oyster Mushroom1.80 SGD
Grilled Beef Finger1.20 SGD
Grilled Beef Nuchae Tendon1.60 SGD
Grilled Beef Tendon1.80 SGD
Grilled Beef Tendon1.90 SGD
Grilled Beef Tranchea2.60 SGD
Grilled Chicken Gizzard1.30 SGD
Grilled Chicken Meat1.30 SGD
Grilled Chicken Sausage1.60 SGD
Grilled Middle-loin pork1.80 SGD
Grilled Mutton BBQ1.20 SGD
Grilled Pork1.30 SGD
Grilled Pork Intestine1.30 SGD
Grilled Pork Kidney1.30 SGD
Grilled Pork Skin1.30 SGD
Grilled Tripe1.90 SGD
Lamb Rib Tendon0.00 SGD
Lamb With Red Switch2.80 SGD

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BBQ Box Singapore Grilled Fish Menu Price

Grilled Fish Seafood Combo58.80 SGD
Grilled Fish38.80 SGD

BBQ Box Menu – Mains

BBQ Box Menu Singapore Mains
BeveragesStart SGD
Chong Qing Ban Noodles7.80 SGD
Dumpling Pork With Cabbage (6 Pieces)4.80 SGD
Dumpling Shrimp Leek and Egg (6 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Dumpling Squid With Leek (6 Pieces)5.80 SGD
Dumpling with Eggs Dumpling (Vegetarian)4.80 SGD
Dumplings With Sour Soup (10 Pieces)8.80 SGD
Hot And Sour Rice Noodles7.80 SGD
Japanese Pork Dumplings (10 Pieces)9.80 SGD
Minced Mutton Noodles7.80 SGD
Noodles With Soybean Paste7.80 SGD
Sichuan Spicy Noodles7.80 SGD
White Rice1.50 SGD

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BBQ Box Singapore Menu – Beverages

BBQ Box Menu Singapore
Tsingtao Wheat (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)11.60 SGD
Tsingtao Light (Bundle)20.00 SGD
Tsingtao Light (Bottle)5.80 SGD
Taiwan Beer6.80 SGD
Sprite2.00 SGD
Soya Bean2.00 SGD
Soda water 320ml2.00 SGD
Rock Sugar Pear3.20 SGD
Red Milk Tea3.90 SGD
Mineral Water2.00 SGD
Laoshan Beer (Bundle)12.00 SGD
Laoshan Beer (Bottle)6.80 SGD
Jasmine Green Tea3.90 SGD
Ice Red Tea3.20 SGD
Ice Lemon Tea2.00 SGD
Hollandia Beer8.80 SGD
Herbal Tea2.00 SGD
Heineken8.80 SGD
Green Tea2.00 SGD
Earl Grey Milk Tea4.50 SGD
Coke Zero2.00 SGD
Coke2.00 SGD
Chrysanthemum2.00 SGD
Chinese Tea (Pot)7.80 SGD
Chinese Tea (Cup)2.80 SGD
Carlsberg8.80 SGD

Is BBQ Box Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

BBQ Box Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant.

BBQ Box Singapore Outlets Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Information

Geylang Road

182 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389252

Opening Hours:

Saturday 1:30 To 9 P.M

Sunday         Closed

Monday         Closed

Tuesday        1:30 P.M To 1:30 A.M

Wednesday 1:30 P.M To 1:30 A.M

Thursday 1:30 P.M To 1:30 A.M

Friday 1:30 P.M To 1:30 A.M

Phone: +65 9234 8659

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