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Hello, Korean food lovers. Do you want to eat tasty seafood and meat at a reasonable price? Then Seoul Garden Singapore Menu is the right place to taste your favorite dishes. Seoul Garden Singapore Menu serves various dishes in a clean, friendly, and hygienic environment, so you will find something special here. To learn more about the Seoul Garden Singapore Menu, keep scrolling.

Seoul Garden Menu 2023

We can say that the Seoul Garden Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Umami Juk Series
  • Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot
  • Soon Dubu Hot Pot
  • Kimchi Hot Pot
  • Duyu Hot Pot
  • Army Stew Hot Pot
  • Bibimbap
  • Banchan (Combo)
  • Banchan (Sides)
  • Hot Plate
Seoul Garden Menu Singapore List

Let’s have a look at them in detail here:

Seoul Garden Umami Juk Series Menu

Scallop Umami Juk22.00 SGD
Collagen Umami Juk22.00 SGD
Abalone Umami Juk22.00 SGD

Seoul Garden Singapore Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot Menu

Ginseng Black Chicken Hot Pot24.00 SGD
Ginseng Black Chicken with Collagen Hot Pot34.00 SGD
Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot22.50 SGD
Ginseng Chicken with Collagen Hot Pot32.50 SGD

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Seoul Garden Menu – Soon Dubu Hot Pot

Soon Dubu Seafood Hot Pot21.50 SGD
Soon Dubu Salmon Hot Pot21.50 SGD
Soon Dubu Chicken Hot Pot19.00 SGD
Soon Dubu Beef Hot Pot19.00 SGD

Seoul Garden Singapore Menu – Kimchi Hot Pot

Kimchi Seafood Hot Pot20.00 SGD
Kimchi Salmon Hot Pot20.00 SGD
Kimchi Chicken Hot Pot17.50 SGD
Kimchi Braised Beef Hot Pot19.00 SGD
Kimchi Beef Hot Pot17.50 SGD

Seoul Garden Duyu Hot Pot Menu Price

Duyu Beef Hot Pot19.00 SGD
Duyu Chicken Hot Pot19.00 SGD
Duyu Omega Collagen Booster Hot Pot31.50 SGD
Duyu Salmon Hot Pot21.50 SGD
Duyu Seafood Hot Pot21.50 SGD

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Seoul Garden Singapore Army Stew Hot Pot Menu

Seafood Army Stew Hot Pot21.50 SGD
Salmon Army Stew Hot Pot21.50 SGD
Chicken Army Stew Hot Pot19.00 SGD
Braised Beef Army Stew Hot Pot19.50 SGD
Beef Army Stew Hot Pot19.00 SGD

Seoul Garden Menu Price – Bibimbap

Salmon Bibimbap20.00 SGD
Dak Twigim Bibimbap with Cheese Sauce15.00 SGD
Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap15.40 SGD
Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap17.50 SGD

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Seoul Garden Singapore Menu – Banchan (Combo)

Combo 4 – Wing Sticks 3 Pieces + Korean Pancake12.00 SGD
Combo 3 – Wing Sticks 3 Pieces + Mandu 3Pieces (Seafood Dumpling)8.50 SGD
Combo 2 – Wing Sticks 3 Pieces + Sweet Potato Fries8.50 SGD
Combo 1 – Wing Sticks 3 Pieces + Yuba 4 Pieces8.50 SGD

Seoul Garden Banchan (Sides)

Sweet Potato Fries with Cheese Dip6.50 SGD
Seaweed Yuba5.50 SGD
Prawn Japchae15.00 SGD
Mixed Brown Rice1.20 SGD
Korean Ramyeon2.30 SGD
Korean Pancake9.00 SGD
Kimgaru Rice2.50 SGD
Japchae (Meat-Free)11.50 SGD
Dak Twigim with Cheese Dip10.50 SGD
Beef Japchae15.00 SGD
5 Pieces Soy Wing Sticks (Less Spicy)9.00 SGD
5 Pieces Original Wing Sticks9.00 SGD
5 Pieces Mandu (Seafood Dumplings)8.00 SGD
5 Pieces Hot & Spicy Wing Sticks9.00 SGD

Seoul Garden Singapore Hot Plate Menu

Spicy Beef Short Ribs Hot Plate24.00 SGD
Marinated Beef Hot Plate18.50 SGD
Kimchi Chicken Hot Plate17.50 SGD
Champong Squid Hot Plate19.50 SGD
Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate19.50 SGD

Is Seoul Garden Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

Seoul Garden Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there.

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Seoul Garden Singapore Outlets Location, Opening Hours, And Contact Number

Marina Square

6 Raffles Blvd, #03-210, Singapore 039594

Opening Hours: 

Monday To Sunday, 11:30 AM To 10:00 PM

Phone: +65 6339 1339

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